Besides the heart and peacock design lockets, owl lockets are trendy nowadays. It gives a unique yet fashionable look. These can be used as a gift or message on special occasions too. Numerous owl locket designs and pendants have been crafted, such as a winked owl, a standing owl, an owl with a twig, an owl with a message and many more stunning designs.

Best and Trennding Owl Locket Designs:

The most widely chosen owl locket patterns are briefly mentioned below:

1. Split Owl Locket:

Stunning two blue stones visualizing two bold eyes of the owl with a round shape locket gives a charming look. It is specially designed so that it can be split to keep photos or messages as a symbol of love, caring or inspiration. These are mostly used for personal and gifting purposes.

2. Origami Owl Custom Locket:

A beautifully crafted origami owl locket designed specially to express and tell stories. This pattern always has a hollow at the centre. Here any symbol of memory or love that is special and unforgettable can be inserted.

3. Fashionable Owl Locket:

Here is a metallic, stylish owl locket necklace. These patterns are mostly designed for the younger generation. They are designed accordingly to go with all kinds of casual wear. Bikers or Rangers like to try these types of lockets.

4. Silver Owl Locket Necklace:

It is a simple yet adorable silver owl pendant. It is specially designed for daily wear. You can use it on any outfit. For silver lovers, this pendant style is the best option. It goes well with all kinds of apparel and can be worn longer.

5. Golden Owl Locket Necklace:

A simple and adorable owl locket in gold with a chain adds elegance. It has a hollow at the centre to fill it with a message. Try this golden owl locket style if your budget is good and you are planning a little high in budget accessory. It goes great even for daily use or any occasion wear.

6. Contemporary Owl Locket:

Here is a lovely colourful contemporary owl locket necklace with floral designs. It even gives a portrayal of a winked owl. It has colourful stones studded on a golden round pendant giving an amazing look.

7. Owl Clock Pendant Necklace:

A unique and forever stylish silver owl clock necklace design looks amazing. It is a widely accepted design, especially for its discriminate look and pocket clock pattern. It originated in past decades and is used now mostly as luxury wear.

8. Whimsical Owl Locke:

Getting inspired by the locket themes in gold and silver, these are also crafted in various fancy materials appealingly and amusingly. These are designed in many colourful and attractive patterns with less expense.

9. Trendy Owl Theme Locket:

Here shown is a trendy owl locket with a letter box specially designed for female wear. It is designed to go with sweater apparel with long chains or necklaces. It gives a stylish look. This is suitable for ladies who like to use unique styles of accessories.

There are unlimited stunning designs and patterns of owl locket necklaces. Owl lockets are everlasting fashionable accessories. Occasionally or daily, for gifting purposes or yourself, owl locket necklaces are a good idea. It will never let you feel outdated. You will get good options and designs in a wide collection of owl pattern themes. Go with an online shopping option for your choice of owl lockets.


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