There are many kinds of a scarf but one with pashmina is more elegant. It is known for its affordable elegance. Pashmina scarf is beautiful, silken soft and comfortable for all seasons. It is great for wearing in parties as well. Today, It is known as the best brand in winter wool. This is a genuine and authentic type of scarf.

Best Pashmin Scarf Collection For Women:

There are different kinds of scarf which differs in sizes from scarf to wrap or stole to full-sized shawl,

1. Blue Colored Embroidered Scarf:

It is a blue pashmina scarf with embroidered Kashmiri Sozni Kari across the borders. You can wear it as handwoven wrap across your shoulders on a cold winter day and can also wear it around your neck as a scarf.

2. Black Colored Cashmere Embroidered Pashmina Scarf:

It is a black pashmina scarf with embroidery around its border. It had zari what we called around borders. This scarf with a Tilla makes it the elegant piece to wear in parties. It can be worn by the girls with jeans and top.

3. Purple Bootidar Cashmere Pashmina Scarf:

This is a beautiful purple pashmina scarf uniquely woven in a Kani weave. The scarf is handwoven in a most sensuous way. It is purple in colour and gives a perfect finishing touch to your winter attire. It has a beautiful floral Bootidar weave.

4. Red Solid Pashmina Scarf:

This red pashmina scarf is hand woven and enables you to drape around shoulders. This craft is made by craftsman from Kashmir who tries to make a masterpiece. This is the best useful scarf in winter season for girls too.

5. Blue-Grey Reversible Pashmina Scarf:

This grey colored scarf comes in the handwoven pattern of “Do Rukha” and is worn in two different colors blue and grey making it the best choice for ladies. This scarf can be matched with different kinds of dresses as the fashion icon. The colour combination is captivating.

6. Blue Shimmer Pink Reversible Shawl:

This is a gorgeous dual shade reversible scarf that will suit up your classic style. It is a beautiful pink pashmina scarf that comes with pink zari threads on one side to inspire a shimmer in the traditional wrap. It is a gorgeous scarf which can be worn with different dresses.

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7. Kani Yellow Pashmina Scarf:

It is a yellow colored beautiful scarf woven by craftsmen in Kashmir. This craft is woven in bright colours of red, green and pink all over its surface which makes it look beautiful. It can be dressed around the neck as a scarf and around shoulders as a shawl.

8. Silk Pashmina Scarf:

It is a pashmina silk scarf which is a masterpiece that is unique and original in style and colour. These are soft and silken to touch and have a unique pashmina that you will treasure. This one will be nice choice if you are planning for outing time, this is ideal for your outfit sure.

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9. Daisy white Handwoven Embroidered Pashmina Scarf:

This pure white pashmina scarf is woven by skilled artisans as a luxury material. It has embroidery on it on one side and can be worn on different dresses. It can also be worn in parties.

So these were some different pashmina scarves that can be worn by girls and ladies. There are many more types of scarves for women. So you can see that pashmina scarves are so good and they are woven with much hard work and require a great skilled person.

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