Wedding season is around the corner and everything, starting from the arrangements to the wedding outfit and jewellery should be perfect. Talking about jewellery, every small detail is taken care of, to make the bride look perfect. Needless to say, all that jewellery makes the bride look all the more gorgeous. And in Indian weddings, one cannot really miss out on maang tikkas. Alongside adorning the bride, the point where the pendant of the maang tikka falls is supposed to be where the ajna chakra lies. So symbolically, maang tikkas represent the union of the married couple.

Traditional and Beautiful Maang Tikka Designs with Pear for Ladies in Trend:

Here we are talking about pearl maang tikkas which are in demand these days. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Multi-Tier Pearl Matha Pattis:

The heavy piece of jewellery looks absolutely gorgeous, and perfectly adorns the forehead of the bride. This pearl maang tikka is embellished with crystals to give it a richer look and add a royal feel to it. If you want to go for a heavier look, you can go for this stunning piece of jewellery. Preferably long faces can go for such maang tikkas.

2. One-Tier Pearl Matha Pattis:

This probably is the most favourite choice among the brides who want a less heavy look for their wedding. Unlike multi-tiered matha patti, this pearl tikka jewellery is simple, elegant and less sophisticated, yet trendy. This maang tikka will suit round faces.

3. Pearl Chandelier Designed Maang Tikka:

If you have round face along with a large forehead, you should preferably go for the beautiful pearl tikka in chandelier style as it’ll accentuate your looks. This one is studded with pearls and kundan work all around.

4. Side Swept Pearl Maang Tikka:

This beautiful nawabi style pearl maang tikka will surely accentuate the features of your face if you have preferably a heart shaped face. Plus such maang tikkas will go well with anarkalis.

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5. Sindhi Pearl Matha Patti:

This pearl tikka in Sindhi style will cover your forehead giving you a stunning look in altogether. You can surely go for it for your wedding to complete your look on your big day. Its sophisticated style will make any Indian girl look pretty.

6. Pearl Jhoomar Style Maang Tikka:

This maang pearl tikka is surely a hot favorite this wedding season and also among many Indian celebrities. It has a minimalistic appeal to it, if you don’t want to go for a heavier look on your wedding.

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7. Rajasthani Pearl Bali:

If you want a rajasthani look on your wedding, you can opt for this beautiful pearl maang tikka or bali. These come in different and wide range of designs and can suit almost any face type.

8. Multi layered Pearl Maang Tikka:

This strikingly beautiful pearl tikka jewellery is trending these days as a lot of Indian brides are opting for these multi layered tikkas. Preferably round faces should try it to get a broader feel for their head and forehead.

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9. Tiara Style Pearl Maang Tikka:

This pearl tikka will look utterly stunning, while fitting your head like a tiara. This suits cute faces who want to get a stunning look on their big day, for it looks great with minimal design.

Maang Tikkas are surely one of the jewelries which complete your look and at the same time make you look more feminine. They add grace and appeal to your overall wedding look. Maang Tikka s along with matching necklace and bangles will rock your wedding.

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