One of the best tropical fruits popular for its bright colour and sweet taste is the Papaya. They are abundantly grown in India, and almost every backyard has a Papaya tree. Papayas can be enjoyed all throughout the year, and their health benefits are numerous. Being rich in beta-carotene, antioxidants, essential Vitamins and minerals, Papaya is a highly recommended food in one’s diet.

However, for many centuries, it has become a norm for pregnant women to avoid Papayas. In fact, Papaya is treated like poison all through this period and even during the first few months after birth. The reason Papayas are known to induce early contractions and lead to abortions. However, Papaya is not all dangerous, and when taken, right can be extremely beneficial to expectant moms. Get to know more about the facts of Papaya during pregnancy before you end up losing the goodness of this amazing fruit!

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Is it Safe To Eat Papaya During Pregnancy?

Papaya in its ripe form is extremely beneficial during pregnancy. Papaya is rich in vitamin A and B, beta carotene and potassium. That is vital to the baby’s health. The fruit also promotes good bone health and sharp eyesight for the baby. However, for those who have gestational diabetes and latex allergies, Papaya, even in the ripe form, must be avoided.

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Benefits of Papaya During Pregnancy:

Ripe Papaya, which has yellow skin, is the most desirable version of the fruit. Ripe papaya during pregnancy offers a plethora of benefits, including:

  • Anti-Oxidant Protection: Papaya is rich in anti-oxidants like Zeaxanthin, Betacarotene etc. Which can prevent cell degeneration and protect the body from oxidative damage.
  • Fights Constipation: Papaya being rich in dietary fibre. It can help expectant mothers deal with painful stools and prevent constipation.
  • Reduces Heartburn and Nausea: Papaya juice can neutralize stomach acids and bring down refluxes. This can help reduce heartburn caused due to acidity. Nausea is also significantly reduced, which in turn can decrease your morning sickness.
  • Folic Acid: Folic acid is responsible for increasing the supply of red blood cells. Is found in high amounts in Papaya.
  • Prevention of Cancer: Papaya is known to offer protection from cancer and heart diseases.

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Side Effects Of Consuming Unripe Papaya during pregnancy:

When raw papaya in pregnancy is consumed, the baby’s growth and development. Maybe hampered as there is the presence of latex along with pepsin. That is extremely dangerous for the fetus and the mother alike. Some raw papaya side effects during pregnancy are:

Unripe Papaya And Prostaglandins :

The unripe papayas, which are even able to soften the mutton, are potentially harmful in pregnancy. The smooth white latex inside the mash of unripe papayas hardens and turns sticky when presented to air. Papain is capable of pepsin. Inside this, latex regularly touted as an accommodating digestive compound. In spite of the digestive advantage, papain in unripe natural product impersonates the prostaglandins, which doctors use to induce labour. Besides constrictions, a PubMed theoretical clarifies that papain from unripe papaya may likewise debilitate essential films that are important to hatchling survival.

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Papaya And Latex Allergies:

Unsuccessful labor is by all account not the only concern with regards to eating unripe papaya in pregnancy. Albeit a few ladies may not understand it, a latex hypersensitivity is more than basically a sensitivity to the gloves utilized as a part of a doctor’s office or healing centre.

A latex hypersensitivity may bring about a pregnant lady to have a perilous response to specific sustenances that contain latex. Papaya is one of them. The New York State Department of Health clarifies that anybody with latex sensitivity may likewise be susceptible to bananas, apples, chestnuts, wheat, rye and a progression of different nourishment that contain plant latex.

The papain and pepsin are available in the latex of the papaya. When the external skin is green. As the papaya matures, the skin loses its green shade, turning totally yellow when completely aged. Yellow-cleaned papayas contain practically a very little amount of latex.

The Journal of Nutrition reports that even the minutest measures of latex might be risky for ladies. Who has a background marked by unconstrained fetus removal or untimely work? Because of expanded contractile movement inside the uterus. So to be on the safer side, it is best recommended not to eat. Papaya during pregnancy it can prove to be harmful in certain cases.

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1. Can I Eat Papaya After delivery?

Consuming Papaya after delivery is highly recommended by doctors, as it offers the best nutritional value to both lactating mother and the baby. Especially during the first trimester, Papaya can help with boosting the milk supply, manage post-partum weight, improve immunity and also promotes smooth bowel movements. Be sure to consume a Papaya with yellow skin and orange-coloured flesh.

2. Is Papaya Juice Good For Pregnancy?

Yes! As long as the juice is prepared with fully ripe papaya, it can be quite delicious and wholesome. Be sure to remove the bitter-tasting seeds before juicing the fruit. For added taste, one can add some milk or lemon juice with black pepper. As this is already quite sweet, avoid adding extra sugar.

3. Can Raw Papaya abort the pregnancy?

Raw Papaya being high on latex can trigger uterine contractions. This is why eating papaya to avoid pregnancy is one of the ways tried by women at home. Hence, raw and even semi-ripe fruits must totally be avoided during pregnancy, as it can do a lot of harm to pregnant women. This includes all forms of consumption like juice, salads, curries and whole fruit.

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So Ladies! We hope you understand that not all forms of Papayas are your enemies. The yellow ones are your new best friends, as they can do plenty of good for both you and your baby. It is one of the few fruits, which is extremely high in nutrition and can make you avoid supplements. The juiciness of Papaya makes it quite palatable during pregnancy. Next time you hear advice from someone regarding Papaya, you can help them get over their half-knowledge with this information. We hope you have a healthy and safe pregnancy!


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