Pencil skirts! They are sleek, edgy, contemporary, and super-feminine in looks. Whether young or old, going to college or office, or a party or casual day off, the pencil skirts, in a way, are versatile to match up to a range of preferences and looks. They are always in style and never go out of trend. We often even spot our favourite celebs in these beautiful hot outfits, and we see the fashion world gushing about these too! Then why wait? Don’t you want to add these beautiful pencil cut skirt dresses to your wardrobe? All the modern and new-day women who love contemporary western styling must have these in the collection, and we bet you will never regret them. Let us know all about the pencil skirts and designs today!

Features of Pencil Skirts:

Pencil skirts are those skirts that have a narrow and slim-down fitting with a close fit. Here are a few distinguishing features and characteristics of these beautiful pencil fit skirts you must know before buying them.

  • They are not a single type of skirts; all of them come in a range of fabrics, right from silk to polyester to linen and denim.
  • The pencil skirts come in varying lengths, from below the knee to above-knee.
  • They can be worn on a range of occasions and events in hand. We have the usual, popular plain black formal pencil skirts from the trendiest designer wear ones to sequin skirts and more!
  • The pencil skirts also have different patterns you can choose from depending on your tastes and preferences. Right from fancy lace patterned designer look to pleated skirt to fitted ones, and with other prints, they are pretty colourful and edgy!

How to Choose The Right Pencil Skirts for Every Body Shape and Structure:

Most of us often assume that these gorgeous pencil skirts look stunning and are only suitable for women with particular flaunting body shapes and structures. Let us tell you that this is wrong, they are pretty mesmerizing in the trend now, and anyone can wear them. Styling the new look pencil skirt only depends on your structure, and achieving a flattering look with the skirt is possible for everyone! Here are a few tips and secrets.

  • Let us begin with the body structure and shape. Women with hourglass structures do not have a very tight and apt fit. Prefer high-waisted skirts with a slim fit. The mid-calf-length skirt is a perfect fit here.
  • With larger structures around hips and thighs, the lower part of the body, tapered fit is apt and right.
  • Specifically, those with pear body structure and shape can choose the pencil skirts below knee length.
  • Those with a larger waist area and stomach line prefer high-waisted skirts again, with a larger and wide waistband.
  • In continuation, if you have an apple body structure with a wider area around your body, prefer below knee-length skirts.
  • Except petite, all body structures can prefer a darker colour for the best looks and intensity.

Different Types Of Pencil Skirt Pattern Outfits With Images In India:

In this post, we are doing a quick round of the top 25 pencil skirt design dresses in present times. So, without wasting more time. Let’s move ahead to the best pencil skirts and images in India.

1. Mid-Rise Velvet Pencil Skirt:


The beautiful neutral colour velvet pencil skirt until knee-length is one of the unique pieces you would come across. This beauty has been among the most popular trends and is perfect for various occasions, from parties to cocktails and dinners. The mid-rise skirt is mesmerizing, especially for women in younger age groups who have an eye for the fashion statement.

  • Design: Neutral Color Mid-Rise Knee Length Velvet Pencil Skirt
  • Fabric: Velvet Spandex
  • Body Type: Pear, Thin, Hourglass
  • Occasion: Parties
  • Wear With: Crop Top
  • Style Tip: Add this outfit with wedges, a tan brown bag, and no styling.

2. Tartan Pencil Casual Skirt:


We remember the good old days of checking this skirt out. Here comes the red and black mini tartan high-waisted pencil skirt. This remembers our school days, yet in the most iconic fashionable sense. The tartan skirt is for those women who do not want to compromise on their looks.

  • Design: Red and Black Tartan Mini Pencil Skirt
  • Fabric: Polyester
  • Body Type: Thin
  • Occasion: Dinners, Musical Nights
  • Wear With: Black Top
  • Style Tip: Sneakers or pumps with a sling bag and hoop earrings can be apt.

3. Ribbed Pencil Skirt:


The long-length knitted ribbed pencil skirt from HM is one of the masterpieces. The black colour bold skirt is perfect for making a fashion icon and statement appearance effortlessly. It comes with a high-waisted elastic look and slits on the sides. The intricate design and appearance indeed are going to mark this unique too.

  • Design: Black High Waisted Ribbed Skirt with Side Slits
  • Fabric: Polyester and Viscose
  • Body Type: Anyone
  • Occasion: Cocktails
  • Wear With: Fancy Top and Crop Top
  • Style Tip: Boots or wedges can be perfect with simple styling.

4. Cotton Burgundy Pencil Skirt:


The cotton burgundy knee-length pencil skirt is perfect for young modern girls’ youthful look. The skirt comes with a side slit and zip closure, giving a fancy contemporary appearance and perfect for college and regular casual day looks. It is comfortable and ideal for summer and spring season wear.

  • Design: Burgundy Color Pencil Knee-Length Skirt
  • Fabric: Cotton
  • Body Type: Hourglass
  • Occasion: Casual
  • Wear With: T-shirts and Crop Top
  • Style Tip: Sneakers or wedges with a backpack can be ideal.

5. Polka Dot Pencil Skirt:


Do you love vintage old-school looks? This polka dot pencil skirt is one of a kind. The beautiful and on-point black and white polka dot skirt in knee-length from MarksandSpencer are perfect for delivering those elite and sophisticated yet classy seamless looks and style over time. From offices to outings and brunches, this can indeed nail your technique.

  • Design: Black and White Polka Dot Pencil Skirt
  • Fabric: Viscose and Polyester
  • Body Type: Hourglass, Pear, and Thin
  • Occasion: Casual, Office
  • Wear With: Shirt or T-Shirt
  • Style Tip: Sneakers or heels can be perfect with a black bag or sling bag (depending on the occasion).

6. Linen Ruffle Pencil Skirt:


Who does not love ruffles? This beige-coloured ruffle pencil skirt is one of the most famous pieces doing rounds around recently. This lovely ruffle skirt comes above knee-length and effortlessly brings on a fashionable hot look. It is edgy, intricate, mesmerizing, and gorgeous at the same time.

  • Design: Beige Color Ruffle Skirt
  • Fabric: Linen
  • Body Type: Thin
  • Occasion: Parties, Dinners
  • Wear With: Printed or Patterned Top
  • Style Tip: Flats or wedges with bling accessories and a sling bag are perfect.

7. Peplum Pencil Skirt:


Peplum skirts are well-known for their vintage looks. This black mini peplum pencil skirt is for those women who love to flaunt in their curves and perfect beauty! It is all hot, stunning, sizzling, and gorgeous for modern-day young women to try out. What do you think?

  • Design: Black Mini Peplum Pencil Skirt
  • Fabric: Polyester Lycra
  • Body Type: Thin and Petite
  • Occasion: Parties
  • Wear With: White Crop Top
  • Style Tip: Heels or wedges with big ear hoops, hand stacked accessories, and a black clutch can be perfect.

8. Corduroy Pencil Skirt with Front Slit:


Corduroy pencil skirt! We often spot celebrities in this globally famous ensemble, and now you too can try this similarly! This black-colour pencil skirt with a front slit is drop-dead gorgeous! It can instantly elevate anyone’s style statement and seamlessly bring on a sophisticated and fancy look. For all the high-end gatherings, try this, and you are sorted!

  • Design: Black Color Corduroy Pencil Skirt with Front Slit
  • Fabric: Cotton
  • Body Type: Petite, Hourglass
  • Occasion: Parties
  • Wear With: Fancy Black Top
  • Style Tip: Wedges or pumps with a clutch is ideal and perfect.

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9. Jacquard Printed Pencil Skirt:


The simple yet elegant printed jacquard skirt is about everyday casual wear. You can still have casuals yet look stunning and unique with a simple and straightforward yet sophisticated ensemble. These pencil skirts are one such example, check this out, and you too will be in awe!

  • Design: Yellow Jacquard Printed Pencil Skirt Above Knee Length
  • Fabric: Polyester
  • Body Type: Petite, Pear
  • Occasion: Casual
  • Wear With: Black Crop Top
  • Style Tip: Simple sneakers or wedges with minimal styling is ideal.

10. Designer Bandage Pencil Skirt:


Have you ever come across a ruched detail pencil skirt? If not, you must not miss this one out! This beautiful short bandage skirt in nude colour mid-waist is one of our favourites. The pencil skirt comes in bodycon structure, perfect for flaunting the looks in the easy yet plush way. This pencil shape skirt can be an ideal fit from parties to cocktails to dinners and special gatherings.

  • Design: Nude Color Bandage Ruched Detail Pencil Skirt
  • Fabric: Nylon and Spandex
  • Body Type: Thin and Petite
  • Occasion: Parties
  • Wear With: White Top
  • Style Tip: Heels, a brown clutch, dainty accessories, and a sleek overall look perfectly match this outfit.

11. Long Pencil Skirt with Side Silts:


The maxi pencil skirt with a side slit in this grey range of colour is one of the top trending and classic choices to go right now. The skirt comes with an easy and trendy look, with elegance and charming style statement to flaunt in seamlessly. It has a straight hem and is perfect for women with a straight or pear and apple body structure.

  • Design: Grey Color Maxi Pencil Skirt with Side Slit
  • Fabric: Viscose and Cotton
  • Body Type: Pear and Apple
  • Occasion: Office, Casual
  • Wear With: White T-shirt
  • Style Tip: Add this with sneakers, a boho look, and a sling bag to nail the style statement.

12. Leather Mini Pencil Skirt:


In case you are searching for a stylish and bold contemporary look, what best than this black colour leather mini pencil skirt? Try this out if you prefer to flaunt in a perfect style. It is easy, comfortable, and super modern with lovely overall looks. What do you think of this in women in pencil skirts?

  • Design: Black Mini Leather Skirt with Zipper Closure
  • Fabric: Faux Leather
  • Body Type: Thin and Petite
  • Occasion: Parties
  • Wear With: Crop Top
  • Style Tip: Wear it with pumps or heels, a sleek look, dainty accessories, a watch, and a sling bag to style the outfit.

13. Knee Length Denim Pencil Skirt:


Denim skirts are always timeless and classic for all contemporary modern youth. Who denies this? We love this knee-length denim pencil skirt in green colour. It looks youthful, edgy, sleek, and trendy. The skirt comes with a solid look with straight-line hem and pockets detailing, perfect for an easy, casual, and yet stylish statement look.

  • Design: Green Color Straight Hem Denim Pencil Skirt
  • Fabric: Cotton and Polyester
  • Body Type: Thin and Hourglass
  • Occasion: Regular
  • Wear With: Fancy Top or Crop Top
  • Style Tip: Pair this with sneakers or loafer with a tote bag and dainty accessories to nail the appearance.

14. Short Houndstooth Pencil Skirt:


Have you ever heard of a houndstooth pencil skirt? This is our latest favourite look. The grey-colour pencil skirt comes with black button detailing and an overall super fancy yet elegant and classy look. From office goers to a casual look, it can be a perfect choice for millennials.

  • Design: Grey Color Short Houndstooth Pencil Skirt
  • Fabric: Polyester and Viscose
  • Body Type: Thin, Pear, and Hourglass
  • Occasion: Office
  • Wear With: White Shirt
  • Style Tip: Oxidized jewellery with a big dial watch, formal bag, and pumps.

15. Fitted Sequin Pencil Skirt:


The sequin skirt is perfect for every girl and woman who loves a glammed-up style statement. This H and M perfect-looking black colour sequined skirt is versatile wear – right from parties to outings and gatherings, this can give an appealing and sizzling look for anyone who wears it. What do you think so?

  • Design: Black Color Bold Sequin Fitted Skirt with Straight Hem
  • Fabric: Sequin
  • Body Type: Petite, Pear
  • Occasion: Parties
  • Wear With: Crop Top or Tank Top
  • Style Tip: Add this with loafers or wedges with minimal styling and a glam look.

16. Midi Pencil Asymmetrical Skirt:


If you are looking for a fashionable skirt that is asymmetric for women, this midi-length black colour is bold and hot. This pencil skirt comes with a designer wear pattern and overall outlook, ideal for those who prefer to flaunt it right with ease and contemporary style. It is mesmerizing and stunning with the latest trends too. This is among the traditional pencil skirts design to check out.

  • Design: Black Color Midi Length Asymmetrical Hemline Pencil Skirt
  • Fabric: Polyester
  • Body Type: Hourglass, Apple
  • Occasion: Parties
  • Wear With: White Tank Top
  • Style Tip: Wear with black heels, a bag, and dainty mild accessories for perfect looks.

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17. Polyester Floral Pencil Skirt:


Floral looks are always trendy and can never go out of fashion preferences. This black and green colour printed sleek pencil skirt with mini length is one of the latest trends. It comes with a back slit and zip closure and gives supreme fashion an absolute sense! Check this one out; all girls in these pencil skirts will equally look ravishing.

  • Design: Black and Green Short Length Pencil Skirt with Zip Closure
  • Fabric: Polyester
  • Body Type: Thin
  • Occasion: Parties, Date Nights
  • Wear With: Crop blouse
  • Style Tip: Prefer black colour sharp pumps, sleek overall look, dainty accessories, and black bag to match the overall style.

18. High Waisted Formal Pencil Skirt:


If you are looking for a hot and dignified formal skirt, what best is its beautiful brown colour? The high-waisted pencil skirt comes till above knee-length with overall nice and fancy looks. It is comfortable, edgy, sleek, and ideal for an official professional look and style.

  • Design: Brown Color Formal High Waisted Pencil Skirt
  • Fabric: Polyester
  • Body Type: Hourglass, Petite
  • Occasion: Office, Formal Wear
  • Wear With: White Shirt
  • Style Tip: Minimal accessories, a big dial watch, formal black bag, and pumps can be perfect.

19. Leopard Print Pencil Skirt:


What better than the animal printed skirt pattern for all the women who love sizzling hot and wild fashion statements? This leopard printed midi-length pencil skirt in high waist is one of its kind. The fashion freaks already know what we are talking about! This stylish pencil skirt is perfect to look like a diva in a unique style statement and appearance.

  • Design: Leopard Printed Midi Length High Waisted Pencil Skirt
  • Fabric: Polyester
  • Body Type: Hourglass, Pear
  • Occasion: Parties, Dinners
  • Wear With: White Top
  • Style Tip: Heels, sleek look, minimal styling can be perfect for this outfit.

20. Pleated Checked Pencil Skirt:


The pleated and checked pencil skirt is one of the classic and timeless designs again. This black colour pleated skirt is back in fashion. The box pleats design is perfect for women and girls who love vintage and mild style statements with overall feminine and mesmerizing looks. This is an ideal summer fashion too, with comfort and calm looks.

  • Design: Black Color Box Pleats Checked Pencil Skirt
  • Fabric: Cotton
  • Body Type: Thin and Petite
  • Occasion: Casual Outings
  • Wear With: Grey or White Top
  • Style Tip: This can be perfect with sneakers or wedges, a black metallic sling bag and minimal styling.

21. Plus Size Burgundy Pencil Skirt:


Burgundy skirts are forever among the most-wanted trends, and this burgundy colour plus size pencil skirt is among the latest must-haves! If you are worried about how a pencil skirt can fit your body structure and shape well, this skirt will give us all a positive movement. Check this comfortable pencil skirt out, and we bet you will fall in love with this one.

  • Design: Burgundy Solid Mid Rise Pencil Skirt for Plus Size Women
  • Fabric: Polyester
  • Body Type: Plus size
  • Occasion: Parties
  • Wear With: White or Black Top
  • Style Tip: Sneakers or loafers with simple styling can be apt for this outfit.

22. Jeans Pencil Stretch Skirt:


These beautiful stretch pencil skirts with denim are some of the gorgeous pieces we have come across recently. The skirt gets with intricate stylish design, flaunting down the elegance and fashion sense. It has a button style with a faded look, overall perfect fit, and comfort to try on for more extended periods of time.

  • Design: Blue Color Self Design Pencil Skirt
  • Fabric: Cotton
  • Body Type: Thin, Pear
  • Occasion: Regular
  • Wear With: White Tops
  • Style Tip: Sneakers, minimal styling, and a backpack can be perfect.

23. Striped Knit Pencil Skirt:


This striped black and silver pencil skirt are excellent for those women who love vintage and ancient classy style statement. The skirt comes in a high-waisted style with knee-length. It is versatile wear, perfect for offices as well as any other formal gatherings. It can quickly escalate one’s look to appear youthful and modern yet dignified.

  • Design: Black and Silver Colour Striped Design Skirt
  • Fabric: Polyester
  • Body Type: Pear, Hourglass, Petite
  • Occasion: Formal
  • Wear With: White Shirt
  • Style Tip: Dainty accessories, pumps, or heels with a black bag can be perfect.

24. Maxi Lace Pencil Skirt:


If you search for a beautiful maxi pencil skirt, how about this one? This gorgeous lace skirt in a mint green colour is breathtaking. It gives a sense of feminine and classic contemporary style, with comfort and stunning, trendy looks. Check this out, and we bet this can be a wonderful collection in your wardrobe.

  • Design: Mint Green Lace Pencil Skirt in Maxi Length
  • Fabric: Cotton Lace
  • Body Type: Thin, Pear, Hourglass
  • Occasion: Parties, Festive Occasions
  • Wear With: Fancy Top
  • Style Tip: Add this outfit with wedges, minimal styling, a clutch to look beautiful.

25. Tweed Pencil Wool Skirt:


We have another beautiful tweed skirt. The beautiful blue tweed wool pencil skirt looks plush and grandeur; we bet anyone would love this. It gives a sense of an elite and sophisticated trendy look quickly. The skirt comes with a side zip closure, back slit and is perfect for those chilly day’s outings.

  • Design: Blue Color Tweed Wool Pencil Skirt In Knee-Length
  • Fabric: Wool
  • Body Type: Apple, Pear, Hourglass
  • Occasion: Outings, Parties
  • Wear With: Wool Grey Sweater Top
  • Style Tip: Wear with high boots, sleek minimal styling, and a formal black bag to nail the look.

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We hope you enjoyed exploring these lovely pencil skirts with us. These beautiful and trendy pencil fit skirts are among the most timeless, stunning, and classic trends, always fit in to deliver an elevated sense of fashion with iconic style and looks. Try them out, and they will become your wardrobe favourite too! What do you think?

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