Tattoos are a popular form of body art and can really express your feelings in many ways. For example, the panther tattoo, which shows the image of a panther crawling around, can act as a bold fashion statement. This idea has been mostly taken up by those who would like to discover their “wild sides” and get something completely out of the box for themselves. Panthers stand as a symbol of power and authority. In order to get a panther tattoo design, a careful selection should always be made. Here are a few panther tattoo ideas for your benefit.

Panther tattoos are well known to represent freedom from oppression and rules. They also symbolize the ability to know about rebirth, swiftness, cunning, perseverance, boldness, and beauty. Whatever it means for you, the important thing you must know is that you have to make a strong statement with this kind of tattoo design.

Are you craving wild tattoo designs? Do you want a design that can show your personality? Then, consider choosing perfect Panther tattoos. Tattoos of panthers convey sleekness and strength to the wearer. Panther tattoos symbolize characteristics that certain people desire to have.

Wondrous Panther Tattoos With Pictures:

Following are the most popular and outstanding panther tattoo designs with meanings and images for both men and women.

1. Panther Face Tattoo:

The panther face tattoo is glorious in appearance. It shows the image of a gorgeous-looking Black Panther with its ferocious and twinkling eyes staring at you. The paws and whiskers add to its beauty and give it a strong and classy look.

2. Shoulder Panther Tattoos:

The image of a valiant and fearless panther tattooed on your shoulder will give you a powerful and unique look. The tattoo artist can make it look wild and realistic as well. Its expression and posture add to its glamour, making it a great panther tattoo design.

3. Arm Panther Tattoo Design:

The panther is a very complex animal as it resembles other two wild animals; puma and leopard. However, its appearance is strikingly gorgeous and its way of behaving is just brilliant. A panther tattoo on your arm will not just make your arm tattoo look bold, but also fashionable and stylish.

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4. Angry Artistic Panther Tattoo:

Panther tattoos can be made in different ways. One of the best panther tattoo designs is the artistic one. They look creative, and innovative and also portray the image of an angry panther in a very attractive manner. They are sure to scare the person sitting next to you for a few seconds.

5. Traditional Panther Tattoo Designs On Hand:

The traditional panther tattoo gives you a very ethnic appearance. The image of a panther with its mouth wide open, its sparkling yellow eyes and sharp jaws will make your tattoo look stunning. The picture of a girl between his jaws will really style your tattoo in the traditional way.

6. Lower Back Panther Tattoo Designs For Women:

Some people like to make their tattoos look sexy and attractive. The best location for these tattoos is the lower back. The image of a crawling panther surrounded by red roses really gives it a Gothic look. It is one of the best panther tattoo designs seen to date.

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7. Full Body Panther Tattoo:

Panthers are majestic creatures. According to the superstitious world, panthers carry such sweet fragrances that other animals and humans can smell them from far away. By nature, she is very loving and caring towards her children and is a strong contender against her enemies. A lover of panthers can always use get themselves a full-body tattoo which will enhance the body art on their backs and allow them to explain the characteristics of the panther without having to speak.

8. Flesh Tearing Panther Tattoo Designs On Back:

The flesh-tearing panther tattoo shows the wild and angry nature of the panther; how it fearlessly fights against its enemies and catches its prey. The panther is courageous, attractive and ferocious. It possesses immense potential and ability, and a tattoo that will highlight its bold nature is guaranteed to look amazing on you.

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9. Scratching Panther Tattoo Designs:

A simple yet attractive panther tattoo can be made on any part of the body. It contains the image of a crawling panther scratching your skin, creating a bloody mark.

10. Black Panther Tattoo Designs:

Black panther’s Tattoos are more familiar in the fashion world. These tattoos are portraying the symbol of beauty, honour, valour, motherhood and femininity. Getting the black dark panther tattoos are too impressive than other designs. The dark Black Panther symbol emphasises on power and strength, and it gives hope to people against their fears.

11. Tribal Panther Tattoo Designs:

Tribal panther designs are designed using multicoloured inks as it makes your tattoo look more creative. If people get tattooed with this design, they look very beautiful as it is giving a spiritual power to the people. In general, these tattoos will be linked with multiple dark colours with an elegant shadow. Panther head tattoo designs are designed with panther heads which makes some people fear but it gives them confidence for the people who are suffering from the conflicts.

12. Panther Claw Tattoo Designs:

In the Panther claw tattoo’, the claw mark gives the look of strength, power, and fierce conflict. It gives the meaning that if you fight with any difficult inconsistency, then you will get more confidence from that influence. On the other side, it may give a fearful look to some people but, while you tattooed this design definitely, you will get the confidence of facing all your problems. Panther tattoo means the panther giving the strength and power for the people to face all their problems with self-confidence and self-esteem.

13. Cartoon Panther Tattoo Designs:

In the fashion world, cartoons are more widely liked by all people, especially by teenagers, it was too simple as these are Inked with plain colours and as well as multi-colours. It represents the essence of innocence and fun moments happening in people’s life. Panther tattoo pictures are more widely referred to for the tattooed habitat and it is available in different varieties and new creative designs depending on the tattooing person.

14. Cool Panther Tattoo Designs On Arm:

The cool panther’s tattoos will often be designed with a cool and elegant pattern that gives a cool vision. This cool panther design is the most growing popular when compared with other tattoos. It gives a perfect look and perfect creature for the tattooed person. Panther face tattoo designs are the panther face on your body it gives good appearances to the people. The panther tattoos are inked with fur and a ferocious face. You will get a proud design by using a variety of multi-coloured ink while putting on this tattoo.

15. Pink Panther Tattoo Designs On Leg:

Ever, the pink colour will give a soft and cool look to everyone. The pink colour panther tattoos are exclusively liked by girls. These stylizing and soft colour tattoo designs are more traditional and in this design, the panther is far from typical. Here, the panther with a white beard gives a cool and smart look. If you want to get an adorable design, go with this tattoo design as this will attract more people to its design and style.


Before getting the tattoos, you should do thorough research in order to get the exact meaning of the tattoo you have chosen and where to get it tattooed. The best way to get the best result is to view the best online galleries where you can get numerous artworks that lie within blogs and forums, and before reviewing those galleries, be sure to get the details of payment if available.

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