Ludhiana is typically an agrarian city. Much of its area is covered by vast farmlands. However it features several parks here and there for the relaxation of its residents. Most of these parks are as beautiful as the other parts of the city. Lush greenery is a common part of the city, that has always been known for its rich, fertile soil and parks give this beauty a more complete look.

Popular Parks in Ludhiana with Images:

Here is a List of Best Parks in Ludhiana.

1. Nehru Rose Garden:

This is one of the largest rose gardens not just in India, but in the whole of Asia. It has more than 1600 species of roses planted in its gardens. While the roses of all colours ranging from blue or violet to deep pink are spectacular, the garden has many other flowers and plants that are beautiful too! The garden’s beauty makes it an excellent place to come and relax. The beauty appeals to your eyes and provide a relief from the iron and concrete of cities. It is also one of the most popular tourist spots in the whole Ludhiana. Tourists visiting Punjab always make a point to visit this garden.

2. Hardy’s world, Amusement Park:

Hardy’s world is said to come second only to Essel world when it comes to amusement parks in India. it came as a pleasant surprise to all the residents of the city, especially the children. The thrilling rides and adventures offered here are one of a kind and attracts tourists as well as localities. It’s an excellent place to celebrate your child’s birthday or spend a holiday with her/him. Theme parties, cafes, joy rides, shopping complex – this place offers everything! It even has many water sports and ice skating!

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3. Rakh Bagh:

This is one of the most famous picnic spots of the city. Well manicured lawns, huge looming trees and beautiful flowers. The park has everything a picnicker might need. Large grounds for the kids to play sports like football, badminton and so on are also available. The park also offers a mini train ride that excites most kids who visit. Though a great way to spend a weekend, this park has a separate area for morning walkers and joggers called the Oval garden.

4. Atam Park:

Atam Park is often referred to as the ‘Magarmach’ park. ‘Magarmach’ in Hindi means crocodile. The park gets this name from the massive statues of two crocodiles located at the park’s entrance. The park’s located at the entrance of the Atam nagar locality on dughri road. The park itself is also beautiful with the regular lush green gardens and flowers and swings and so on.

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5. Leisure Valley Park:

Located in Sarabha Nagar in the city of Ludhiana, Leisure Valley Park is a small public park that is frequented by the local residents. It is used as a joggers’ park by a large number of the people living around it. it is well maintained and has manicured lawns, concrete pathways, beautiful fountains, colourful flowers and several other shrubs and bushes. This is the wonderful parks in ludhiana

6. Botanical Garden at PAU:

Pau or Punjab Agricultural University, has a Botanical Garden Museum that is beautiful. It is a simple garden located in the premises of the university itself. Some of the trees and shrubs that have been planted here are very rare. The lush greenery is a balm to sore eyes.

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7. Vishwakarma Park:

Vishwakarma Park is located in Janata Nagar, Ludhiana. It has well manicured lawns with a large number of trees and bushes that provide a lot of greenery. The beauty of the park appeals to the aesthetic sense of the spectators. It is a nice place to go and just relax.


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