Yoga as we all perceive is not simply a fitness machine, but a rather powerful instrument that works on an all-over basis, perfecting or trying to perfect you in simply all possible ways. What started as a simple fitness wave now has channeled more into the depths of how yoga works where experts have provided us with proven methods as to the benefits of yoga at its best.

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Both a mental pleasure and a physical care taker, yoga thus was favored by a whole lot of us, age playing no bound in this section. Amongst the otherwise huge catalogue of the various postures, types and such, one such yoga is the topic for our article today. This one is called Parivrtta Baddha Parsvakonasana. We shall indulge in the benefits in this article and also give you a brief out liner to the steps.

How To Do Parivrtta Baddha Parsvakonasana and its Benefits:

How To Do It?

The English names for these Yoga are always so literal and definite that you get a small scoop inside the poses and the postures simply from the name itself. Before we move on to the benefits, here’s a little guide to the performing steps. The English name is the Revolved Side Angle pose which is exactly what you are intending to do in this article.

As a word of caution, prior to performing this yoga make sure you don’t have a slip disc problem or a broken back, twisting which might be fatal for you. Once again it is best that you perform this yoga empty stomach and the feeling of light headedness, if any, can be controlled by drinking lots of water after.

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Start by standing straight on your yoga mat, feet aligned to each to each, separated by a small gap in between them as your straighten out your marrow and neck. Your arms are lazily grazing against your body. Now you start off with a soft inhale as you bend one of your limbs, say the right one from your knee, bending down forward as you do so.

Get down all the way until your things become parallel to the ground, your knee centrally aligned to your foot. Now simultaneously move the left leg backwards as you bend down, keeping it straight and supporting the leg on its toes. Now that you are there, start working up your upper body. Twist yourself to the right side, if you have the right knee bent.

The twist should be well enough for you to rest your back shoulders on your knee as you inhale deeply now locking the breath and hollowing out your stomach a bit so that your arms from wither side can now touch underneath your thigh, one over the body one under.

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How Does it Help?

  • This is a good balance exercise where you twist your body in such a way that your eyes are not aware of the posture but your mind is. Here we are talking about body balance which is basically the eye signaling the mind. Now you can hone up your balance by perfecting that coordination.
  • The next benefit comes in a different package. This is called strengthening which through the twists and stretches can be availed, conforming mainly to the abdominal area.
  • As you twist yourself, you are unknowingly massaging your stomach organs with a blood rush created by the pressurization.
  • The same effect is applied on the lower body as well where this exercise helps you tone and firm them up by making the muscles more flexible to gain strength and firmness.

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