Are you particular about your pregnancy diet? Before eating anything in your pregnancy do you wish to ascertain that it is safe for your baby? Are you craving for paring and want to know can pregnant women eat pate? If you are nodding your head, read on to find all your answers. During pregnancy, women tend to have weirdest cravings and pate could be one of them. Pate is eaten both by vegetarians and non-vegetarians. While eating pate is not recommended during pregnancy you can, however, satiate your cravings by eating only vegan pate. The risk factors here are not very high, although the choice to eat and not eat is totally individualistic.

Reasons To Avoid Pate During Pregnancy:

Pate is a French word meaning pie. Normally it is a combination of beef, ground pork, ham seafood and poultry. Its texture can be smooth, creamy or even chunky. Pate can be served hot or cold, but it tastes best when served after chilling for a few days. Pate is not just about seafood and meat. There are plenty of vegetarian pates that are extremely popular. According to health practitioners vegetarian or non-vegetarian pate should be avoided during pregnancy. As it poses a higher risk of listeria bacterium infection. Listeriosis can harm pregnant women and also her unborn baby. Some of the reasons why expectant mothers should avoid pate during pregnancy are.


Eating pate during pregnancy makes you highly susceptible for listeria infection. It is known that during pregnancy, the immune system of the body gets weakened and hence the possibility of contracting listeriosis becomes extremely high. Listeriosis in pregnant women can cause flu-like symptoms, food poisoning, some digestive disorders and even miscarriage in worst cases. The doctors further reveal that if a pregnant woman develops listeriosis in her last weeks of pregnancy, there is quite a possibility that her baby may be born ill.

Contains Liver:

Pate contains liver, which makes it unfit to be eaten during pregnancy. the liver has a very high content of retinal that may cause serious harm to your unborn baby.

Can Lead To Overdose of Vitamin A:

Pate is known to be an extraordinary source of Vitamin A. During pregnancy a small dose of Vitamin A is sufficient for the pregnant mum and extremely high levels can prove harmful for the baby. It has been found that a high amount of Vitamin A in expectant mothers can damage the baby’s liver and also increases the risk of birth defects. It is important to ensure that your Vitamin A intake during pregnancy does not exceed beyond 8,000 IU.

Safe Pates During Pregnancy:

The good news here is that there are some forms of vegan pate that are considered safe to be eaten during pregnancy. Moreover, nutritionists suggest that vegan pates such as Tartex and Granovita are devoid of any adverse effects and prove to be good for the healthy development of your baby. These pates are pasteurized and extreme heat destroys all bacteria. You must buy pate stored at room temperature from health food stores only. Neither buy pate that is refrigerated nor you must chill them before eating.

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Vegan pates are the best choice for pregnant mothers. While pate is not good for your pregnancy it does not imply that you have to stay away from it for the entire nine months. Speak to your doctor about the risk associated with eating pate during pregnancy to avoid causing unintentional harm to your baby.


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