Pansy is a type of flower which is very pretty and lovely. The word ‘pansy’ is derived from the French word Pensee. The pansy flowers are usually found in three colours. The pansy flower is more attached to loving couples. It is believed that pansy flowers can help you get your beloved’s love. This tattoo is an excellent beautification for your body. Be that as it may, it can likewise be an important message.

Pansy tattoo is a great approach to respect the memory of such people who were your nearby individuals yet needed to pass away. So many couples keep pansy flowers beside their beloved’s portrait. Such a flower can be a lovely affirmation of solid love for your special one.

10 Most Popular Pansy Tattoo Designs With Images:

Here are a few pansy tattoo designs which will give you a tremendous look.

1. Pansy Sketch Tattoo:

It is a black and white pansies tattoo on a lady’s shoulder. It looks like a sketch of pansy flowers done with black ink. And it has three big flowers with a few leaves. There are even some half-closed flowers in it.

2. Gorgeous Pansy on Back:

It is a single pansy flower tattoo on the back of the shoulder. There are purple and sky-blue colour flower petals in it. This single flower looks amusing. It does not contain any leaves. The flower enhances fair skin.

3. Pansy Sleeve Tattoo:

Almost half of the sleeve is covered with pansy tattoos. Here, the flowers have a variety of colours and are uneven in size. This whole flower together appears like a pansy bouquet. It seems like T-shirt itself has such a flower pattern sleeve.

4. Pansy Flower Bunch:

It is a beautiful collection of pansy tattoo design flowers. Each flower has a dual-shaded colour. It seems like a sticker of the pansy flower is applied overhand. A dark and light colour-shaded pansy bunch looks amazing.

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5. Pansy with Hummingbird:

A 3D technology has been used while making out this pansy tattoo image. The whole design appears to be accurate. A friendly hummingbird is seated over a flower, and a heart is drawn on the tattoo.

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6. Pansy Single Flower:

A perfect pansy tattoo meaning is being delivered with this flower tattoo. A real reason behind carrying out a pansy tattoo is to get her sweetheart’s love. There is a single small flower with its branch in this cute tattoo.

7. Pansy Foot Tattoo:

It is a unique pansy tattoo idea on foot. There are many pansy flowers, each connected with a thick branch. A tattoo on your foot highlights your leg, covering almost a whole foot.

8. Tiny Pansy Print:

There are a few small pansy tattoo flowers overhand. These tiny flowers look like they are printed on hand. For instance, it appears like emojis. These little pansies are spreading their fragrance and showing their magic.

9. Pansy Delicate Tattoo:

These pansy tattoos are created with watercolour and appear so delicate. Apart from flowers, there is also a single-petal design on the neck. The combination of delicate flowers over a delicate body part looks lusty.

10. Pansy Tattoo on Wrist:


Pretty girls mainly carry out a pansy tattoo for their lucky charm. This pansy flower has its unique attraction quality between engaged couples. If the tattoo can create magic between couples, then the effect of a natural pansy flower would be more powerful. You can try this tattoo on your shoulder or thigh.

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