Agra, the land of the Taj Mahal and former capital of the great Mughal Empire resonates not only with the many magnificent monuments that dot the city but with equally splendid historical gardens and newly constructed parks that beautify the place.

Beautiful Parks in Agra with Images:

Here’s a list of the best parks in Agra, India.

1. Paliwal Park:

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Paliwal Park in the heart of Agra is considered one of the best city parks and ranks in the list of places to visit in Agra. The park, spread across an area of about 70 acres, includes a vast variety of trees and a small lake that is open to boating. Formerly known as Hewitt Park, it was renamed in memory of Shri Krishna Dutt Paliwal, the first Finance Minister of Uttar Pradesh. Surrounded by many educational institutes, it is the perfect hang-out spot for college goers. The park also attracts morning walkers and youngsters who make the most of it playing different games during the summer holidays.

2. Mehtab Bagh:

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Mehtab Bagh, literally meaning Moonlight Garden is the last of the 11 Mughal-built gardens along the Yamuna’s bank. Built opposite the Taj Mahal and Agra Fort, the garden with its white plaster walkways, airy pavilions, pools and fountains, fruit trees, plants and shrubs, was originally created to provide an ideal view of the Taj Mahal. Having fallen to disrepair, the park was reconstructed in recent years and restored to its original grandeur that has now become a perfect spot to admire the great mausoleum.

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3. Ram Bagh:

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Situated just about 5 km towards the northeast of Taj Mahal is the oldest Mughal Garden in Agra, Originally built by Emperor Babur in 1528, Ram Bagh was the first Persian Garden that was created to represent an ideal Islamic Paradise. Literally meaning Garden of Relaxation, it is believed to have been a retreat for Babur from the worries of ruling a kingdom. The garden is beautified by an abundance of waterways and fountains and makes a perfect picnic spot.

4. Dayalbagh Gardens:

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The Dayalbagh gardens situated 15 kms from Agra is a memorial garden built in memory of, the founder of the “Radha soami Satsang Movement”. Within the garden precincts is a grand pure white marble memorial dedicated to Shiv Dayal Sahib. It is 110 feet high and thronged with majestic pillars. The memorial is an infusion of viharas, mosques, temples and gurudwaras, the mixed religions of which formed the basis of Shiv Dayal Sahib’s preachings. The park is much visited all year round with the impressive architectural work of the grand memorial being the greatest attraction.

5. Shahjahan Park Agra:

Shah Jahan Park in Agra is one of the many splendid and most attractive gardens of the Mughal era. The park is a lush expanse of greenery and panoramic beauty that gives it an almost magical appeal. Surrounded by clear fresh air and rich history, a park is a perfect place for residents and tourists to unwind from the daily dose of life.

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6. Taj Mahal Garden:

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The Taj Mahal Garden which graces the ground on which India’s beloved Taj Mahal stands is without question the most popular of all gardens in the city of Agra, The gorgeous garden built in Persian style is meant to symbolize paradise and a paradise it is. With its perfectly manicured lawns and lush greenery, the garden which leads up from the main entrance is as much an attraction as the grand mausoleum itself, drawing people from far and near to revel in its beauty.

7. Taj Nature Park:

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Also known as the Taj Nature Walk, this park situated 500 meters from the Taj Mahal is dotted with high grasslands rich in flora and fauna. The park provides a scenic view of the Taj Mahal in the background while at the same time educating its visitors of the varied and unique species of wildlife and vegetation found here. One of the best parks to visit in Agra for Couples.

8. Dolphin The Water World:

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The Dolphin Water Park promises a fun-filled day packed with joyrides and water games. This Amusement Park caters to children and adults with plenty of entertainment options to choose from. The Park is awash with a 2 acre lake, lake shore garden, sports complex, health club and even a hotel and cottage resort for a great weekend getaway.

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9. Sur Sarovar Bird Sanctuary:

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Situated at about 20 km from Agra, this National Bird Sanctuary is the dwelling place for more than 100 species of resident and migratory birds. The sanctuary is further encompassed by a scenic lake called Keetham that is home to many winter migratory birds. If you’re a bird lover, this is the place you want to be during the winter season.


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