One of the seven sisters of the North East Tripura is a laid back state with lush greenery to regale in. Here are the best tourist spots and green patches the state has on offer.

Wonderful and Famous Parks in Tripura with Images:

Gumti Wildlife Sanctuary:

Along the dense forests of Tripura, lies the benchmark of natural heritage and biodiversity, in form of this popular sanctuary called Gumti.

The flora along this terrain boasts of some very rare, medicinal and therapeutic herbs and plants. These are a blessing to ayurveda and are highly sought after for cures to some major diseases. The fauna also follows suit with the plants as it is a shelter for some endangered animals. It has a diverse variety of mammals, amphibians, reptiles, birds and even insects.

The nearest airport is in Agartala and it is well connected to the other states by railways.

Rowa Wildlife Sanctuary:

Nature lovers, enthusiast and researchers love this sanctuary and the plethora of species it has to offer.

With a staggering count of total 150 different varieties of fauna comes the breath taking surrounding endowed in rare plants. These plants are for diverse purposes, which is sure to whet the appetite of inquisitive botanists. This sanctuary produces plants for:

  • Medicinal purposes
  • Aromatics (Betel or paan leaves are farmed here in abundance)
  • Fruits
  • Oil-seeds
  • Spices and
  • Orchids

Tall trees with thick undergrowth provide a serene atmosphere that appeal to avifauna across borders.

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Kalapania Eco-Park:

The greenery all around the state of Tripura makes it a very eco-friendly state. The Kalapania Park is just another one of the natural marvels of Tripura that is sure to replenish any tired soul. The beautifully crafted gardens around a central water body are adorned with modern sculptures that make this a beautiful spot for a weekend getaway.

There are small cottages for lodging and boating facilities in the complex. The rich flora around the sanctuary is a pleasure for shutterbugs, professional and amateur alike.

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Sipahij0la Wildlife Sanctuary:

This place is essentially a forest with a small zoo where animals are kept inside cages. This place is more popular as a picnic spot than a wildlife sanctuary. The flora is more fascinating in this sanctuary. The lush green expanse of forest covered with trees of various kinds, offers a welcome relief to the city folks.

The zoo maybe small but has a lot of different animals which include the local Clouded leopard and Spectacled langur. Both are also endangered as well as rare.

Trishna Wildlife Sanctuary:

Located in the south Tripura District, this sanctuary covers about 163.08 square kilometres. Due to its access to perennial water supply by virtue of its rivulets and water bodies, it has been successful in attracting various avifaunas over the years. It also serves as a watering hole to a host of mammals and reptiles. In the midst of virgin forests and green patches one can spot the Indian Bison, the Hoolock Gibbon, Capped Langur, etc. to name a few.

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Khumulwng Eco Park:

Khumulwng in the native language means “valley of flowers”. Hence this park has a beautiful and spacious garden, a natural lake with boating facilities for visitors. A breath taking ambience in spring as it is full of butterflies that hunt for pollen and birds chirp around the place creating a cacophony that’s sheer music to the tired soul. It also has a cute children’s park to keep the kids occupied. This picnic spot draws in large numbers since it is only 25 kms away from the city of Agartala.

The most scenic views of Tripura however are not limited to wildlife and parks. The panoramic view of the tea gardens around the year adds a different appeal to tourists.

The journey is important and not the destination as is said by the greatest souls. Discovering the beauty of Tripura might actually help you do so.


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