Penelope Cruz is a beautiful actress who is recently referred to as the new James Bond girl. She is critically appreciated because of her talent and thus now she even wears the tag of being a James Bond girl. She has flawless skin with the beauty which seems to be staying ever-youthful. We will now go through the beauty secrets which she opens up with.

Penelope Cruz Beauty Tips and Fitness Secrets:

Penelope Cruz Beauty Tips Skin:

“Beauty is a very complex thing that can’t be put in a cage or defined by rules,” she quoted. “It doesn’t have to be within the parameters that society dictates”. Penelope has a regular evening regime which includes washing of face with cleansing milk and water. She scrubs her face for exfoliation and finishes her regime with an oxygenated mask. She also applies an eye wrinkle cream. She doesn’t smoke or drink as she feels that it could damage her skin.

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Penelope Cruz Beauty Tips Makeup:

Penelope has confessed that she is too much into beauty products. She stated that she has to spend much time on airports and that time she cannot resist herself from getting something from the stores. She loves to wear Lancôme lipsticks, she possesses Hypnose Mascara and Secret de Vie is quite hydrating too. The actress said that perfumes hold memories, and she loves Trésor and Pôeme.

Penelope Cruz Beauty Tips Hair Care:

Penelope loves to play with her hair. She loves to change her looks with her hairstyles and she has even shifted from one color to another for her hair. Sometimes black and sometimes beautiful caramel highlights. Brown is what her hair naturally is she always gets experts advice from her stylist to keep it well maintained.

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Eye Makeup:

Penelope Cruz loves to keep her eyebrows thicker than usual. They are trimmed well but they are thick as fuller eyebrows suit it better. She loves to get her eyes smoky as that gives her a sensuous look, something that she had been seen in her recent role in the movie ‘To Rome with Love’. She keeps mascara handy and loves to make her eyelashes look long and beautiful.

The Casual Go:

The actress is not someone who likes to keep herself dressy all the time. In her daily life, she looks to be comfortable in her jeans and t-shirts. Only for events she calls upon her stylist and gets her dress and makeup ready within two hours. Time is definitely a major factor for busy people like them. She loves to wear pieces of Isabel Marant.

Opinions on Cosmetic Surgeries:

She doesn’t know and doesn’t bother to think about what is going to happen when she gets older. She strongly opposes plastic surgeries and she feels that even the media shouldn’t pressurize actresses to talk about what they would do when they get older. She feels that there are other things to worry about.

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Diet Secrets:

Since the year 2000, the actress has been a vegetarian and that is supposed to be the main reason for her being able to maintain her weight and slender figure. She follows the Mediterranean way of eating which is inclusive of fruits, veggies, yoghurt, cheese, rice, pastas, nuts, and cereals. She has a glass of red wine daily and uses herbs and spices for flavors instead of salts.

Fitness Secrets:

The actress has been a professional ballet dancer before she had been an actress. Her dancing routine is what keeps her fit the most. It helps to keep her body toned, improves flexibility and postures. Dance has always been one of the be stress busters. She is much into Pilates at present which includes control of breathing, stretching, involves concentration, tones up muscles, etc.


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