The early morning office runs are often tough especially if you have spent the past one hour boiling inside a gym, now running around to make up time. This is a usual morning scenario in a busy bee’s life where he is always tensed about time, rushing around to keep the schedule running healthy whereas his body is giving up on himself because he lacks enough food and proper sleep.

Even though we cannot change his entire schedule, we can at least give him a reliable situation to deal with this trouble. It’s called Yoga. Yoga has been regarded as one of the best healers who not only reach out to your body but also to your perturbed mind. It is the miracle of this exercise that we would like to discuss in today’s article. The yoga pose today is called Paryankasana.

How To Do Paryankasana and its Benefits:

How To Do it?

Yoga is simple, nothing practice can’t perfect. Often at the initial stages, our bodies being rigid enough can stir up a bit of a sting here and there. However, consistency is the key to success here. This yoga also known as the Couch pose is simply a series of stretching and twisting compiled with controlled breathing that would work towards letting you have a beautiful mind and a healthy body.

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Before starting, the word of caution would tell you not to opt for this yoga if you have a broken back or slip disk awareness. Let’s start the yoga by sitting on your yoga mat, on your knees as you straighten out your marrow bones. Your neck and your spine should be aligned to each other, both straight as you rest your buttock in your now upturned heels.

Your knees are folded underneath you as your arms rest beside you. Now lift yourself up from the sitting position and move your heels outwards so that a small gap is now formed in between the two bent legs, a place on your mat where you can rest your hips. Now slowly start leaning back, marrow straight as you use your elbows now on the ground to create a support.

When you feel a slight stretch, arch your back in a concave and keep bending down until your forehead or the crown of your head touches the ground. For support you might want to grab on to your legs with your arms.

For the beginners, a soft back support might be helpful for the initial stages. As you lock your final position, take in some deep breaths and out and relax your position be retracing the steps backward.

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How Does it Help Us?

As you stretch out your body, especially the upper body, a small pressure situation is created by the stretch in your stomach and abdominal area. It is here that the digestion and the body fat all works hand in hand. The stretching causes the extra pounds to burn away while the pressure in the abdominal area would result for a stronger abdomen.

Now as we bend further touching our crown to the ground, the heart and the lungs can now feel the stretch as well. this is essentially good since the stretch paired with controlled breathing, causes the heart and the lungs to over draw and release the air and the blood thereby opening up any probable chance of blockages.

This also works towards making your heart a stronger one.This is a good exercise for the people who suffer with erratic blood pressure rise or falls. Experts say this exercise will help you keep your blood pressure in check.

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