A saree is a one-piece garment wrapped strategically around your body to form a one-piece suit. In today’s modifications, this one-piece suit can often be made of two different pieces, but one thing that stayed constant forever and more was using blouses on a normal day to pair your saree. The blouse is that mid-riff piece that we wear underneath the saree to support the saree, and just like the various patterns and designs of the saree, you can easily make out designs and patterns of the blouse too.

Beautiful Blouse Designs For Pattu Sarees With Pictures:

Here are some of the best blouse designs that would go well with Pattu sarees with images that inspire you.

1. The Embellished Squares:

The entire blouse is made of the finest embellished patterns. The base colour for the blouse is a bright pop pink but what steals the show is the back design made of the most sensuous embellishments. The stonework on the squares forms the dazzle factor of the blouse, which continues to the arm of the blouse. Soft pink fabrics further surround the soft squares. This is one of the perfect blouse designs for pattu sarees which is suitable for your wedding.

2. The Everyday Anarkali:

This is somewhat an everyday look without prior embellishments that make up the body of the blouse. Even without any stone or jewel work, this is a beauty for an everyday blouse. The colour of the blouse mixes in with a vermillion red and an emerald green for the back. Within it is the extensive gold thread pattern. This type of pattu saree blouse designs simply superb on your day with brightness.

3. The Embroidered Look:

The blouse showcases a heavy embroidery pattern on its back. The cut to the back is made of curves, with its midsection sporting a beautiful temple top design. A light thread attaches the two shoulders while the beautiful white escalates the emerald hue. A soft golden design also ends up in a beautiful flower at the back.

4. The Rajasthani Window:

Every culture has its designs and patterns, and here is a classic example of how Rajasthani design can be modified into a beautiful colourful Aztec look. The back of the blouse has an open window that attaches a water drop cut on the back. The blouse at the back has a beautiful mirror artwork with the best of the colours incorporated into one. This is one of the most popular designer blouse designs for pattu sarees with the latest wonderful thread and stonework.

5. The Rib Cage Setup:

This is a wonderful back cut pattern for a blouse where the back of the blouse ends up in a caged rib pattern. There are a heavy stonework and sequence pattern at the corners of the cut. Along the cut lines and even the rib cage strips, there are soft patterns made of round stonework.

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6. The Flowery Blouse:

This blouse has the least pattern cuts, yet this is one of the most beautiful blouse designs for pattu sarees. The body of the blouse around the chest is made of satin but mean black, while the rest around the borderline and the sleeve sports a wonderful floral pattern in red and pink.

7. The Fish Scale Jewels:

The back of the blouse also sports a beautiful fish scale with intrinsic zari and georgette work. The blouse is beautifully patterned with water drop stone works, which look mesmerizing in the emerald. Every scale or fish scale is made of the zari work. This is one of the latest pattu saree blouse designs this year.

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8. The Flower Extravaganza:

The blouse may look simple and humble at first, but as you look at the back, you will notice a beautiful floral pattern attached to the rest of the strip. The pattern starts from the nape of the neck and continues into an extravagant flower till it slims down to reach the end.

9. The Collar One Bearing Blouse:

The fantastic in the line to the series of these beautiful pattu blouse designs is this bareback collar bone blouse. The blouse, the entire way from the back and front, is heavily embellished with stone and pearl work with a beautiful window at the back to sport a bare back.

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10. The Black Magic:

Just take a good look at the allure this blouse carries. It is one of the best pattu blouse designs out there that you can wear with a pattu saree. The pattern done on it is zero. That is right! This is a plain blouse, but with its neutral colour, it looks amazing and can be very well sported with a green-coloured pattu saree. If you are looking for something attractive that wouldn’t make you look like a total showoff, this will be one of the best blouses for pattu sarees. It can be sported at different events such as weddings and festive occasions.

11. The Golden Blouse Allure:

This is one of the best golden colour simple blouse designs for pattu sarees you can ever wear. It is a festive-looking blouse and will be suitable for women of a good height. The attractive sight on the border portion of the saree matches the lower portion of the sleeves; that is how you can say this blouse will be perfect for sarees with these designs. The whole colour of the blouse is so alluring that almost anyone will fall in love with the colour. The work done on the blouse displays love and affection, and it is one of the best pattu saree blouses.

12. The Low Cut Blouse Fantasy:

This low-cut simple-looking black blouse is another good blouse for the red pattu sarees. This blouse looks cool for middle-aged women and young women as well. It can be used as a party wear blouse and will be suitable for women who love to expose the upper back portion of their body for the sake of fashion. It can be said to be one of the best-looking designer blouses for pattu sarees out there that will go hand in hand with a stylish look. This blouse will do the job if you want something new and attractive in this category.

13. The Full Neck Red Attraction:

This full neck blouse beautifully sports the colour red, with an alluring and unique design done on the top portion of the neck. It will be suitable for a cream colour or a golden colour pattu saree. It can also be used as a wedding blouse and will be a good bridal one. Again, if you attend a party, this will be one of the best blouses.

14. The Colorful Design:

This particular blouse design for pattu saree sports more than one colour and can be said to be one of the most attractive designer blouses for pattu sarees that you will ever witness this season. The colours are so accurately portrayed in this Indian women’s clothing item that each and every woman will become eager to wear it.

15. The Bridal Shine:

Here, we have one of the best-looking pattu sarees bridal blouses with work designs. It has been done using the colour pink, the base colour. On that, many small alluring golden patterns have been done, which is like icing on the cake.

These are the best-picked ones where pattu saree blouse designs are concerned. You will know the designs you can pick up from if you want to stand out from the crowd.

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