The unique and magnificent topography of the Thane landscape become home to a large variety of flora and fauna. The parks are beautiful and attractive. But the term park does not necessarily mean that there would be only natural parks, there are quite a number of amusement and fantasy parks here as well which has made Thane a very popular place for parks and recreational places.

Beautiful and Popular Parks in Thane with Images:

Here is list of Parks in Thane, India.

1. Pay Master Park:

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The Pay Master Park of Thane is a gorgeous attraction. This has been rated as one of the most popular and well kept parks to exist in the state of Maharashtra. The green landscapes, clean land, beautiful structures and the remarkable patterns make this place famous and most visited.

2. Kamala Nehru Park (Alibag):

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The Kamala Nehru Park is one of the most unique and cutest parks of Thane. It has been a favourite among the children and has hundreds of them coming every day. The long shoe that has been constructed looks very fascinating and pretty. The Kamala Nehru Park is indeed one of the prettiest parks of Thane today.

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3. Shivaji Park:

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The Shivaji Park of Thane is known among all the sportsmen of the state. From young to all, boys come here to practice sports of all kinds. The ground here is fresh, clean and very trimmed daily. It is a great and well known park and has become one of the most prestigious parks to exist in the region of Thane.

4. Powai Nature Park:

The Powai Nature Park is natural, beautiful, stunning and gorgeous. It looks the best at night, especially when the small water pool here develops small fountains and it begins to glow under the lights. People here come both during day and night and has over thousands of visitors a year. This park is great for those who are looking for a great evening outside with family and friends.

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5. Jogger’s Park:

The Jogger’s Park is probably the most well recognized parks of Thane. How can we forget the famous movie Joggers Park that was released in the year 2006? It is great to know that the parks of Thane hold so much popularity that even movies are named after it. However, this park is a great place to exercise, jog and go for a nice long run. For all the fitness freaks and athletes, Jogger’s Park of Thane is the place for you.

6. Belapur Mango Garden:

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The Belapur Mango Garden is a very special and naturally gifted park located in Thane. The lush green lands, trees, shrubs and bushes make this park a gorgeous place to visit. Not just the nature, but also the elephant ride here looks adorable and attractive. The elephant is surely the unique element of the Belapur Mango Garden.

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7. Ammu Water Park and Resort:

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The Ammu Water Park and Resort is one the best amusement parks of Thane. This place usually remains crowded during holidays and weekends. It is a favorite among the children and you will never fail to see a whole lot of them every time you go there.

8. Yazoo Park:

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The Yazoo Park is the best amusement park you will find in Thane. It has a large number of rides and all of them are exciting, super fun and thrilling.

9. Vardhman Fantasy Park:

The Vardhman Fantasy Park of Thane looks glorious and stunning in appearance. The place looks so rich and pretty that it will remind you of the fairy tales you’ve read when you were young. Coming to this park will surely be a lot of fun.


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