Maharashtra is the land of diversities in both the people as well as the environment. While it is the state that harbors the economical hub of India it also has some fantastic green patches to maintain the balance between the ratio of concrete and greenery.

Beautiful Parks in Maharashtra with Pictures:

Here is a look at what potential this state has.

Bhamragarh Sanctuary:

The moist deciduous forest surrounding this Sanctuary serves as the habitat for a plethora of wild life. The main inhabitants include:
• Leopard,
• Jungle fowl,
• Wild boar,
• Blue bull,
• Peacock.

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Chaprala Sanctuary:

It is home to nearly 131 species of wildlife including mammals, birds and reptiles. Of these few birds and reptiles are enlisted in the endangered list. The main inhabitants here are:
• Tiger,
• Leopard,
• Sloth bear.

Dajipur Forest:

The best place to escape the sights and sounds of hustling city life is this place located on the border of Kolhapur and Sindhudurg districts of Maharashtra. The rugged mountain topography of the Western Ghats and dense forests surround give the much needed peace and solitude to unwind.

An excursion to Gagangiri Maharaj Math and the scenic backwaters of the Radhanagari Dam is delightful to any nature enthusiast.


A picturesque landscape surrounds the Sanctuary that has till date recorded a remarkable bio-diversity of
• 34 species of mammals,
• 166 species of birds,
• 36 species of reptiles and
• 4 species of amphibians.

It is truly a place worth visiting for any nature and wildlife lover in Maharashtra.

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Pench National Park:

It is popularly called the Mowgli National Park as it was the main backdrop of the Rudyard Kipling classic “The Jungle Book”. This Park is shared by Maharashtra with the neighboring state of Madhya Pradesh. This is a famous tiger reserve in India known for its efforts to revive the dwindling number of big cats in our country. Pench serves an important part of the eco system as it is rich in bio diversity and effectively maintains the ecological balance of the food chain.

The avifauna denizens rare exotic migratory birds such as
• Malabar pied hornbills,
• Indian pittas,
• Ospreys,
• Grey-headed fishing eagles,
• White-eyed buzzards,
• Green pigeon, also the State Bird.

The beauty of this park is to be experienced in person as it has a little something to please everybody.

Tadoba National Park:

This lush, green forestland 45 km from Chandrapur is often referred to as the Jewel of Vidarbha. It is actually two wildlife sanctuaries Andhari and Tadoba that combined together to form this park. The beautiful bamboo forests and the Mahua trees cater to birds and mammals alike. The main inhabitants of this park are: Tigers, panthers, hyenas, leopards, bison, gaurs, cheetal and nilgais,

Bor Dam Park:

Born out of the Bor River Project, this man made dam is a refreshing picnic spot. It also showcases a wide spectrum of wildlife. The best months to visit this spot are April and May. Well connected to the other cities this is a place worth visiting for witnessing the calmness of the reservoir waters during summers.

Gardens around Maharashtra:

• Saras Baug:

Saras Baug at Pune is characterized with pleasant lawns and a famous Ganesh Temple built by Madhavrao Peshwa.

• Ryewood Park:

Covering 25 acres of Lonavala it is abundant with evergreen deciduous trees, creepers and climbers. The scenic beauty and design of the park make it a perfect picnic spot.

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• Kamala Nehru Park:

Located on the top of the Malabar hills, this park offers superb views of Mumbai Skyline and the Queen’s Necklace at night.
• Hanging Gardens: Hanging Garden also at Malabar his gives a panoramic view to the city of Mumbai.

The list is endless however depending on where we travel every nook of Maharashtra is covered with green patches that provide us much needed bouts of oxygen.


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