Pencils are the most common to be found in the hands of every school-going kid. Making pencil crafts will be a good idea for school projects for students these days.

Best Pencil Craft Design Ideas For Kids And Preschoolers:

Here are some wonderful pencil craft ideas to make the pencils attractive to make your child use them more and more,

1. Pencil Shaving Butterfly Craft:

This is a simple craft idea and a “best from waste” craft idea where you can easily make a butterfly with pencil shavings from your sharpener. Butterflies are very colorful and kids love them, so making this craft is fun for them. All you need is some colored pencil shavings, a pencil, paper and glue. Draw the outer line of a cute butterfly with a pencil on paper and glue the pencil shavings on the wings to make a beautiful butterfly. Decorate the rest of the paper with colored pencils and hang it in your room.

2. Toy Figure Pencil Topper:

It can be easily made by your child himself. Just ask him to use his favorite toy figure. Take a pipe cleaner and wrap it from midway around to the back of the pencil. Place your toy figure on top of the pencil and wrap the pipe cleaner around the toy holding it firmly. Easy Pencil Topper Craft.

3. Feathered Pencil Topper:

Make colorful feathered pencil toppers. This is a beautiful pencil craft idea. Cut out fat strips of paper and fold them into half. Cut them in the form of feathers and paint them the color you wish. Bind them to the pencil with a piece of coir or string. You can also use colored feathers, which are readily available in craft shops.

4. Pencil Topper Batman Crafts:

The Dark Knight Rises, let him rise in your pencil. Cut out bat shapes on a black card sheet. If you do not have a black card sheet, just use a white sheet and paint it black. Stick two wiggly eyes or red buttons for the eyes. Stick this to the top of the pencil and let your batman out.

5. Pencil Toppers Heart Crafts:

These Heart Pencil Toppers craft designs are easy to make and can be special for Valentine’s Day. These can be the perfect giveaway with your Valentine’s Card. All you need are Red, White and Pink pipe cleaners, along with red, white and pink pencils. You can even use Valentine Themed Pencils. Use two colored pipe cleaners for each pencil. Wrap them around twice, leave a loop on the top and again wrap it down twice. Press the loop to form a heart shape.

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6. Flowered Pencil Decoration Crafts:

This is a classic piece of Pencil decoration flower craft loved by all girls. Cut colourful flowers out of chart paper or colour flowers cut on a plain white card sheet. You can cut different sizes and stack them one on top of the other to have a colorful effect. Tape it to a green pipe cleaner and attach it to the pencil. You can also use colorful felt sheets for flowers instead of paper. This is a creative Pencil flower craft for your baby to flaunt around with.

7. Monster Pencil Topper:

For this, you need – a colored sheet of felt, glue, scissors, and wiggly eyes. Just take a 2-inch wide strip of colored sheet. You can even use felt. Cut strips leaving a margin of 1-inch horizontally. Roll the strip around to the top end of the pencil and glue the edges. Widen the cut strips and add wiggly eyes. And stick small black strips for eyebrows. You can even draw it with

8. Windmill Pencil Topper:

A real classy pencil topper that actually moves, takes squares of size 3 cm and folds them into a windmill. Stick at the center and pierce a pin through the center to make the windmill move round. Attach a big button on the pin. Pierce the pointy end of the pin through the rubber of the pencil. If there is no rubber, you can pin it to a pipe cleaner and wind the pipe cleaner around the pencil. A Wiggly Windmill – isn’t it classy?

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9. Halloween Pencil Topper:

Cute Halloween Pencil Topper Craft; for this, you need cotton balls, different colors of felt, wiggly eyes, pipe cleaners and thread. Cover the cotton ball with a large square piece of felt. Cover the pencil on the top with the remaining end of the felt and tie it up. Stick the wiggly eyes. You can draw the mouth with a white marker and add black wool to the hair.

10. Fruit Pencil Topper Crafts:

These are wonderful pencil crafts for Kids as well as Preschoolers. You can ask them to create lovely pencil toppers crafted with Non- toxic colored clay. They can learn about their fruits and their colors as well. It is a fun way to teach them their basics.

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Pencils are one stationery item that is in the hands of every school-going kid. Help them create lovely and colorful Pencil toppers. You can jazz up the pencils, and the kids will just love using them again and again. You can send them to school with stylish pencils every day.

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