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Best and Trending Patola Sarees That Every Woman Needs To Own!

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Patola, one of the most elaborate sarees, has its charm. Patola sarees are known for beautiful work on threads. The sarees originated and are made in Patan, Gujarat exclusively by a few families, which is why they are costly as well. Their geometric designs and vibrant, traditional colours are quite popular, making you the centre of attraction at any gathering party. Traditionally created by the caste of Hindu Salvi and traded by the Muslim Vohra community to South-East Asia. These expensive and high-status Patola sarees were worn by Vohra, Jains, and Hindus (Brahmins and Bhatia traders) for weddings and other favourable occasions. The sarees have become a symbol of status and are part of wedding brocade dresses and are considered the best pure silk bridal wear from then on. So let’s learn more about these sarees and explore some of the latest designs as well!

Importance of Patola Sarees:

If one could talk in weaves about a legend, the very epitome of it would be Patola silks. Original Patola sarees were and still are once an exclusive heritage of royalty and aristocracy, worn exclusively on special occasions such as Vedic rituals and marriages. In several communities, Patola sarees are considered sacred. These handwoven wonders are the products of months and years of tedious work, and each piece is unique in itself as it can never be reproduced. Its immense value is attributable not only to its intricacy but also to a great deal of skill and perseverance that is required to make it.

Features of Patola Sarees:

Here are some distinctive features of Patola saris:

  • “Double Ikat” Patan na Patola-saree means, same design on both sides, wearable on both sides and even the weaver cannot identify the front side or the backside.
  • The price of one authentic Patan Patola saree can range from Rs 1 lakh to a few lakhs. However, other Patola sarees are also available in the range of few thousands.
  • These sarees have the colours for about 300 years. No other Indian saree can keep its colours for so long.
  • These are quite popular for their vibrant colours and geometric motifs.
  • In the colouring process, Patola sarees use natural colours such as catechu, cochineal, indigo, turmeric, Ratna Jyoti, Katha, kesudo, pomegranate, henna, marigold, etc.

The Fabric Used For Patola Sarees:

Patola means “Queen of Silks.” Silk, Colour & Jari is used to make a Patola. These sarees are woven from the “Patola silk.” A handful of master weavers from Surat and Patan still make the Patola silks best known for their zari work. All over the world, they are well known for their very delicate patterns. These sarees are hand made sarees and weaving is done on simple traditional handlooms. Each fabric is made up of a series of warp threads and single weft thread binding together the warp threads. Patola sarees can also be made of cotton, jute, and net.

Which Body Shape Women Is Preferred?

Patola Sarees look good on women of all body types. However is suits best on the women with the apple-shaped body, voluptuous and curvy women.

Preferred Age Group For Patola Sarees:

Everybody loves an excellent patola saree from young to old ladies. These sarees are now becoming popular with the younger generation who want to go back to their roots and appreciate their art and beauty with the advent of modern designs and colours.

Latest and Beautiful Patola Saree Collection with Images:

Check out this beautiful collection and pictures of patola sarees 2019 and decide which ones should be there in your wardrobe:

1. Patola Silk Saree:

Patola silk sarees are also known as Gujarati Patola Sarees or Patan Patola saree designs as Patola is a double Ikat woven sari made in Patan, Gujarat, India, usually made of silk. Featured here in a rust pink shade is a classic Patola saree. It’s completed with a wide zari border and pallu tassels. The saree is worn in the Gujarati style with a halter neck blouse to highlight the beautiful pallu. In your ethnic wear, this saree is a must-have.

  • Saree Design: It is a typical Patola print saree with Zari border
  • Fabric Used: Silk
  • Preferred Occasions: Sangeet

2. Patola Cotton Sari:

The picture shows an excellent multicolour Cotton Patola With Zari Border Saree. A light and airy Patola cotton saree have a multicoloured body. Traditional designs with a silver border that leads to the elegant pallu are all across. The dominant colour is black and maroon. It is a printed saree with golden zari border. The other types of Patola saris rather than the original silk one came into existence as silk is costly. Also, the dyeing method for silk and cotton is different. The eco- friendly reactive dye is used for this Cotton Sarees. The dye has fastness properties for cotton yarn.

  • Saree Design: Multicolour Cotton Patola With Zari Border Saree
  • Fabric Used: Cotton
  • Preferred Occasions: Casual, Party, Festival

3. Patola Pattu Saree:


The Patola Pattu Saris are the most beautiful kind of Patola Sarees. The one shown in the picture is Beautiful and elegant pure Uppada Pattu Saree With Ikkat Patola Border & Blouse. This product is handwoven.

  • Saree Design: Ikkat Pattu Patola
  • Fabric Used: Uppada Silk
  • Preferred Occasions: For all occasions

4. Jute Patola Sari:

Shown in the picture is a beautifully worn Sea green jute saree with Patola print and gold lace edging. The jute  sarees come with beautiful solid colours, along with simple wave-like designs, are very simple in their appearance. The Jute Patola sarees ‘ boundaries are also very short and small. These kinds of sarees have, to say the least, very simple designer prints with more emphasis on the saree body and not the borders. Jute is the primary fibre used in these Sarees. Because of their comfort factor, you can comfortably wear these jute Patola sarees daily or wear them as casual wear.

  • Saree Design: Sea green Simple Designer Print saree
  • Fabric Used: Jute
  • Preferred Occasions: Daily Casual wear

5. Net Patola Saree:

Net Patola Sarees are created using different materials such as jute, nylon, zari, etc. This sarees have different woven designs like flowers, dancing figures, elephants, geometrical pattern, birds, etc. The Patola net saree mentioned here has a maroon red colour with rice cream bordered design. It is a net cotton banarasi saree. Flaunt your net saree like a model!

  • Saree Design: Banarasi Patola weave
  • Fabric Used: Net
  • Preferred Occasions: It is suitable for all occasions.

6. Plain Patola Saree:

The image contains Patola silk plain and solid saree cream colour which is festive wear. Plain Patola sarees are rich with a temple styled heavy border. The vibrant cream plain patola saree is handwoven and all about grace and sophistication. Such plain sarees are available in all sorts of, and types like plain gala border Patola sari, Plain Textured Ikat Designer Border Saree, colour dyed patola sari with hand-woven floral motifs and rich zari border and many more.

  • Saree Design: plain gala border Patola saree
  • Fabric Used: Silk
  • Preferred Occasions: Bridal wear

7. Fancy Patola Sari:

For any event or occasion, women need fancy sarees. One such type of Patola sarees is Fancy Patola Sarees. This fancy Saree shown in the image is having dark blue, light blue and golden colours with ethnic Patola design all over. The pallu contains heavy golden work and is a rich pallu. Fancy patola saris come in different designs like Fancy half Saree, Traditional Fancy Saree, Fancy Rajkot Pure Silk Sari, etc.

  • Saree Design: Zari Checked saree
  • Fabric Used: Cotton Silk Patola
  • Preferred Occasions: Social Gatherings

8. Ikat Patola Saree:

This Hand-Woven Pure Silk Patola Sarees Comes in Master Ikat Weave Exclusively. This saree was made in Telangana’s Pochampally cluster. Before weaving for a characteristic pattern, the yarn in the ikat technique is tied and dyed in calculated proportions. Patola patterns are inspired by those on Patan’s Ikat sarees depicting parrots, elephants, dancing figures, and flowers. This is an authentic hand-woven piece. It is one of the most exquisite sarees to wear on any festive occasion.

  • Saree Design: Ikat Patola Pochampally
  • The fabric used: 100% pure silk
  • Preferred Occasions: Perfect for a celebration or a wedding

9. Banarasi Patola Sari:

Get a new ethnic look by wearing this Indian Patola saree. Banarasi Patola sari uses the intricate Meenakari cutting technique to weave the sarees and dupattas, while the method used in Gujarati Patola Saree is entirely different. As shown in the Patola Saree images, Beautiful border pink and blue saree is well crafted with high quality. It is a heavy Banarasi Patola silk sari fabric with comfortable to wear fancy silk blouse. Graciously woven with high-quality threads by skilled craftsmen, this saree is a perfect addition to the wardrobe for all occasions. Now display your sophisticated look at any traditional festival!

  • Saree Design: Traditional saree with contrast pallu
  • Fabric Used: Heavy Banarasi Patola Silk
  • Preferred Occasions: Festive Wear

How To Style Patola Saree?

For an occasion, it is essential to properly style your saree, keeping the weather in mind so that you feel confident and poised and do not struggle with the sweat or extreme cold. Here are some tips for you to style you Patola saris perfectly:

  • Choose a fabric and colour according to climate, and a style for draping.
  • Choose accessories according to your saree style, texture, and colour from trendy new designs or traditional jewellery pieces from the closet of your grandmother.
  • It’s always important to wear a pair of footwear in which you’re comfortable, as it would be a style you could carry with elegance.
  • Choose the complexion and style makeup that would not only enhance but also define your look.
  • You can choose a beautiful updo for your mane and wear antique jewellery that not only accentuates your neckline but defines your entire look.

Suitable Blouse With Patola Sarees:

Here are our picks of few mind-blowing blouses that will brighten up your look with a patola saree:

  • Patola silk blouse
  • Jute Closed Neck Blouse
  • Contrast Colour Blouse
  • Brocade blouse with Dori
  • Mirror work / Foil mirror work blouse
  • Hand embroidered thread work
  • Designer silk blouse
  • Patchwork design blouse
  • Maggam work blouse
  • Printed fancy blouse

Patan Patola sarees are all in all an integral part of an Indian wardrobe. Patola silk saris are the quintessential female Indian ensemble that adds to women’s beauty. For ages, they’ve been around and can never really get out of fashion. You can choose to embrace this versatile outfit or give it a contemporary twist in its traditional glory. And now that you know you’re spoiled with countless weaves and designs to choose from grab your favourite patola sarees and show off your uber-feminine side.