Mizoram is a state steeped in biodiversity and picturesque locations. One of the most significant North-East states has the most international borders than any other state in India. Let us explore the parks that form this mystical natural beauty.

Beautiful and Famous Parks in Mizoram with Pictures:

1. Phawngpui (Blue Mountain) National Park:

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Blue Mountain National Park is located in south-east Mizoram and also forms the international border with Myanmar. The highest peak, Phawngpui Peak (2157m) is located in this Park. This small park is covered in tropical vegetation and supports a varied avifauna comprising over 125 species. Some Unique species includes:

• Blyth’s Tragopan
• Dark-rumped Swift
• Grey Sibia
• Striped Laughing Thrush
• Brown-capped Laughing Thrush.

2. Murlen National Park:

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Located along the Indo-Myanmar border, at Champhai district in Mizoram, this area is dominated by tropical, semi-evergreen and sub montane Forests. The forests are so dense that at an average only 1% of the sun’s rays permeates through it on a sunny day. For a small place this park has a high bio-diversity with a staggering list of about:

• 15 species of mammals,
• 150 species of birds,
• 35 species of Medicinal plants,
• 2 species of bamboos, and
• 4 species of orchids

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3. Dampa Tiger Reserve:

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The largest protected area of Mizoram along the Indo-Bangladesh border is the Dampa Tiger Reserve. The vegetation of this sanctuary is highly diverse and it comprises:
• Moist deciduous forests
• Evergreen forests
• Semi-evergreen forests
• Natural grasslands
• Bamboo brakes.

The tigers have the company of a diverse avifauna with some rare and endangered species, forming a major part of Biome-9. These include:

• The Great Hornbill
• Wreathed Hornbill
• Pied Hornbill
• Red-headed Trogon
• Mountain Imperial Pigeon
• Green Magpie
• Racket-tailed Drongo
• Long-tailed Broadbill

Dampa is one of the Important Bird Areas (IBAs) where the highest diversity of primates in India has been recorded; along with it are 20 species of amphibians and 43 species of reptiles.

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4. Ngengpui Wildlife Sanctuary:

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Representing some of the finest patches of tropical rain forests in Mizoram with mature Dipterocarpus vegetations are typical trademarks of this sanctuary. The undulating terrains, series of parallel ridges, make it a breathtaking view and alluvium rich soil. To view birds in this tranquil environment is nothing short of God’s fondest blessings. The most notable species of birds’ spotted here are:

• White-cheeked Partridge
• Great Hornbill
• Oriental Pied Hornbill
• Great Slaty Woodpecker

Apart from these it hoses the usual crop of reptiles and mammals who are natural inhabitants of this region.

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5. Lengteng Wildlife Sanctuary:

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Covering an area of 60 sq km in eastern Mizoram, Lengteng Sanctuary contains the second highest peak of Mizoram. The forests vegetations are made up of Tropical Evergreen and Broad-leaf types. Avifauna of this sanctuary is dominated by some very important species which include:

• Hume’s Bartailed Pheasant
• Kalij Pheasant
• Peacock Pheasant
• Red Jungle Fowl
• Great Hornbill
• Wreathed Hornbill

Like most other sanctuaries in these regions they also shelter mammals such as:
• Tiger
• Asiatic Black bear
• Leopard
• Serow
• Goral
• Hoolock Gibbon
• Capped Langur
• Assamese Macaque
• Stump-tailed Macaque

6. Pualreng Wildlife Sanctuary:

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This sanctuary in Northern Mizoram shelters most mammals found in the hilly regions of North-east. These include:

• Hoolock Gibbon
• Serow Wild boar
• Barking deer
• Albino Sambar

7. Mini Zoological Garden:

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Located in the capital city of Aizawl, on top of a hill named Bethlehem Vengthlang, it is home to rare Asian animals like the endangered Sun Bear.

Explore the beautiful parks and sanctuaries of Mizoram to truly imbibe the spirit of the mystical North East.


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