Amla, popularly known as Indian Gooseberry, comes with a variety of medicinal health benefits. It is considered to be the magical fruit which holds a vital position in herbal medicines. Just as eating them is beneficial for your health, similarly, having its juice as you wake up in the morning brings various health, skin and hair benefits for you too. Patanjali has brought an initiative product in regards to amla, where it brings pure amla juice to you, drinking which is recommended by Ramdev Baba.

Best Benefits Of Patanjali Amla Juice For Skin & Hair:

Here are our some amazing health benefits of Patanjali amla juice that would encourage you to begin from the very next day.

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1. For Fighting Against Aging:

One of the major reasons of Patanjali amla juice uses is that it helps in fighting against ageing. It is rich in Vitamin C that is beneficial for the synthesis of Collagen. This helps the tissues in the process of regeneration of the tissues and cells, keeping you young.

2. For Brighter Complexion:

Having regular amla juice helps in reducing blemishes, which in return helps in brightening the skin complexion? This can happen when you either apply the juice on your face or drink it. The results would be found in a short period.

3. Amla Juice For Weight Loss:

People who are willing to get rid of those extra calories, Patanjali Amla juice for weight loss would definitely help you. It helps in boosting metabolism in the body, which reduces the fat deposition and keeps the stomach full for a longer period for avoiding unnecessary eating.

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4. For Healthy Hair Growth:

Patanjali Amla juice for hair helps in strengthening the roots of the hair and promotes its healthy growth. The nutrients in amla help in the healthy growth of follicles giving your long, shining, bouncing, and black hair with good volume.

5. Good For Diabetic Patient:

Patanjali Amla juice for diabetes also works well for the patients. It is low in sugar and rich in fibre which helps in controlling and reducing blood sugar levels in the body. It also contains chromium which is helpful in regulating glucose in the body.

6. Good For Oily and Pimpled Skin:

Patanjali amla juice benefits for skin also include getting rid of pimples and oily skin, which is a widely faced problem these days. It works in tightening your skin pores which gives you clear skin without any kind of pimples and it also works on the oily texture.

7. For Better Digestion:

As amla is rich in fibre, Patanjali Amla juice effects on the digestive system make in strong. It helps the body in absorbing nutrients from the food you have. The taste of amla helps in activating the digestive enzymes that are better for problems like constipation and bowel syndrome.

8. For Improving Vision:

Among Patanjali products, amla juice is also helpful in improving the vision. It comes with several helpful nutrients which helps in improving the eyesight. When taken along with honey, it reduces the intra-ocular tension and improves the vision, which helps for healthy eyes till the age of nearly ’80s.

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9. For Prevention Against Cancer:

Thinking how to use Patanjali amla juice against cancer! The juice of Amla contains some rich levels of antioxidants which help in fighting against the growth of cancer cells, and hence, prevents against the development of cancer. It prevents your body from the free radicals that lead to health problems like stomach cancer, liver cancer, and skin cancer.

10. For Improved Cardio Health:

Patanjali amla juice benefits also include its positive effects on cardiovascular health issues. It comes with a number of nutrients that are friendly for the heart, and hence, helps in reducing the chances of blocking of blood flow and reduces the bad cholesterol from the body. It also helps in making your heart muscles strong and reduces cholesterol and blood pressure.

5 Common and Rare Side Effects Of Patanjali Amla Juice:

No doubt when it comes to how to drink Patanjali amla juice it brings bundles of health benefits for your body, however, there are some side effects related to the product too. Here are some well-known side effects.

1. Stomach Cramps:

There are people who when have amla juice on a regular basis face health issues like stomach cramps. The cramps lead to pain in the abdominal, which can be quite dangerous than the thought of. This happens due to the high presence of Vitamin C in the juice.

2. Problematic For People Suffering From Hypertension:

Yes, access intake of the amla juice can lower your blood pressure levels to a great extent, which is harmful to the people suffering from hypertension. Hence, before starting on how to drink Patanjali amla juice, it is better you concern a doctor for the dosage you should carry on a regular basis.

3. Might Lead To Diarrhea:

Amla juice when taken in adequate amount and with the proper amount of water, it is not harmful to regular intake. However, when the amount increases to excess level, it may harm your bowel leading to disorders like diarrhoea. At times, it can also lead to dangerous situations or stomach ache.

4. Allergies Leading To Pimples As Well:

There are people who are allergenic to amla juice, and hence suffer from pimples, when they have amla juice. Even if you are already having issues like itchiness, rashes, stomach pain, redness, flakes, etc. you can be allergenic to amla juice, so see your doctor before starting with the dose.

5. Headache:

Patanjali amla juice side effects list also includes headache and dizziness when they intake it regularly. No doubt a small portion is good; having it in higher quantity would lead to issues like headache and dizziness. In case you feel so, meet your doctor soon to discuss the dosage.

Patanjali Amla juice is no doubt very beneficial for human health, but it should always be taken in a limited quantity. It comes with nutrients like Vitamin C, fibre, antioxidants, etc. that are quite important to have a healthy routine. It not only works for health but is also beneficial for the hair and skin.


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