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15 Best Peacock Tattoo Designs And Meanings

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A great way to showcase some of the best designs and colors is the peacock tattoo that you can get in the art of tattoo. Get into a tone of trendy peacock tattoos to make yourself colorful and bright. Get started with the amazing tattoo styles as shown below with no delay.

peacock tattoo designs

Today, peacock tattoos were gaining popularity as they are used as a key to symbolize immortality, a person’s pure soul, and resurrection. In china, the peacock is believed representing the divinity and ranks of the gods and their ancestors. Later they were symbolized as birds of royalty and have long meant the equivalent of an unbreakable oath. You can choose the fabulous designs comprised of bright and vibrant colors from the various online sites for a lot of reasons. You can also get done with these tattoos in remembrance of a person.

Beautiful Peacock Tattoo Designs With Pictures:

Peacock tattoos are extremely graceful and beautiful. There are many types and designs of tattoos available, but here’s a list of the top nine that we’ve selected for you just here. Take your pick. Following are the most beautiful and popular tattoo designs of peacock with meanings and images which are very perfectly suitable for girls and women. Vere rarely men were tattooed this type of peacock feathers.

1. Angel Peacock Tattoo Design:

Black peacock tattoo design 10

Peacock feather tattoo designs are more impressive designs in tattoos world. In this black peacock tattoo, a peacock was designed with black color ink and the feathers were flowing from up to down with flowers. This tattoo is designed on the girl’s hip that shows the tattooed part more beautiful and impressive. Peacock feathers were designed with some flowers. If this Peacock feather a tattoo is designed on women hands, it will definitely give an awesome look for their hands when wore with sleeveless dresses.

2. Small Peacock Tattoo Designs:

Small peacock tattoo design 13

In the small peacock design, the tattoo design can be done with faultless edges having the perfect bends. Peacock feathers can also be used to communicate openness and honesty. The peacock tattoo has been tattooed on your body implying the meaning that it indicates you that you have brave enough to show your true nature. It is one of the most beautiful peacock tattoo designs for women.

3. Swan With Peacock Tattoo:

Swan with peacock tattoo 11

In this tattoo design of peacock with a swan, it is intended with dark vibrant blue color that looks like a small swan with feathers. It has small little feathers with yellowish eyes. While the girls get this tattooed on foot, it gives them an elegant look making them very striking and impressive person depending upon their features and poses. It can also be designed using 2D and 3D designs. Peacock tattoo designs for girls will make them more feminine than that the other girls.

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4. Red Ink Peacock Hip Tattoo:

Peacock tattoo designs 3

If you are in for one big tattoo, then this is a beautiful idea of tattoo peacock feather. You can utilize your entire back and use as many colors as you like. You can add more to the design if you wish. Set the size of the peacock in accordance to the length and width of your back and colors complimenting your tone. Also look for more fancy feathers to add to the tail. It was an amazing peacock tattoos for men and women.

5. Peacock Blue Feather Tattoo For Girl:

Peacock tattoo designs 4

Using patterns like these are also a nice idea if you are okay with abstract ones. These bold patterns will stand out just the way you’d want your tattoo to. They can be compressed to look compact or enlarged accordingly without harming its look. If it is a simple patterned design that you are looking for then this is exactly what you need. This is the finest peacock and peacock feather tattoo on hand which is mostly preferable by teenage girls.

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6. Peacock With Swirl Inspiration:

Peacock with swirl inspiration 12

The peacock with full of swirl feathers tattoo will give a special inspiration for the person who gets tattooed on their body. Simply putting this tattoo with the colorful swirl feathers will attract and admires the eyes of people. The positions of this swirl feathers peacock are designed as they are feeling down from the leg to foot giving a very cute swallowing design. Peacock feathers tattoo designs are a great choice for ladies across the world.

7. Water Color Splash Peacock Tattoo:

Peacock tattoo designs 6

Abstract tattoos are extremely popular for the reason that it allows for individual creativity, like the one right here. You can mend it according to your choice, add colors if you like or simply add more patterns to fill in. Peacock tattoos are extremely creative and you do not have to fear about it being tacky at all. The more color you use, the prettier it gets.

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8. Full Back Peacock Tattoo For Women:

Peacock tattoo designs 7

You want a gorgeous black and white tattoo for your back? There you go! This tattoo has no complex design to it at all and yet it is look really pretty. You can outline or undertone with a second color or leave gaps to add shades. You could use just another color in the place of black too.

9. Enticing Peacock Tattoo Designs:

Enticing peacock tattoo design 15

The enticing color peacock feathers tattoos are a unique type of peacock tattoos. It can be drawn in green and blue with soft orange colored inks. And another feather has differed with yellowish orange colored ink. It looks more fashionable. Peoples who favor the fashionable type of tattoos are attracted especially to this type of peacock feather tattoo designs. Eyelets in these tattoos are filled with bluish and soft orange one, as it gives the unique eye-catching design.

10. Black Peacock Tattoo For Women:

Peacock tattoo designs

In Chinese culture, they have the hope that the peacock design gives good luck and furnishes the symbol of nobility and royalty. Getting this tattoo will make them the proudest and luxurious from others. This is a simple black tattoo of peacock feather and peacock which is very alluring on back of the body. It is one of the best peacock tattoos for women.

11. Multi-Color Peacock Shoulder Tattoo:

Peacock tattoo designs 2

The abstract tattoo of the peacock with its majestic tail would make a beautiful tattoo on your arm. Keep some lines bold while the others thinner and spread the tail in ratio to the width of your hand. This is important for the tattoo to have the look and the effect you desire. Otherwise this is one tattoo you can feel free to add and experiment with.

12. Peacock Low Black Tattoo For Women:

Peacock tattoo designs 5

This would make an amazing tattoo of peacock feather for your lower back waist and is a pretty choice. Peacock feathers are detailed and add a lot of depth and meaning to your tattoo. You can make a bunch of feathers or just three together.

13. Peacock Feather Tattoo:

Peacock tattoo designs 1

A beautiful peacock feather makes an ideal tattoo. This design is extremely pretty and can be drawn anywhere you wish on the body. To your advantage, is the design of this tattoo, which altered anyway or placed any where, will look equally beautiful. Although the one thing that you have to keep in mind in that, the more abstract lines you use around the feather, the more the beauty of the feather design gets hidden. This type of tattoo designs peacock feather perfectly suitable for women foot of the leg.

14. Orange With Violet Feather Design:

Orange with violet feather design 14

In this tattoo, the feather of peacock has been designed and decorated with multi dark color inks along with some abstract theme designs. These are quite a sensitive feather design giving the unique look ahead of other designs. After getting tattooed this design, wearing a short dress will give you very striking and gorgeous look. These kinds of tattoo designs of peacock feather are very feminine and suitable for women and teen girls.

15. Inspirational Peacock With Feather Tattoo:

Peacock tattoo designs 8

This unique peacock tattoo design is simple and graceful. You can place this one anywhere you wish without affecting its appearance. Add shades and different tones to this one. You can also add your name to it. Most of the young girls are sport this type of peacock tattoo designs.

Peacock tattoos are also a great symbol for a specific turning point in a person’s life. It is always best to go with the smaller design for someone who doesn’t want to get a huge peacock tattoo design opting for a smaller one.

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