When we say Pasasana, we are only referring to a speckle of the entire catalogue that we sum up as yoga. The world, especially today’s generation has shifted their focus to body image maintaining. The fitness bug has gotten to everyone where the main element to the fitness is simply having an attractive body, even if it means supplements and dieting.

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However, here we have a good solution to the other part and parcel of necessity, the health and satisfaction of mind. It is here that we speak of yoga as true friend always keeping in check our health issues while creating a serene pathway to tranquility of mind. In today’s article we shall venture out on the benefits of one certain pose, the Pasasana as mentioned before and give a brief insight to the steps to performing it.

How To Do Pasasana and its Benefits:

How To Do it?

The Pasasana is also known as the Noose pose. Much like any simple yoga, this too consists of some stretching and twisting, of course backed up by controlled natural breathing, sometimes deep sometimes not so much. However, for the rigid body, the following steps might be a bit difficult to master at the very first chance but there is nothing practice cannot perfect.

Before we start with the yoga here are some by laws you should abide by. Make sure you are performing this empty stomach. Because it is a twist exercise, often you may feel a bit dizzy or light headed after the yoga but this is just your novice self getting used to the perfection. Stand straight on your yoga mat, your arms at your side as you rest them.

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Your legs should be close and parallel to each other. Now take a deep inhale and as you let it down squat down. In this squatting, your limbs should be together, knees touching as you go all the way down until your hips are close enough to touch your heels but never too close that it touches.

By now your body, the upper half is resting on your thighs as you now twist to one side, say the right, using only your upper body. The lower body as usual should be facing forward. Now that you have perfected the body movement lock the position.

The next step requires your arms. Now fling your right arm across your body, backwards and use your left arm to grab it at the back, away from the sight as you tilt your head up and look at a tangent. Control your deep breathings and now relax into the base one position after a few seconds.

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How Does it Help Us?

As you seat yourself in a stranded order, often you would feel light weighted and this might result in breaking the pose to break the fall. This is because you are yet to perfect your body balance, something that this exercise works on achieving.

As you twist and tilt your neck back with your arms held in a knot at the back, you are creating a slight stretch in your chest area. This is when the controlled breathing is overworking your heart as it feels a blood rush wash over it. this is good since all the possible chances of cardiac clogging are eliminated.

The same pressure situation goes for the abdominal muscles which are sucked in and pushed back in the stretch and twist. This ensures your abdomen organs are getting a good massage which would result in a strong abdominal muscle. Now a strong abdominal muscle not only takes care of menstrual irregularities and digestion, but also helps you reduce down on your abdomen flab.

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