An ancient form of body healthcare, a down to earth all natural approach to making it out healthy or simply a tranquil getaway amidst the pandemonium, we can all center these words around a simple one word wonder, yoga. Yoga practiced for ages now have newly acquired a soft corner for the health buffs.

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The new wave for fitness has many a people leaning in on yoga for support. Choosing from a wide catalogue, there is an exercise dedicated for your different needs, be it a flat stomach or a tired head ache. In today’s article, we shall discuss about one such yoga, out of the many which is called Paripurna navasana. We shall learn about the benefits and the steps to this wonderful journey.

How To Do Paripurna Navasana (Full Boat) and Its Benefits:

How To Do It?

The English name for this posture is derived literally from the final stance of this yoga posture. The Paripurna Navasana in English is called the full boat pose, where identically you will resemble a boat shape with your body which is mainly based on a few stretches and necessarily body flexibility.

At the initial stages, the ordeal might seem a bit difficult but with time the boundaries will be edged. At all time, you should remember perfection doesn’t come in a day and a simple wrong move can hurt you bad enough. To get this yoga started start by sitting down on your yoga mat.

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As you are sitting, your legs should be outstretched in front of you as you sit with your spine erect, aligning it with your neck. Your arms as usual are resting beside you. Now slowly bend your legs from the knee so that your foot now touches the floor. Tilt back a little and bring your arms behind you where you can use them as a support to lift up your bent leg.

At the initial stages you might want to opt for a soft cushion around your back to control the balance but never fully rely on a back support like a wall or any such since it totally makes the point of this yoga relentless. Now as you support yourself with your hands, slowly try to stretch out your legs straight and upward.

At this point, you are already half way through to your boat. Now balance yourself well before leaving your hand support and bringing them forward. As you lean back more, keep your arm aligned to your chest level as you grab your knees to lock your full boat pose.

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How Does it Help Us?

  • One of the best benefits that you can derive from this yoga is lower body muscle strengthening. Here we are pointing fingers at the abdominal area which throughout the boat pose would go through a tense knot of pressurization, trying to hold up the lower body in an upward fashion. Apart from the strengthening it also facilitates healthy functioning of the system.
  • Body flexibility can be achieved through this exercise since you are pressurizing the knotted tension muscles to open up as you stretch and lift yourself.
  • This is a good exercise to tone your body muscles especially the lower limbs, thighs and calf muscles. At the same time your stomach area experiences calorie loss as you tilt back and force yourself forwards again.
  • A lot of people still have the problem of balancing their body where the nerve usually is a bit slow in coordinating with the brain. This can be improved through this exercise.
  • This exercise is known to be a stress reliever. As you stretch and lift and twist, the toxins in your body that has accumulated over the months are now clearing out, giving way to a much happier stress free you.

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