Undergarments are considered to be a very private affair for any individual. Panties and brassieres are one of the most profitable segments in women’s garments. With the increase in public acceptance of homosexuals and transgender, panties for men are an upcoming market. The idea of men wearing panties is widely accepted across the world by many people.

There may be many different reasons for men wearing panties, but so are the varieties of panties you can find for men. Many men consider panties to be more comfortable than their normal briefs. This is one of the many reasons why men panties are trending topics.

Most Comfortable Latest Panties for Indian Men:

Here you look at some best men wearing panties in different colours and styles.

1. Lace Panties for Men:

Lace panties are one of the most loved panties for both men and women. The texture and feel of the fabric is the specialty of these panties. They are very comfortable and are available in various colours. These are the most sought after type of panties for men.

2. Thongs for Men:

Thongs are perfect for men who like to flaunt their goods. The front is covered with fabric whereas the rest of it is made up of just strings. Thongs are one of the most revealing and skimpy pair of panties for men you can find. Due to this, they find their way into many sexual fantasies, regardless of the sexual orientation of the partners.

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3. Bikini Bottoms Panty for Swimming:

Men do like to wear bikini bottoms for swimming. The soft and smooth fabric allows for ease of movement. They also provide you with the luxury of extra space for your derriere, thus making it very comfortable to wear for pool parties or beach parties.

4. Sheer Bikinis:

Sheer bikinis are meant to be revealed due to see through the nature of the fabric. They can make you look so sexually ravishing that your partner is definitely going to have a few bad thoughts about your goods later. They are very popular among LGBT themed events.

5. Leather Trunks Panties:

Leather trunks are one of the many popular garments associated with kinky sexual fantasies. Leather trunks are generally tight fitting, and hence they are successful in properly shaping your front as well as your back. These trunks are available in different colours and designs to choose from.

6. Nylon Panties:

Nylon is another fabric that is loved by panty wearers all over the world. The fabric’s ability to repel water makes it the perfect pair of panties to wear for a pool party. These panties are also available in fluorescent colours which are highly popular among today’s generation of men.

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7. Animal Print Panties:

Animal print garments have been in fashion since the day we started wearing clothes. No wonder, animal print panties are very popular among couples these days. The animal print provides an edge of the raw sensual wilderness to your sexy outfit. There are various animal prints to select your favourite pair of panties from.

8. High Waist Panties:

High waist panties are the go-to pair of panties for men who like to wear body shapers. Since the waists of the pantys are high enough, they cover up the belly portion of the wearer, thus helping in toning down the unwanted fat that you try to cover up. They are perfect for men who have average body weight and like to look toned.

9. Silk Panties:

Silk panties are the all-time favorites among the entire collection of panties. The ability of silk to ward off unwanted heat makes it the perfect option to wear during the summers. Colours and sizes add different variations of sexiness to these panties.

10. Granny Panties:

Granny panties are the most comfortable pair of panties for men you can ever encounter. They provide the wearer with space for their goods as well as the fabric is non-constricting to any type of movements. These are the perfect pair of men wearing panties on a lazy day at home.

11. Satin Panties:

Satin panties are also one of the most popular panties on men. They are soft and comfortable while also being shiny. It is loved by people all around the globe for its texture and the way they feel against your skin. Try one of these men and you will never want to take them off.

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12. Mesh Panties:

Mesh panties are another pair of panties that are loved by men and women alike. Due to the mesh fabric, the pantys are breathable and help with the wearer’s movement as well. These panties are available in different colours and different mesh sizes. Wear one in accordance to the occasion and let some sparks fly.

13. Panties for Mens with Frills:

For years, panties for men with frills have been considered to be too girly. But that’s not the case anymore. Men have also started to sport frilly panties. They not only provide comfort but also add to your sex appeal. Owing to the frills, they look like padded undergarments on the outside.

14. Hi-Cut Panties:

Hi-cut panties are created for men who have more than average size thighs. Due to the large size of the thighs, other clothes don’t provide the necessary comfort to the wearer. These panties ensure that you have ease of movement while your goods have good support as well.

15. Hollow Animal Panty:

These are one of the sexy party outfits that you can wear. It has a sense of humour to it along with the raw sensuality. This combination makes this panty the perfect clothing option for a night of sexy fun and frolic with your partner. Elephant, dog, snake and rooster are the most famous hollow animal pantys in this category.

It is very easy to be confused to find yourself a nice pair of men in panties with the abundance of options available. But the important thing is to find a pair that is fitting and comfortable at the same time. It’s better not to wear ill-fitted panties as they can make for some pretty embarrassing memories. The above panties for men with various models are available online. Choose your best one and purchase.

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