Pedicure is one of the ways in which a woman tries to groom herself in a perfect manner. Nails are that aspect of the body that definitely catches attention especially in women. Pedicure is one grooming procedure used equally by men and women to remove the dirt and grime accumulated in the legs and nails and leave it refreshed. Women go an extra mile and use nail colors to make it beautiful and attractive. However, one should keep some pedicure tips handy for maximum benefits. Use this grooming guide to help yourself in this challenge of successful pedicure.

Easy Tips for Pedicure at Home:

The tips mentioned below are not only easy to follow but also effective in getting outcomes.

Creamy Pumice Stone:

For effective pedicure, one should always use a creamy pumice stone that gives great outcomes. Along with this, there are a lot of stones and scrubs available in the market that is flavoured in nature. They work wonders as well. One of the best ones recommended here is a peppermint scrub for pedicure.

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Lemon Moisturizer Works:

When moisturizing the cuticles to soften them for easy removal, one of the best ones is the product that has lemon as an active ingredient. Not only does this help in proper cleansing of the cuticles but also helps in lightening the skin and adding a shine. These benefits should always be kept in mind.

How to Get The Clean Look:

The first important thing is to remove the dirt and grime from the feet to ensure that the exfoliation gives far better outcomes later on. For this, one needs to soak the feet in warm water for about 15 minutes with lemon juice or essential oils. Salt water will also work. The water should be changed to clean lukewarm water and the feet should be soaked for another 15 minutes before you start the exfoliation process. This will make the feet look cleaner and fresher after pedicure.

Take a Massage:

For those getting a pedicure done from someone, should ensure a good massage before the final cleansing of the foot. This will deeply moisturize the skin in the feet and leave it soft and nourished. About 10 minutes of massage on each foot is recommended.

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Pat it Dry:

People have a habit of rubbing their skin with towel when it comes to drying it. However, this is one habit that should be changed. Pedicure feet should always be pat dried with a clean towel and not rubbed. This will bound to keep the nourishment locked and leave no side effects on the foot skin.

Perfect Nail Paint:

There is a simple trick for nail paint method after pedicure. One should dip the feet in iced water after the application of the nail paint. This helps the nail paint to dry fast and also prevent smudging of any kind.

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Olive Oil Use:

Instead of cuticle oil, one can easily use olive oil for softening them. It provides far better results than you can expect.

Follow with a Moisturizer:

Every pedicure method after pat drying the skin well should be followed by the application of a goof foot cream or any moisturizer that they have in hand. This will help in nourishing the skin and making the skin soft and glowing. This tip should be followed twice every day in the following days to come in the morning after the shower and at night before going off to sleep.

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Stay in a Good Mood:

Pedicure is not only cleaning the feet but also a way to pamper you from the daily stresses of life. This makes it very important to stay in a good and positive mood while doing a pedicure. Also, do not be hard on your feet.


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