Who isn’t a fan of Pandas? Giant Panda, generally referred to as Panda, is widely popular because of its adorable visage. Native to South Central China, these cute animals bear recognizable white and black colours, especially around the eyes. If your kid is a fan of pandas, the panda coloring pages we have put together in this article will excite your kids. Please go through the list of colouring sheets and let them choose the one they like the most. Read on!

Top 15 Panda Coloring Pages:

We have presented you with some of the best Panda colouring pages suitable for kids of all ages.

1. Kung fu panda coloring pages:

If your kids are fans of Kungfu Panda movies, this colouring page can be a perfect option to attract your kids. Since the page is pretty simple, this sheet is suitable for kids of all ages. You can go for the natural colours, white and black for the Panda’s body and use red or blue for the clothes. Crayons or colour pencils can be the perfect colouring tools.

2. Red panda coloring pages:

Red pandas are famous worldwide and are exhibited in zoos and safari parks. These animals are adorable to look at and tick all the boxes of being cute, fluffy and adorable. You can use a combination of red and brown, making the red Panda reddish-brown, giving it a realistic look. This colouring page is suitable for children aged 6 to 8 years with crayons or colour pencils as tools.

3. Combo panda coloring page:

Run by Ryan’s world, Combo Panda is an American gaming channel. However, the combo panda himself is animated, unlike most gaming channels. You can let your kids try colours of their choice to brighten up the page as they go. Use of bright and lively colours is recommended, and the page is suitable for kids above 6 years with brush pens or crayons as tools.

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4. Panda bear coloring pages:

This cute little Panda with its mother panda can be an adorable colouring page suitable for kids of all ages. You can choose the natural colours of white and black to bring an authentic feel to the page. Use green for the leaves and yellowish-orange for the bamboos. Having said that, you can always let your kids experiment with colours.

5. Kung fu panda and the five coloring page:

Suppose your kids are fans of Kungfu Panda movies. In that case, they are acquainted with the five, including the tigress, mantis, crane, viper and monkey. These warriors are further added with the dragon warrior Po Panda. This colouring page is the perfect option for kids of all ages, but the younger ones might need a little help with the colouring though.

6. Unicorn panda coloring pages:

Unicorn and Panda is an adorable combination, and this colouring page is the perfect way to represent the same. You can choose a red for the heart, white and black for the Panda’s body and multiple colors for the unicorn horn on the Panda’s head. This page is best suitable for younger kids aged 4 to 6 years, with crayons as colouring tools for mess-free work.

7. Kawaii panda coloring pages:

Kawaii is a Japanese art form recognized by the characters’ large eyes, which exude cuteness. This colouring page is suitable for kids aged 4 to 6 years with colour pencils as perfect tools. Pink, red, and purple can be good colours for the Panda’s body and black for the nose and circle on the Panda’s hand.

8. Tigress kung fu panda coloring pages:

Tigress is yet another popular character from the Kungfu Panda movie franchise. The character is famous for her stiff and ruthless nature while sometimes exhibiting her emotional and soft heart. Use a combination of mustard and black for the stripes on the tiger’s body. But you can always use bright or mild colours for the dress of the tigress. This page is suitable for kids of all ages.

9. Realistic panda coloring pages:

This Panda colouring page looks both adorable and realistic. These pandas eating bamboos look cute, and kids of all ages might enjoy colouring them. Use orangish-yellow for the bamboo and green for the leaves. In addition, you can opt for different shades of brown for the Panda. This page is suitable for kids, with crayons as colouring tools.

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10. Panda family coloring page:

This Panda family colouring page is one of the best colouring pages to which kids love to relate themselves. Of course, you can choose black and white for the pandas to make them look authentic. But you can also encourage your kids to experiment with colours to make the pandas more relatable.

11. Giant panda coloring page:

This Giant colouring page depicts the animals we likely encounter in zoos, not the polished ones in the movies. Found in nature, this Panda looks very real and adorable. You can either use authentic colours for the animal or the colours of your choice to make it more personal. Go for different shades of green for the leaves and brown for the ground. This colouring page is suitable for kids of all ages.

12. Panda mandala coloring pages:

Mandala has been gaining popularity and is acting as a stress-buster for many people, irrespective of gender. However, since the design has many intricate details, this might not work for kids. You can choose multiple colours for the entire page, reflecting your personality. Or you can go with two to three colours for the whole page.

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13. Panda coloring pages for adults:

This is yet another Panda colouring page best suited for adults. Still, teens can also try to attempt it if they are interested. This page also can look exceptional with multiple colours, bringing life to it. Brush or sketch pens are the perfect colouring tools for the page because the intricate details are intricate.

14. Mulan and her little Panda:

Mulan is one of the famous princesses in the Disney universe. This colouring page depicts Blossom, Mulan’s Panda, who is cute and close to the princess. This page is suitable for kids in the age group above 6 years, irrespective of gender. Go for different shades of green for the greenery in the background. Make sure to use bright colours for the dress of Mulan, making it stand out, while generic black and white for the Panda.

15. Cute panda coloring page:

This one can be an excellent choice if you want a panda colouring page for younger kids. Use different shades of green for the bushes and greens on the page. Choose black and white for the Panda’s body, making it more relatable and authentic. Crayons are the perfect tools for younger kids, especially if you want mess-free work.

Pandas are the cutest animals and are among the kid’s favourites. Be it the Kungfu Panda movie or just an animal, and Pandas are cuddly and adorable. We hope the curated list of Panda colouring pages will help you engage your child during their free time. So go through the sheets and let your kids choose the one they like the most. Don’t forget to let us know if you found the article helpful!

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