Reserve forests though give the feel of a real forest are usually man made spectacles. But today’s hectic city life has made forests sound like elusive privilege of a certain few. So every state has developed parks and reserves to maintain the flora and fauna while ensuring it gives both the humans and the animals a lease of life.

Famous and Beautiful Parks in Madhya Pradesh with Pictures:

Here is what the state of Madhya Pradesh has to offer.

1. Bandhavgarh National Park:

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This small reserve has the highest density of the Tiger population in India, including the White Tiger. Situated in Shahdol district among the outlying hills of the Vindhya Mountain Range, it is covered in Sal in the valleys, mixed deciduous forest on the hills and Bamboos all around. This tiger reserve also breeds and shelters

• 22 species of mammals and
• 250 species of birds.

Tourists can travel in a vehicle or on elephant backs, however it is advised to maintain calm and quiet and make no rapid movements as to scare them.
The most convenient means to travel is a five and half hour drive from Delhi to Khajuraho. The best time to visit is February to June.

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2. Kanha National Park:

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The picturesque and sprawling Kanha Tiger Reserve is as famous for its Tigers as it is for the rare hard ground Barasingha. It is the finest and best administered National Park in Asia. Guided tours provide the best spots around Kanha, where one can see the Blackbuck and Barasingha in action any time of the day. The Sunset point is a rare attraction for every tourist at Kanha. In total it shelters nearly 22 species of mammals. It’s well connected from Jabalpur, Bilaspur and Raipur; however, vehicles are not permitted after dark. Best time to visit is February to June since the reserve is closed during monsoons.

3. Karera Wildlife Sanctuary:

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Scattered over 202 square kilometers it is indeed a bird-viewer’s paradise as it houses flocks of avian creatures that includes the highly endangered Indian Bustard, Bearded Bustard and Colored Bustard. Along with bustards, almost 245 species of birds have been recorded at this sanctuary. The Migratory Birds have major affinity towards the Dihaila Jheel. Apart from birds this sanctuary nurtures few thousand Black Bucks and Indian gazelle. November to March is the ideal time for shutterbugs to catch a glimpse of this magnificent avian fauna.

4. Ken Gharial Sanctuary:

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Positioned between the rivers Ken and Thunder in the Chhatarpur district, it is the land of the distant cousins of the mighty crocodiles, the fish eating Gharials. This sanctuary is well connected from Khajuraho and is therefore a popular destination that is frequently visited by animal enthusiasts. It is a unique sanctuary on its own merit.

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5. Panna National Park:

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Situated about 57 kilometers off Khajuraho it is the heart of the state of Madhya Pradesh, sprawling over a massive 543 kilometers. It is one of the most popular Tiger reserves in the country. Other attractions are the pristine deer and antelopes scattered around deep gorges, cascading waterfalls, tranquil valley and dense teak forests. The bio-diverse population covers:

• Tigers
• Leopards
• Chinkaras
• Chowsingha
• Wolf
• Gharial
• Paradise Fly-Catchers

6. Pench National Park:

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The southern fringe of the state of Madhya Pradesh is nourished by the placid river Pench which flows through the heart of this national park. Gorged with tropical deciduous woods and an intricate mesh work of natural streams across this National Park, it is nothing short of paradise. Popular for being the back drop of Rudyard Kipling’s celebrated “The Jungle Book” it is often called the Mowgli Pench National Park.

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There are many more wildlife sanctuaries and parks that ensure that the balance of ecology is maintained. These include:

• Sone Gharial Wildlife Sanctuary
• Ghatigaon Wildlife Sanctuary
• Bagdara Wildlife Sanctuary
• Madhav National Park

These are also major tourist draws in that state known popularly as the land of Tigers.


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