With an estimated 4.5 percent of green space covering the city of Chennai, public parks and lush green expanses can be found at every nook and corner. Of the more than 500 parks and open spaces to be found in the city.

Popular Parks in Chennai with Images:

Here is a list of the best parks in chennai.

1. Guindy National Park :

Chennai’s vast green cover is dominated by the 2.71 sq km area of the Guindy National Park. The park which is India’s 8th smallest national park covers beautiful forest area, scrub lands, lakes and streams. The park is home to 14 species of mammals, over 60 species of butterflies and insects, a wide variety of reptiles and more than 130 species of birds. The park and its inmates see more than 700.000 visitors every year.

2. Tholkappia Poonga:

Also known as Adyar Eco Park, Tholkappia Poonga is an ecological park that was conceived by the Tamil Nadu Government and set up in the Adyar estuary of Chennai. Tropical dense evergreen forests constitute the park’s ecosystem. The park is overshadowed by over 160 species of trees. Named after renowned Tamil scholar Tholkappiar and opened to the public on January 22, 2011, the park provides in-depth study of wetland conservation, Eco-restoration and water management.

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3. Anna Zoological Park:

Located in Vandalur in the southwestern part of Chennai, Anna Zoological Park is also known as Vandalur Zoo. The park which was founded in 1855 is the country’s first public zoo and largest zoological garden. Many wild and endangered species of fauna are housed within the park’s 160 enclosures. This zoological garden seeks to promote wildlife conservation by educating the public and fostering an appreciation of wildlife among them.

4. Secretariat Park:

The Secretariat Park located opposite the Secretariat at Fort St. George near the Chennai Port is a classic case of the ugly duckling being transformed into a beautiful swan. Thanks to the Corporation of Chennai in 2009, an 18.5 acre wonderland sprung up from an undeveloped plot of land with a scattering of trees. The park is adorned with a grand circular fountain at the center and laid with pedestrian walkways. If you need a rest or a quiet place to chit-chat, you can do so in the comfort of the tree court that’s encircled with 18 granite benches. For yoga freaks, a grand granite plaza is especially constructed for practicing your meditation. The park is also disabled-friendly with three ramps that allow the disabled to connect to all parts of the park. Two public rest houses within the precincts ensure that your visit to the park doesn’t have to be cut short.

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5. Anna Nagar Tower Park:

The tallest park in Chennai is the Anna Nagar Tower Park, officially known as Dr. Visveswaraya Tower Park. The crowning feature of the park, which was built in 1968 as part of the World Trade Fair, is a behemoth tower that stands tall at 135 feet. The tower is made up of 12 stories with a cyclic ramp that spirals up to the top. You can reach the top of the tower in an elevator that is located at the center. Other features of the park include an amphitheater, badminton courts, skating rink, playgrounds for children, a bird-watching deck and a scenic lake. Sadly however, instances of suicide has seen the park close its gates to the public since 2011.

6. People’s Park:

People’s Park in Chennai is one of the oldest recreational parks in the city built in the 19th century. Completed in 1861, the park in its former glory stretched over 112 acres land encompassing 12 lakes. Victoria Lake provided joyous boating rides. Located in the park also was the Madras zoological park, before it was shifted to Vandalur. Once a famous park, it has now fallen to neglect and encroachment.

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7. Semmozhi Poonga:

Semmozhi Poonga is Chennai’s first botanical garden which was opened in November, 2010. Over 500 species of plants have been grown in the garden, along with some exotic flora and medicinal herbs. Among the many trees that were in existence during the development of the park, some are more than 100 years old. The entire garden is divided into eight sub-gardens, each with a theme of its own ranging from a water and rock garden to a fern garden down to a golden garden that showcases a variety of flowers in different shades of gold. The sight of ducks swimming in an artificial duck pond is another splendid sight to behold.

8. Queensland Amusement Park:

If you’re looking for a daring and scintillating outdoor experience then Queensland Amusement and Theme Park in Chennai is the place to be. You can ride the waves at the American wave pool or take a 300 feet plunge from the Free Fall Tower that is simply not for the faint-hearted. There are lots rides for children as well so you can plan a perfect family outing with plenty of entertainment in store.

9. Nageswara Rao Park:

A 4-acre park that’s located in Mylapore, Chennai is a local haunt and morning walker’s paradise. A separate play area for children and a badminton court ensures that children and youngsters are kept entertained as well. The park also opens up its grounds for musical gatherings and civic forums.


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