Are you a fan of beautiful and delicate floral tattoos? Although tender and feminine, peony tattoo designs have been a favourite for all genders because of their traditional ties to many cultures. According to historians, it has been many centuries since the representation of peony in body art, and with time different shades of pink, yellow, white, and orange are included.

Representation of good fortune and happy marriage for many people, let us go through this article to learn more about peony tattoo designs you can try:

17 Best Peony Tattoo Designs:

The portrayal of a simple peony tattoo design or a combination of other elements that can be placed on your body according to your preference. This beautiful flower represents wealth and honour for some and embodies romance and prosperity for others.

1. Beautiful Peony Arm Tattoo:

If you are looking for a peony tattoo that is both delicate and colorful, this design can be an ideal choice. The usage of pink and green colours gives it a lively finish. The gorgeous design looks fantastic on everyone, irrespective of gender. This is a tattoo that never goes out of style, and although it seems the best when engraved on the shoulder, you can get it done on any exposed area of your body.

2. Peony Flower Tattoo Design:

This is a black ink peony design that is unique yet beautiful. The pattern of the petals is more unusual than the regular peonies. The stripes and patterns on this beautiful peony style have petals lined up with many bars and patterns. You can either leave it as is in a black tone or add a splash of colour to create a stylish-looking tattoo. It looks terrific placed anywhere on your body and is suitable for both men and women.

3. Sleek Peony Foot Tattoo:

This trendy peony ankle tattoo design features stylish black lines that are stunning and act as an attractive anklet. You can replace one peony with smaller peony flowers for a similar effect. Although this tattoo looks fantastic in a monochrome tone, you can get bolder by adding different colors. The slenderness of the tattoo makes it a perfect addition to your ankle and is inclined towards females.

4. Playful Pink Peony Tattoo:

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This pretty pink peony tattoo is the perfect option if you want a tattoo to help you make a stamen. This tattoo looks the best when engraved on the arm since it looks unique with dark outlines. You can make another version of this tattoo by getting the outlines in a tighter tone. Although pink inclines more towards girls, reducing the intensity of pink can be engraved by both men and women.

5. Stunning Peony Forearm Tattoo:

Here is another black ink peony tattoo that is stylish and elegant. This beautiful illustration depicts multiple peonies that look perfectly matching, and the flowers are in different sizes. You can recreate the complete tattoo by using different colors of your choice. This tattoo is suitable for both men and women and can be engraved in any exposed area on your body.

6. Chinese Peony Tattoo with a Name Tag:

Colourful peony tattoos bring out the life and beauty of the flower onto your body. Watercolours capture the flower’s beauty correctly, giving you the perfect version of a peony flower in the form of a tattoo. You can choose a larger or smaller version of this design per your preference and get it engraved anywhere on your body. The pretty pink and green tones give the tattoo a realistic finish.

7. Black and Grey Peony Tattoo Across the Collar Bone:

This is perfect if you enjoy stylish and elaborate designs for your peony tattoo. The ideal spot to get this tattoo engraved is the collarbone present on the chest. A beautiful pattern on each side of the collarbone features stylish black ink peonies with leaves. Adding subtle watercolour makes the tattoo edgy and trendy since they will match on both sides. Although this tattoo favours women, men can also try it.

8. Simple Peony Flower Tattoo Near the Ear:

This small peony black and white tattoo suits girls who want to engrave it near their ears. It is beautiful but adds elegance to the wearer’s face. You can recreate this tattoo by adding some subtle watercolours across the tattoo design or leaving it in a monochrome tone. Anyone can get this tattoo engraved, irrespective of gender.

9. Traditional Japanese Peony Tattoo:

Peonies can be blended with any other design creating a perfect blend of both patterns. This tattoo starts at the shoulder and ends on your arm, making it memorable and a must-have for enthusiasts. It can be trendy since it has unique patterns along the flower line, making it look mesmerizing. This tattoo seems perfect for men and women who are crazy about detailed designs.

10. Black Peony Tattoo on the Palm:

This is an artistic black ink peony flower tattoo, a hot favourite for many. This peony’s striking feature is the line patterns across the flower and leaves, unlike the traditional tattoos. The wearer has picked the palm, and it can be pretty unique, but you can get it engraved anywhere on your body. You can also get a smaller version of it as per your choice.

11. Peony Flower Tattoo on Shoulder Neck:

A peony tattoo on the front side of the shoulder neck will look gracious when women with beautiful body features have it on. The glamorous part of the peonies tattoos is that they look perfect on the feminine body rather than on men. If you like dark shades or simple designs, this tattoo will suit your shoulder best; women always want to try this kind of design.

12. Colourful Japanese Peony Collar Bone Tattoo:

The Japanese peony tattoo is quite different from the simple peony tattoo design. The colours and shape are made somewhat perfect around the flower, which is fully open. Girls who like to show off their attitude must use this design for their collarbone, but get some tips from experienced people about inking.

13. Moon Shaped Small Peony Tattoo:

The moon-shaped small peony tattoo can be made on the feet, wrist, and high thighs. The cute tiny simple peony tattoo also reveals much. You will get this design in a half-moon shape for any body part; try this one on the thigh.

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14. Pink Rose Peony Tattoo:

The pink peony rose tattoo is the love of women. Women put the tattoo to enhance their beauty, while men engrave them to attract beautiful ladies. This design is famous for girls nowadays.

15. Red Peony Tattoo on Body:

Women can make two such large red peony flowers and extra fillings with small and large leaves and buds of the flower on their waist to make their body look sexy.

16. Full Sleeve Peony Tattoo:

Making a peony tattoo in a large design, the lush flower is so blooming and fully round that the look brings an atmosphere of love, romance and prosperity.


Associated with a positive, prosperous, and endless romantic symbol, peony tattoo designs are gaining craze in body art for people of all ages, irrespective of gender. It is used as a matched tattoo for partners, specifically for the 12th marriage anniversary representing lasting romance. Don’t forget to let us know how this article has helped you make the final choice.

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