The Bold Essence of Traditional Gold Bangles:

Bangles are an eternal and timeless accessory style, adorned with everything from festive wear to casuals, bangles are carefully designed to decorate your wrist elegantly. Gold bangles is an accessory of endless opportunities, available in various designs and styles. brings to you a collection dedicated to love for bangles.

Gold is a pure element that is very close to the heart when you decide to flaunt gold jewellery bangles undoubtedly comes to mind. Associated with rich traditions of India and an integral part of Weddings this piece jewellery is simply Art.

When you shop at Papilior you can rest assured that all gold bangles are individually designed keeping the mind the latest trends while also keeping the tradition alive. Find a vast array of collections in breathtakingly brazen designs of bangles, manufactured in-house and delivered to you with the BIS certification seal.

Divine Bangles – Keeping up with new styles and fashion is very important but not forgetting our roots is vital too, at Papilior we celebrate the history of our country and its ever-changing trends in jewellery, especially bangles. The significance of bangles comes from Ancient India and is today adorned by the entire world, initially made from terracotta, and glass it quickly evolved to be made with the earthy elements like copper, bronze, silver and gold.

Gold bangles are held in very high regards primarily because gold in itself is considered auspicious which is why it’s importance in a pure ritual like marriage is highly credited. Designs like the Faithful Ganesha gold bangle and Swastik Gold Bangle among many more are examples of classy and graceful options to choose from the traditional design section.

Faithful Ganesh Gold Bangle:

Swastika Gold Bangle:

The Bold Essence of Western Gold Bangles:

A touch of sophistication with the new and improved, gold bangles are a versatile piece of jewellery, coming down to the fashion industry from generations of beliefs, traditions and style. Today gold bangles are more than just folklore they are an epitome of feminine beauty and have become an important addition to fashion worldwide.

Designer western bangles are statement accessory that can be flaunted with everyday casual wear, evening attires as well as semi-formal apparels. The designs are dedicated to women of today who not only respect the heritage of the jewellery but have moulded it and westernized it to fit today’s fast-paced world. Check out designs like the Mana Gold Bangle, that is simplicity at its best.

When you are looking for exquisite designs in designer bangle jewellery look up the 3D bangles at Papilior, the 3-dimensional pattern really brings about a lifelike one of a kind look and experience to the jewellery, made with 3D technology in printing these too are individually designed to meet the current standards in fashion and trends. Some one of a kind 3d bangles are maze line gold bangle and leaflet gold bangle.

Maze Line Gold Bangle:

Leaflet Gold Bangle:

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