A pair of classic brogue is an essential accessory that every man should own. Brogues come with special type designing on leather material. There are different types and colours available. Oxford brogues are one of them. It is a simple, elegant and comfortable pair of shoes. You can wear it for any occasions. There are many colours available for men and women.

Best Oxford Brogues For Men And Women:

Some top Oxford Brogue designs are given below

1. Durable Brown Oxford Brogues:

Gekko Brown Oxford shoes are the formal wears and which are made of a genuine leather material which ensures durability. The outsole is made of thermoplastic rubber which gives maximum grip. These lace-up shoes can be combined with your formal outfit to enhance your look.

2. Wide Feet Oxford Brogue Shoes:

This brogue shoe is made of tan leather material. This comes with a central lace-up design and rubber outsole to ensure maximum grip. This stylish shoe is suitable to wear with your formal attire.

3. Casual Oxford Brogue Shoes:

Akexiya Black Oxford brogue is a vintage model shoe. It is made of calf leather material and the outsole is made of rubber. This black and white combination is excellent and makes you look more stylish. It comes with a central lace-up design. You can wear them as casual wear.

4. Formal Leather Men’s Oxford Brogues:

This Men’s Oxford brogue shoes are made of leather material. It has long durability and it’s comfortable to wear. You can use it as formal wear. Central lace-up closure ensures proper fitting.

5. Handmade Men’s Oxford Boots:

Lulla is a company which supplies premium leather quality boots. These men’s Oxford brogue boots are made of calf leather and the outer lining is made of sheepskin. Sole is also made of leather and heel is made of buffalo skin. These boots are long-lasting; if you care it properly. It gives you the best appearance with your casual wear.

6. Women’s Brown Oxford Brogues:

These brown Oxford brogues are handmade with leather material. This is a perfect choice for your formal wear as well as casual wear. Sole is made of synthetic material and there is an extra layer of anti-slip protection to make you comfortable. This shoe is central up type and you can use different colours of lace for a change.

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7. Men’s Lace-up Leather Brogue:

These beautiful green and tan Oxford brogues are unique classic brogue design. It is made of sleek-looking leather upper with a contrasting coloured leather panelling give it a distinctive look and rubber sole is there to give extra grip. You can wear it all day because it is a very comfortable shoe. You can wear them as formal as well as casual wear.

8. Women’s Black Oxford Brogues:

This Black woman’s Oxford Brogues are very fashionable shoes. This is made of pure leather material and it is a wingtip central lace-up design. You can wear it with formal and casual attire. This design is very comfortable to wear.

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9. Wooden Look Burnished Tan Leather Shoes:

This is a full brogue oxford shoe. It is made of leather material and the leather sole is handmade. The lining is also leather material and to make it more comfortable shoehorn is made of teak wood. It gives durability and you can wear these classy shoes the whole day.

These are some popular Oxford brogues designs that you can choose from. They are very comfortable and durable shoes. Other than comfort, it gives you a stylish look. Enhance your appearance by wearing the best outfit and accessories.

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