9 Beautiful Party Hairstyles For Medium Hair

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Be it long or short, we all need that extra hour in front of the mirror right before a party. Amongst the hustle and bustle, a huge part of the dominant look relies on the hairstyle which you lead with. For some the classics might be a safe option while for the others a soft humble look is enough to steal the spotlight. Long and short hair are the two extremes with their own according style but it is the ones with the medium hair that has the best of both worlds.

Stylish and Best Party Hairstyles For Medium Hair:

In today’s article we shall lead with the different party hairstyles for medium hair that are hot and in right now.

1. The Chic Pony:

party hairstyles for medium hair

Nothing beats a mean ponytail which you can pair with just about any dress, be it high neck or plunge lines. To get this look, you might want to start by teasing your hair to get the perfect blow up on the crown right before the pony so that your hair gets that extra volume added to the look. Often you can add extensions to the pony and style it in waves or curls suiting to your desire.

2. The Classic French Roll:

party hairstyles for medium hair 2

To add simplicity and chic on the same page, this hairstyle right here is the perfect look which portrays humbleness set against the back drop of classy party look. This is basically a roll and tuck right above the nape of your neck which you might pair with a smooth hair accessory and some loosely attached front strands.

3. The Side Bun:

party hairstyles for medium hair 3

When in doubt, go for a bun they say and what better way to add zeal to your bun than a rather messy deformed yet classy all the way side bun. Usually these buns are simply molded into a messy do and stuck to the side using bobby pins but for other ideas you might even want to add loose front strands to compliment the look.

4. The Back Bun:

party hairstyles for medium hair 4

Here is another hit on your bun collection which is by far the most common trending hairdo for the party people who like to keep it classy. This is essentially the low hanging messy bun with a side of front locks.

5. Beach Waves:

party hairstyles for medium hair 5

If laid back is your style and you want to portray your cool self to be trendy, you know just what to do. Reach out to the rollers and give your hair that perfect beach waves that would usually go well with a tank top and shorts. Often however, beach waves compliment cocktail dresses and bodycon fits as well.

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6. The Mohawk-Esque:

party hairstyles for medium hair 6

Edgy is the new trend and the more funk you can portray in yourself, the more fun will your look be. Turn heads in this awesome hairstyle where the hair sectioned from the middle is pinned in a Mohawk styled fashion to the center while the sides are gathered into a soft back bun.

7. The Side Pouf:

party hairstyles for medium hair 7

The best hairstyle to opt for when late for a party is this side pouf which is easily a two minute ordeal. Why not make the best of the look by simply back brushing your front locks to the side and pushing them forward pinning it to place.

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8. The Back Knot:

party hairstyles for medium hair 8

The back knot usually is an intricate web of braids starting from either sides of the head and usually ending up at the back where they are tied to a knot to form a back band and secured in place using pins. Wave the hair to add effect to the look.

9. Simple Bumps:

party hairstyles for medium hair 9

Sometimes all you need is a simple bump at the back of your head to bring you to attention and here we take the word too literally. Using tease and hair bumpers, you might get this look which is both edgy and trend setting.

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