First anniversary gifts are also known as paper anniversary gifts. Paper is a traditional gift for the first anniversary and gifting paper gifts to your spouse on your beautiful one year anniversary is a unique idea. The paper gift symbolizes writing the story of your future life together.

Personalized or customized paper anniversary gifts maintain emotional touch, as per our theme of the idea, we get a lot of collections in this series of gifts. So try out these cool options for anniversary gifts made of paper.

Unique and Good Paper Anniversary Gift Ideas for 1st Wedding Anniversary:

Let we have to look at the top 9 ideas for paper anniversary gifts.

1. Map Anniversary Gift:

This is a really cute gift to give your spouse. This paper anniversary gift is made from cutouts of maps. I will make three cutouts from maps that show the places where we met, got engaged and finally married. This frame is lovely to keep in the home.

2. Dates Frame:

Here is a wonderful DIY paper anniversary gift for him that will help him remember those important days in his life. This is a date frame that has the dates of when you met each other, got engaged, married and had kids. Select the frame and the color scheme accordingly.

3. Time Frame:

Get a frame with the best paper anniversary gift idea. This frame has the total number of days that you have spent as a couple. The anniversary gift also shows how much you love each other. Frame it in bold letters and see the happiness on the face of your spouse.

4. Book Fold Image:

This is a serious paper wedding anniversary gift that you can gift someone. The reader folded the pages of the book in such a way that the initials of the couple could be read. A heart-shaped can also be made by folding the pages carefully.

5. One Year Paper Gift:

The gift for the one year anniversary theme is paper. To celebrate a paper wedding anniversary, you can gift your spouse a paper label that they can put on mugs or cans, etc. Make the label colorful and bright, and add in your names to make it personal. The labels can also be added to candles.

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6. Silhouette Frame:

Get a wonderful gift for your loved one through this paper anniversary idea. The silhouette is formed by cutting black paper intricately to get an image. This image can be anything you like or even a shadow image of your loved one.

7. Quilled Necklace:

She will be fascinated by this stunning paper anniversary gift for her when you try it out. This quilled necklace is made by quilling red paper into tiny pieces. The combined work forms a lovely necklace that will look breathtaking on any garment.

8. Paper Heart:

Why not gift your wife a paper rose bud heart? This stands out among all the paper anniversary gift ideas for her. The person made the heart shape out of twine and crafted the rose buds from paper. The color combination is very pretty and delicate.

9. Paper Wall Art:

Gift this paper wall art on the love theme for someone’s anniversary. The tree and two love birds depict the beautiful words in the print. This is perfect as a paper wedding anniversary gift idea.

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Paper anniversary gifts are sentimental and make for great wall decor pieces. The options you can choose from are our frames and jewelry. If you plan something different, then have a look at this type of paper anniversary gift for your dear loved one, this type of gift gives more emotional attachment and makes a strong bond between you and your loved one again.


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