Pondicherry has beautifully retained the quintessence of French flavor that exudes from the French-styled colonial architectures. A town that is extremely well planned and well maintained and adorned with some of the most exquisite parks and gardens you will ever come across in India.

Pondicherry has also retained the freshness and tranquility of the Indo-French culture which is synonymous with the brightly colored buildings against the clear blue waters just like a page out of a romantic fairytale. Here is our pick of the most visited parks and gardens in the only union territory where the most spoken language is French.

Beautiful Parks in Pondicherry with Pictures:

1. Botanical Gardens:

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Laid out in the ornate French style of pruned trees, gorgeous flower beds and gravel lined paths and water bodies the entrance itself will captivate you. The French introduced over 1500 species of plants, making this a bio-diverse flora and the very best in Southern India. It has a special light and sound show with a fountain in the middle of the garden.

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2. Bharathi Park:

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This luscious green patch in the middle of the town is a much needed relief from the smoldering rays of the sun during summers. There are granite benches for people to sit around and relax while the children play in the park or hill areas and frolic in the pond water. This is a pretty place where even movies are shot. A very popular public place in the town.

The illuminated Aayi Mandapam stands distinctly in the middle of the park that adds to its humble skyline. It is a commemoration by the French colonists of a courtesan who made a reservoir out of her own house in Puducherry.

3. Chunnambar Backwater:

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About 8 kms from the main town, this tropical paradise has a calm flowing creek on one side. Sail downstream the creek to the sands and go camping in a cozy tent. Alternatively book the tree-houses and relish the great outdoors with the best in Eco-tourism. These tree houses are a top draw for family picnics and leisurely recluse. Take a trip to the sea to witness sights of playful dolphins horsing around their natural habitat.

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4. Aurobindo Ashram:

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While the ashram is the proof of Sri Aurobindo’s simple living and high thinking morals, the courtyard is endowed with gorgeous green trees. Beautiful flowers, both colorful and fragrant, adorn the Samadhi at the center and spread out all over the complex. Serene, tranquil and peaceful are the best words to describe this place.

5. Statue of Dupleix:

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As a fitting homage to the legendary Francois Dupleix, former Governor General of the French settlements in India, his statue was erected in recognition of his services, posthumously by the French Government. A beautiful backdrop overlooks a colorful children’s park at the southern end of the well maintained Goubert Avenue Boulevard.

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6. Statue of Joan of Arc:

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The Union Territory of Pondicherry is blessed with picturesque natural landscapes. The erstwhile French colony also abounds in historicity that is evinced by the numerous historical statues like that of the Statue of Joan of Arc.

The Statue of Joan of Arc, stands tall in glorious pristine marble, surrounded by a beautifully tended garden, ahead of the L’ Eglise de Notre Dame des Anges. A celebrated warrior, French avant-garde and a believer in Christ, she was courage and confidence personified. One is fittingly inspired with the ambience created with this garden which is a quiet recluse after a tired day at work.

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The town has something for everyone, predominantly with the aim to relax and live each day as it comes. With the wisdom of Sri Aurobindo, the courage and valor of Joan of Arc, the historical significances and the unmatched natural beauty of Pondicherry, one can never help but cherish every minute of it.


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