Party occasion calls for dressing up and being decked up fancily. For Indian women, dressing up and party dress for an event is incomplete without mehndi. It accounts for one of the most attractive jewellery in one’s hand. And it is an age-old tradition carried on for a long time. It can be considered the most favourite tradition at any party occasion.

They help in bringing out your beauty in the best way. You can wear mehndi on not only your hands but also your feet and legs. They are also culturally significant in the traditions of India. It plays a major role in various Indian occasions, whether a wedding, Karva Chauth, or any other event. We provide the top 9 Party Mehndi Designs with images to be worn at parties. Browse through to be updated with the latest trends.

Unique Party Mehndi Designs With Images:

1. Bridal Mehendi Designs For Party:

This is the most popular form of mehndi when it comes to occasions. They are filled with patterns like flowers, peacocks, and motifs and are created more elaborately. They are very creative and incorporate the most delicate details to make the bride look outstanding on her wedding day. There are a number of designs available in this forte of mehndi design. Finding the perfect design might be a difficult task for you as the abundance of this design is in huge numbers. They are made by keeping the bride’s interest in mind.

2. Simple Arabic Party Mehendi Designs For Hands:

Like the Indian mehndi designs consisted of varied patterns, the Arabic ones do not. They have their outlines made decoratively. These designs are much simpler to make, with thick outlines of flowers, leaves and vines. According to recent surveys, Arabic designs are gaining more and more popularity nowadays. Though they are similar to Indian designs, their patterns are still different, and some are very tough. This design is also trendy at weddings as every third woman prefers it on their hands and legs. They look beautiful on occasions with their intricate flower and petal designs.

3. Pakistani Party Mehandi Designs:

A mesmerizing and stunning combo of Arabic and Indian design. They comprise intricate small designs, which are done very carefully using thin strokes of mehndi. They include a combination of different patterns like geometric, paisley and flowers. These are perfect for parties like weddings and work wonders as bridal designs. It is not easy to make such designs as they need your utmost attention and patience to complete the entire design perfectly. Using flowers and intricate, unique patterns brings out the beauty of your hands and feet.

4. Moroccan Mehndi Designs For Party:

These henna designs hail their advent from the Middle East. They comprise a more geometric pattern different from all the former ones. As they are geometric patterns, they have few gaps between the designs. They do not consist of patterns like flowers or peacocks and are entirely different from their counterparts. With its geometric patterns, they pose a unique effect on your hands and feet. They are made using a thick layer of mehndi, which helps bring a better and more profound impact. They are also very much preferred among women of all ages.

5. Mughlai Mehendi Designs For Party On Hands:

This design is created in a much more neat and detailed manner. Every curve and curl are given equal attention and made boldly. This is one of the oldest forms and also the most traditional. It has been prevalent for ages and has made its mark distinctively. Mughlai designs keep some parts of hands and palms exposed. This helps in giving a unique look which is different from its counterparts. It acts as a trendy design as it consists of fine intricate details.

6. Indo-Arabic Mehandi Designs For Party:

A lovely amalgamation of Indian and Arabic styles of henna art. This is created with the help of delicate patterns which are traditional and, at the same time, provide an Arabic sense to it. They have been in huge demand recently as one gets the best of both worlds by incorporating these designs. They are also highly preferred at Indian weddings.

7. Hint Indian For The Splendid Mehndi Design For Party:

This design involves various distinguished patterns of different designs. They comprise peacocks, flowers, and various unique curves and curls. Too much space between the lines and the mesmerizing curves is avoided, though space varies depending on design and patterns. These are preferred highly in all Indian custom traditions as the designs beautifully portray Indian traditions, like peacocks.

8. Multi-Coloured Party Mehendi Designs:

An array of beautiful colours which bring out the beauty of the separate occasion, won’t it look amazing on your hands? These are modern forms of designs which have been incorporated recently. Women have been widely accepted as they help bring out a colourful essence. They not only look beautiful but are also fashionable. You can select this mehndi design for your next party as it is one of the trendiest designs. By putting this design, you can be up to date with the latest design trends.

9. Glitter Mehandi For Party:

Incorporated late, it is another innovation in henna art. It is created using the latest trends in sparkles. It is highly favoured among the fashion mongers who prefer to put their best fashion foot forward. Though new, its uniqueness has brought instant popularity to it. It is beautiful as glitter tends to catch everybody’s attention faster. Incorporate this design on your next occasion to stand out in the crowd.

Now that you have these fantastic 9-party mehndi designs choosing designs for your next party will be easier. With the varied array of designs, it is solely on you to decide and wear the best one. Apply the best design that suits your needs and stands out from the rest.


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