Pearl jewellery is a piece of accessory that every woman wants in her wardrobe and there are many reasons to it. One that is goes with all as per attire and second that it comes in numerous designs to suit everyone’s style sense. Pearl jewellery has been a fashion statement for women around the world of all ages and walk of life.

Latest and Beautiful Pearl Jewellery for Ladies in 2018:

Here are top 15 pearl jewelleries which you will surely catch.

1. Circular Jhumkas:

These beautiful pearl jhumkas are every Indian girls staple jewellery product. They are made of alloy with bronze plating and pearls put in detail. They can be worn on kurtas and sarees or any other traditional attire. They can be paired with a plain chain or a chain with a pearl pendant.

2. Kundan Pearl Necklace:

This Kundan necklace is best amongst the pearl bridal jewellery. Its design and composition can make any bride look royal and affluent. Besides bridal occasions, this heavy jewellery can also be worn on other functions on traditional attires, paired up with dangler earrings.

3. Pearl Bangles:

The pearl bangles are another old fad which is still popularly demanded by Indian Ladies and other women around the world. Unlike other plain and bland bangles, pearls add more design and beauty to the bangles. These pearl bangles can be used for day to day use or can be worn on traditional attires matched with a pearl necklace or chain.

4. Platinum Pearl Earrings:

These platinum coated silver pearl drop earrings are the fad in the latest pearl jewellery design. It can be worn on multiple occasions, be it night or day. It is made with alloy, stones and pearls designed with precision. They look elegant and can give a minimal accessory look.

5. Gold Plated Pearl Necklace:

This gold plated pearl necklace is made for the ones looking for a grand piece of jewellery. It is made with alloy which is gold plated and studded with crystals and cubic zirconia diamonds. It is a perfect piece to be worn at a grand gathering and can be paired up with the earrings to complete the look.

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6. Droplet Earrings:

These beautiful droplet pearl earrings are one of the fine pearl jewelleries that is preferred by modern women these days because of its contemporary design. It can be worn on formal or informal gatherings both and can be paired with a plain pearl chain or bracelet to compliment the look.

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7. Freshwater Pearl Jewellery:

These freshwater pearl jewellery earrings are what the latest fashion trend is. It is not too heavy and is yet very trendy. Many modern women wear at office or other formal setups as well as on traditional attires. It is made of alloy with one pearl placed in both earrings. Try this for your regular use for outing.

8. Thread Pearl Necklace:

This yellow and orange thread pearl jewellery is what modern style jewellery looks like. Gone are the days of alloy and heavy gold jewellery. This is made of threads and pearls and is handmade. It can be worn for a casual hangout or a vacation setting.

9. Pearls and Green Onyx Necklace:

This beautiful blend necklace made with pearls and green onyx is what makes this necklace an elegant piece. It is a long necklace, perfect to be worn over a saree or lehenga. It can give a grand and royal look and can look attractive.

10. Gold Embellished Earrings:

These embellished gold earrings can make a great fashion statement when wanting to look grand but with minimum accessory. They are made with colourful stones and pearl designed with precision. It can be paired with a plain gold chain or a bracelet on a traditional attire to complete the look.

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11. Kemp Necklace:

This colourful kemp necklace with jhumkas can make for grand jewellery. It is a perfect fit for heavy traditional attire and can be worn on evening functions preferably. The jhumkas and the neck piece are made with alloy, plated with gold to make the jewellery look grand and royal.

12. Pearl Ring:

This white pearl ring is a common accessory worn by many women and also men across the world. It is made with gold alloy and stones with a big pearl on the top of it. It is a minimal accessory and can be easily complimented with a pearl necklace and earrings.

13. Silver Pearl Set:

This elegant silver coated pearl set is the perfect accessory for your next big function. It is made of plain pearls coated with silver to give it a glossy finish. It comes with a necklace, bracelet and earrings to compliment together. It can also be worn in formal setups.

14. Choker Necklace:

This beautiful choker pearl necklace is a must have for ladies who like to accessorise heavy. It is made with golden, white and silver pearls blended with stones and alloy. It can give you a royal and affluent look and can instantly make a fashion statement. It can be complimented with a bracelet on a saree or any other traditional attire.

15. Gold Pearl Bracelet:

This pearl necklace is made with gold alloy chain, with gold and white pearls attached to it. It is an elegant piece of jewellery that can be worn on any attire and at almost any occasion. It can give you a sophisticated look while keeping the accessory minimal. It is easy to carry and can be complimented with dangler earrings to suit the occasion.

Pearl jewellery will always remain the most elegant form of accessory and is worn by people according to their requirement. When it comes to pearl jewellery, one has many options, right from pearl necklace, to ring, to earrings to bracelet and many more. It can give you a stylish touch while still keeping your look minimal.


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