Is Paneer Safe During Pregnancy?

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Do you have a fetish of eating paneer while you are expecting? Do you like other moms are worried about eating only the right food for your baby? Are you wondering that can you eat paneer when pregnant without causing any harm to your baby? If the answers to these questions are yes, you definitely have come to the right place. it is correct that during pregnancy, expecting mums have higher risk of contracting food borne illnesses. This is because the immune system of the body undergoes changes to offer protection to the developing baby.

paneer during pregnancy

Benefits of Paneer During Pregnancy:

Paneer among other dairy products is an important staple diet for many of us. It is also referred as ‘chenna’ or ‘cottage cheese’. Paneer is known to be an extremely good source of important nutrients that is essential for healthy growth and development of your baby. During pregnancy it is always advisable to eat 2-3 snacks between your regular meals. Paneer makes an excellent food to satiate your hunger cravings during the odd hours. Simply cook few pieces of paneer with some spices or add it to your salad. Learn more about the amazing health benefits of eating paneer while you are expecting:

1. Meets Your Protein Requirement:

Protein is very important for the right development and growth of the muscles and tissues of your baby, in the earlier stages. Paneer being a powerhouse of protein is therefore extremely beneficial for the expectant mothers during pregnancy.

2. Helps In Bone and Teeth Formation:

Paneer is loaded with phosphorous and calcium that is extremely essential for healthy development of teeth and bones of the foetus. Besides eating paneer during pregnancy, also helps to prevent demineralization of bones in the pregnant women. The calcium in paneer also aids the functioning of the circulatory and nervous systems.

3. Assists in Weight Management:

Eating paneer during pregnancy is also associated with monitoring body weight during pregnancy. It is known to a superb snack that is very filling and does not provide unwanted calories.

4. Anti-Inflammatory Properties:

Paneer has excellent anti-inflammatory properties that help to overcome some of the common problems occurring during pregnancy such as joint pains and swelling.

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Guidelines To Be Followed:

The listeria infection that is caused by eating cheese is the only reason why expectant mothers become hesitant in consuming paneer. However it should be noted that only paneer made from unpasteurized milk is most likely to cause listeria infection. Therefore to safely enjoy eating paneer during your pregnancy period make sure that you are only eating the ones prepared from pasteurized milk.

Also never give in to your urge to eat raw or uncooked paneer while you are pregnant. Paneer made from either pasteurized or unpasteurized milk should be avoided in the uncooked form. This is because raw paneer from either of the sources is more susceptible to bacterial infection. However when you cook paneer, it eliminates the bacteria present in it, thereby rendering it safe to be eaten during pregnancy.

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Paneer During Pregnancy 2

So now you very well know the answer to the question is paneer safe during pregnancy? The benefits of paneer are now known to you. Eating paneer during pregnancy poses no threat to your developing baby, provided you keep in mind the above mentioned guidelines. It is however advisable to take consent of your doctor for the same. So now satiate your cravings by gorging on delicious and lip-smacking delicacies made from paneer.

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