Christopher Columbus called papaya “the fruit of angels“and indeed it is. A pear-shaped fruit in a pinkish-orange colour with a sweet soft taste-that is papaya for the people who are still unaware. What was once considered an exotic hard to get fruit is now a household name. But diet with papaya becoming familiar with the common people and various functions of it have been unveiled.

Amongst the many others, the diet has gripped my eyes. Being rich in nutrients, this fruit has an immense weight loss property, which may I add is the current trend of this era. Everyone is chasing the toned tummy and lean thin body to achieve that in less time without contributing much time to it by eating papaya.

Papaya Diet Plan for Weight Loss:

How it Helps:

Papaya may look soft, gooey and fleshy with a peachy pink or orange shade, but when it comes to packing nutrients, it is not just a pretty look but also a pretty useful fruit. It is rich in vitamin A and C and also contains minerals like potassium and fibers which helps the cardiovascular problems. Then there is the cholesterol-free property that is nature’s “sugar-free”. Like our commercialized one, this one too tastes sweet but is fat-free. The myth also says how it can break down the proteins and increase the body’s metabolism. This way, this is the perfect fruit for losing weight.

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The Diet Commences:

Weight loss at an astronomical speed? Keep reading this article as we unveil the weight loss procedure to a greater body.

For this consumption of papaya, not too ripe not too young is required. The best thing about this diet is, that it is hassle-free. Papaya is a versatile fruit and can be consumed anyway, either dice it or slice it or blend it or mix it with some other food. The trick is to eat a lot in instalments and all with papaya. Over-eating or eating to the brim is never advised since it wrecks the initial point of consuming the papayas in the first place. The diet. So a little bit of food every time incorporated with some papaya is the perfect fit in the puzzle.

Next comes the water intake, which should be as high as possible for the next few days the diet stays on.

Although this diet incorporates papaya in every meal and is generally allowed to consume anything, a basic line between healthy and un-fit food is drawn clearly.

Only nutritious food should be consumed. Deserts, chocolates or sweeteners should be avoided.

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The morning breakfast should consist of simple salads with papaya in it. Or just slice a piece of papaya and salt it. Then just consume it like that. Other than its heavenly taste, it will also help you shed those extra pounds off. Or any cereal or yoghurt can be consumed along with papaya. Again a full meal up to the brim should be avoided. During lunch, normal nutritious food like rice and vegetables could be consumed along with papaya. The same goes for the dinner time routine. In between, a few helpings of the papaya fruit salad is desirable and advised. The best part of papaya is, that it can be used as a dessert food as well.

Tips and Tricks:

  • A lot of water needs to be drunk around this time.
  • Eating a little and doubling the eating shift is rewarding.
  • It doesn’t need to be cooked and boiled and mixed every time. A scoop of spoon-full papaya is a good idea. Although the consumption amount should not be deducted.
  • Stick to homemade nutritious foods.

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Even though all these are important, yet another important thing to remember is a regular workout or atleast keeping oneself busy at work so that the loss of weight is aggravated.


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