Every home is different! It is an output of a lot of thinking, planning and designing as per the taste of an individual. The same logic applies to even doors. Different varieties of doors must be chosen depending on the purpose. Especially for exteriors, Panel door designs are highly recommended for their strength and durability.

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Door Panels are made with several materials like wood or glass to create different effects. They offer superior performance in terms of style and security. They are also available in many styles to create a look as unique as your taste! In this article, we shall learn more about the importance of Panel doors, with their types, buying guide and 10 latest designs in the Indian market!

What Is a Panel Door?

A Panel door, as the name suggests, is a door made with panels of wood, instead of a solid wooden block. Depending on the size of the door, square and rectangular panels are attached to create one whole door. These panels can either be elevated or kept at the same level as the door.

What Are The Benefits Of Panel Doors?

While the primary purpose of Panel Doors is to secure a house, they offer many other advantages listed below:

  • Panel doors are superior in strength compared to flush doors. This makes them perfect for exteriors and entry points.
  • The design of these doors can be customized to suit the rest of the décor. You can go for an elaborate style or choose to keep it simple.
  • Panel doors last quite long and don’t wear and tear easily. They are also weatherproof and perfect for humid conditions.
  • These doors are hard to breakthrough. This is why many homeowners vouch for Panel doors for their homes.
  • You can easily maintain these doors with a little varnish or paint coat.

What Are The Different Types Of Panel Doors?

There are different varieties of Panel doors available in the market. Here are the popular ones:

  • Single Panel Door: In this door, two Vertical panels called “Stiles” are attached to one Horizontal rail on top and bottom, which measure the same thickness.
  • Double Panel Door: It is similar to a Single Panel Door, with an extra stile in the centre of the door.
  • Door With Three Panels: In this door, three wooden panels are attached to two vertical stiles and 4 horizontal rails.
  • Door With Six Panels: It is designed with six wooden panels with two vertical stiles and 3 middle stiles, along with 4 panelled rails.

How To Choose The Right Panel Door Designs For Houses?

Before you invest in a Panel door, it is recommended to go through this list of buying tips:

  • Panel Doors are solid doors and are mostly used for exteriors. You can also use them for your bedrooms, living rooms and exit points.
  • You can choose from lightweight or heavy doors, depending on your budget. A solid Panel door is priced very high compared to a hollow panel door.
  • If you have an interior door, you can opt for a single or double-panelled door in simple designs.
  • Panel door styles can be tailor-made to suit your requirements. Be sure to check with your designer before buying one.
  • Decorative doors with panels add beauty to your room. Try them for your entry doors to create a lasting impression.

Latest Panel Door Designs In India:

Here are our 10 simple and best Panel door images, with detailed descriptions. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Glass Panel Door:

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If you want easy access to light and view, a single glass panelled door is ideal. Instead of the wooden panel, a solid glass panel is attached to two stiles and two rails. This elegant and simple panel door design is ideal for interiors to separate the rooms, along with lending beauty. You can also try different glass textures and designs.

  • Door Type: Single Glass Panel Door.
  • Position: Interiors.
  • Material: Wood, Glass.
  • Colour: Golden Brown.

2. Wooden Panel Door Design:

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This is a double panel door in wood. The solid door is perfect for both interiors and exteriors. It comes with two panels attached to two stiles and three rails. The upper panel has a simple carving on top for an enhanced look. The door also comes with a wood-finished varnish for added beauty.

  • Door Type: Double Wooden Panel Door.
  • Position: Interiors, Exteriors.
  • Material: Wood.
  • Colour: Golden Brown.

3. Steel Panel Door Design:

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If you are in search of a door that is hard to break through, try this steel panel door. This 4-panel door comes with steel panels attached to a wooden frame. This modern panel door design is ideal for exteriors to lend security and privacy. The door also comes with an internal locking system to secure your home and enjoy peace of mind!

  • Door Type: 4 Panel Steel Door.
  • Position: Exteriors.
  • Material: Wood, Steel.
  • Colour: White.

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4. Metal Panel Door Design:

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A metal panel door is widely used for warehouses and commercial space. It is made with 8 metal panels attached to a metal frame. This sturdy door also comes with a traditional locking system and two handles. It is not a great option for your home and must be customized for residential purposes.

  • Door Type: 8 Panel Metal Door.
  • Position: Exteriors.
  • Material: Metal.
  • Colour: Rust Brown.

5. Decorative Panel Door Designs:

Why comprise on the look of your door? After all, it is an important part of your home! Check out this 4-panelled door in wood and glass. The top two panels are made with decorative glass sheets, while the bottom two are made with wood. This is one of the designs in Luxury panel doors if you are willing to shell out extra money.

  • Door Type: 4 Panel Decorative Door.
  • Position: Interiors.
  • Material: Wood, Glass.
  • Colour: Light Brown.

6. Bedroom Panel Doors:

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Here is a simple, yet stylish 4-panel door for your bedroom. The door has a smooth surface and its white colour adds a contemporary feel to your interiors. This hinged door is perfect for wider spaces and is one of the best-looking traditional panel door designs. You can even customize it with a variety of other colours.

  • Door Type: 4 Panel Bedroom Door.
  • Position: Interiors.
  • Material: Wood.
  • Colour: White.

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7. Kitchen Door Panels:

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Here is a set of different styles of kitchen panel doors. From a simple, plain surface to a raised panel design, these small panel door designs are available as per your taste. You can also pick from the colour theme or choose to go rustic. These panel door designs can be used for your kitchen closets or even extended to make a life-sized door.

  • Door Type: Kitchen Closet Door Panels.
  • Position: Interiors.
  • Material: Wood.
  • Colour: Shades of Wood.

8. Plywood Panel Door:

If you are looking for a reasonably priced panel door, try going for Plywood. This is a lightweight material that works for interiors. Here is one such design in the two-panel door model. It is styled in a wood grain finish by applying varnish. A turn knob is added to the door for security and minimalistic beauty!

  • Door Type: Two Panel Plywood Door.
  • Position: Interiors.
  • Material: Plywood.
  • Colour: Dark Brown.

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9. Plastic Door Panel:

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Plastic doors are the newest trend in the interior industry. They are easy to maintain and go a long way! Take a look at this elegant white panel door. The centre panel is made with 4 vertical thin strips to create a unique design. This new panel door design is ideal for interior spaces like bedrooms, living spaces and even pantry areas.

  • Door Type: uPVC Single White Panel Doors.
  • Position: Interiors.
  • Material: uPVC.
  • Colour: White.

10. Bathroom Door Panel:

A bathroom needs a waterproof door, that can withstand extreme heat and cold. Instead of wood, which is hard to maintain, you can go for this Plastic, 4-panel door. Although the design is simple, its functionality is worth a mention. Unlike a wooden door, these doors do not swell up or get prone to damage.

  • Door Type: 4 Panel Bathroom Door.
  • Position: Interiors.
  • Material: uPVC.
  • Colour: Brown.

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Those are some of the best panel door designs in the market. As seen above, you can customize these doors to your taste. Panel doors are a great way to protect your home without making much effort. They might be priced on a higher side, but are worth every penny. Before you blindly buy a panel door for your home, speak to an interior expert to see how each door works for you. We hope you make a smart move!


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