Mumbai is one of the most happening metropolitan cities in India. it is the Los Angeles of India, where you can expect to spot celebrities anywhere from a simple coffee shop to a traffic crossing! This busy city of lights has a large number of beautiful parks in its vicinity too!

Beautiful Parks in Mumbai with Images:

Here is a list of the Best Parks in Mumbai.

1. Cross Maidan:

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This is one of the oldest gardens of the city, built and named after a cross that was placed here during the rule of the Portuguese. Where the original Cross used to be, now stands a school whose children are avid users of the park. The maidan was originally a part of the Esplanade which was the name given to the congregated areas of the Oval maidan, Azad Maidan, Cooperage ground and the cross maidan. The maidan’s glory has somewhat diminished as large mounds of garbage now adorns the south end of it. The maintenance also lacks a certain something. Yet the historical background is enough to prevent this park from being turned into another housing complex.

2. Horniman Circle Gardens:

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Encompassing an area of 12,081 square yards, this garden is situated in south Mumbai. The park and the area surrounding it was named after Benjamin Horniman, the editor of Bombay Chronicle. The garden itself is beautiful though not well maintained. It is used for hosting a number of famous functions too.

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3. Joggers Park:

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Joggers’ park is a common ground for club meetings and jogging groups to meet in Bandra. It enjoys a seaside location and is thus idea for morning walkers’ and joggers. The first laughing club of Bandra was initiated in the Otters’ club that is located very close to this park. This club makes an active use of this park for its jogging activities. Greenery and a variety of flowers adds a natural charm to the park’s beauty.

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4. Joseph Baptista Gardens:

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Joseph Baptista Gardens or Mazagaon gardens, lies atop the Bhandarwada Hill and features a variety of lush green plants that include the likes of Cycas, ixora, musanda, bougainvillea, and hibiscus. Its excellent location also provides excellent views of Mumbai’s coastline. Morning walkers’ and joggers from the residential areas close to the park, frequent this area.

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5. Kamala Nehru Park:

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The park has been named after Kamala Nehru, who was the wife of the Industrious Jawharlal Nehru, India’s first prime minister. The park itself is located atop the Malabar Hill of Mumbai. The famous marine drive and chowpatty beach is close by and can be viewed from this park. The park has swings and slides and other interesting structures to attract children. These include a fascinating shoe that can be entered and has been inspired by the children’s rhyme of the lady who lived in a shoe.

6. Shivaji Park:

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This park is one of the largest in Mumbai. It is famous for its cricket ground that hosts all the legendary local matches in Mumbai. However its grounds are also used for football practice. The park built in the honour of Shivaji houses a magnificent statue of the same. Many of the buildings surrounding this park are extremely old dating back to the nineteenth century.

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7. Hanging Gardens:

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The hanging gardens or the Pherozeshah Mehta Gardens are a beautiful set of parks complete with flower bushes and a variety of trees. Statues and carvings of animals adorn the edges of this park which houses a set of beautiful stone fountains that are lit up in the evening. Picturesque vies of the sunset across the Arabian sea can be experienced only here in the entire city. The most fascinating thing about the entire park is that when viewed from above, its path spells out the letters QME.

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