The pencil dress is straight in shape and tight on the body. It is fully fitted on body showing real figure and demands you to be slim. It consists of a variety of patterns and designs that fulfils the demand of everyone. Pencil dress delivers a sexy and alluring look. Those ladies who have maintained their body can take full advantage of the pencil dress. They can just flow away from the stage.

Beautiful and Fashionable Ladies Pencil Dress Designs with Images:

Try this top 9 pencil dress which is sure you will like for your next outing,

1. Dottie Pencil Dress:

It is a body-tight black pencil dress and decorated with outlay lace fabric. This black lace is having big dark black dots and is transparent. Inside there is strapless black dress with curvy neck pattern. On the back there is zip and it is short sleeve.

2. Decorative Pencil Dress:

This white pencil dress is simply modern with decorative neck style. The dress is off-shoulder and explosive. It consists of one pocket on each side with a knee-length dress. It is fully white, shining and design free dress.

3. Vintage Style Pencil Dress:

It is long sleeve pencil dress depicting vintage style. It is having collars and button line like a shirt. On the belt, there are two big buttons attached and buttons over each pocket on both sides too. Full sleeve dress is looking superb.

4. Cross Neck Pencil Dress:

This red pencil dress is garnished with amazing criss-cross neck pattern. A frill border is affixed on neck featuring heart shape. The dress is backless and a lady has worn high heel red sandal too. The dress is rendering fancy posture.

5. Tie-Waist Pencil Dress:

This long pencil dress having full sleeve is looking marvellous. The dress is having a wide V neck and it is tied on the waist with elastic fitted inside. Two white strings are hanging in front side of waist and bow is made of it.

6. Crochet Pencil Dress:

It is lace pencil dress consisting of white floral crochets. It is having high neck with open neck on the front and back side too. The inner dress is short in size and outer lace fabric is big. This sensual dress is interesting and attractive too.

7. Multi Colour Pencil Dress:

This floral pencil dress is having yellow base colour and decorated with multi colour flower prints. There are big flower designs of blue, white and pink colour. It is sleeveless with close neck. This flower print is spreading fragrance in the atmosphere.

8. Brocade Pencil Dress:

This navy pencil dress is having inbuilt design of same colour. This short pencil dress contains short sleeve and leaf design neck work. The neck is broadly open depicting the appealing design. This pencil dress is simply enchanting and captivating.

9. Crepe Pencil Dress:

It is pink pencil dress and its sleeves are fallen down. The neck is V shape and sleeve panel is gathered. This fascinating dress can be used as party wear too. The dress is having qualities which arouse interest of everyone. Those peoples who love to buy a gift to their girlfriend or wife then they can try this outfit as a gift.

Pencil dresses are normally of knee-length which adds glory to dress. Its majestic appearance can impress the people around you. Ladies just look glorious and notable in such dress. Wearing such a pencil dress on your special dress can quantify your quality time. Try this pattern in wide varieties of pencil dress collections for women.

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