Having a stale taste in your mouth? Suffering from body odour? Looking for ways to spice up the taste of your drink? The perfect solution comes in the form of Peppermint leaves! Also called Pudina kept the or Pudina leaves, these greens are packed with a distinct minty flavour, which earns them the name. While they are popular for their refreshing aroma, their health benefits are lesser-known to many. In this article, we shall discuss some amazing peppermint leaves benefits (pudina leaves benefits) on our body.

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What is Peppermint?

Peppermint herb is a tiny green plant which can be cultivated easily in the home gardens. Although native to Europe, peppermint is a familiar plant to the Indian and Middle Eastern markets. It has a strong minty flavour, which gets milder when cooked. There are about 26 species of peppermint, having varied intensity of flavour and aroma.

Is Pudina Good For Health?

Pudina is believed to be one of the oldest known medicinal plants in the world. It offers many medicinal and therapeutic benefits to the body. From offering a soothing, cooling sensation on the skin to treating digestive disorders and fighting infections, Mint leaves are your best bet, when it comes to good health.

Mint Leaves Nutrition Facts:

Here is the nutritional breakup of Mint leaves per 100 gms of serving:

  • Total Calories: 70
  • Protein: 3.8 gm
  • Carbohydrates: 15 gm
  • Fibre: 8 gm
  • Vitamin A: 85 %
  • Vitamin C: 53 %
  • Calcium: 24 %
  • Iron: 28 %

How To Use Peppermint Leaves?

There are many ways to use peppermint leaves in your daily diet.

  • You can shred these leaves and toss them into your salads for a minty taste.
  • Mint paste can be used as a base for making sauces and chutneys.
  • You can make a refreshing mint tea by boiling dried mint leaves in water.
  • Add some crushed mint leaves to your mocktails and cocktails for an extra kick!
  • Use Mint leaves as a garnish on your savoury dishes for some enhanced flavour.

Health Benefits of Mint Leaves:

Here we enlisted 16 wonderful peppermint leaves benefits (pudina benefits) for skin, hair and health. Let’s have a look into them.

1. Aids in Better Digestion:

Peppermint leaves are rich in dietary fibre, which can aid in seamless bowel movements in your intestine. Including peppermint leaves in the daily diet or having a cup of tea brewed from the leaves is one of the best ways to soothe the digestive tract in a natural way. This also includes irritable bowel syndrome treatment and all issues related to the digestive tract. Stomach pains can also be cured in an effective manner. This is one of the best Peppermint uses for our health.

2. Best Detox Agent:

Body detox is one of the top uses of Pudina. Mint leaves are one of the best ways to flush out the toxins and dangerous fluids from the body and from the skin. Having peppermint leaves in the diet will ensure this aim successfully and also make it a point that the elimination of the toxins also includes free radicals that cause various health problems. It also helps in cleansing your system from inside and remove unnecessary materials, including fat.

3. Purifies and Cleanses Blood:

Cleansing and purifying the blood is another of the good old advantages associated with peppermint leaves and tea prepared from it. To ensure visible results you should include these leaves in the daily menu. It is bound to clean the blood and also show it well on the skin surface. This also improves blood circulation and reduces the risks of blood clots.

4. Refreshes Your Breath:

One of the major Pudina health benefits is to remove the stale smell in your mouth and give you a fresh breath. Crush some leaves of the peppermint and use it to gently rub the teeth to remove the bad breath problems. Another of the simple ways is to directly chew on some fresh leaves. One can also take fresh peppermint tea prepared from the leaves to cure this embarrassing crisis.

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5. Whitens Teeth:

Pudina leaves benefits our oral health by giving your pearly white teeth. Whitening of the teeth is possible with using crushed peppermint leaves on them each day. This should be rubbed gently to get the outcomes in a couple of weeks. It is a perfect home remedy for oral health and your million dollar smile, as well as one of the efficient peppermint, leaves benefits.

6. Makes Skin Flawless:

If you are looking for clear, blemish-free skin, Mint leaves are your best bet! The cleansing of the entire system from inside with peppermint leaves or tea prepared from the same is one of the best ways to reduce the signs and risks of acne, pimples and any such skin problems that make it ugly and unattractive. To get clear and flawless skin, include some peppermint leaves either in the diet or else in the homemade face packs.

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7. Culinary Benefits:

Peppermint benefits to the culinary kingdom need no special introduction. Curries, salads, chutneys, desserts, ice-creams and a lot more dishes require peppermint leaves to enhance the taste. This makes peppermint leaves quite a favourite in the kitchen too. It is one of the interesting benefits of peppermint leaves that you must have definitely used at some of the other points of time.

8. Anti-inflammatory Properties:

Peppermint leaves have anti-inflammatory properties to reduce the eruptions on the skin, including acne and pimples. Even skin allergies, rashes and blisters on the skin can easily be cured with the application of a fresh paste made from peppermint leaves. It is yet another peppermint medicinal use for those who suffer from chronic problems. This is one of the best advantages of mint.

9. Treats Cold and Flu:

The anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and decongestant properties of peppermint leaves are perfect for colds and flu. To have a convenient way of reaping the benefits, prepare a cup of tea from the leaves and see the cold and flu being treated. Along with killing the microbial growth in the body, mint leaves can also prevent future attacks.

10. Improves Liver function:

The cleansing benefits of Mint leaves make it an elixir to your liver. These leaves help in removing the toxins accumulated in your liver and restarts its normal activity. Mint also helps in the production of bile, which is essential for better digestion. Regular intake can keep many Liver disorders at bay!

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11. Anti-Cancer Properties:

Mint is said to be one of the easily available Cancer-fighting herbs. The phytochemicals present in these leaves are known to curb the growth of cancer tumours by cutting down the blood supply to these cells. Loaded with antioxidants, mint leaves can reduce the free radical damage and encourage the growth of fresh cells. This is one of the best mint leaves uses.

12. Treats Depression and Stress:

Stress or extreme fatigue can ultimately lead to depression. Mint leaves help in overcoming these symptoms by inducing good sleep and invigorating your senses. Even a whiff of the scent of mint leaves can alleviate stress and anxiety instantly. You can also add a few drops of Peppermint oil in your diffuser for sound sleep, making it one of the best uses of mint.

13. Peppermint leaf for Weight Loss:

According to certain studies, Mint leaves can help you lose weight naturally by stimulating your digestive enzymes. These enzymes help in faster absorption of food that gets converted to energy. By increasing the metabolic rate, Mint leaves can aid in weight loss too. Besides, they are extremely low in calories!

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14. Treats Dizziness, Nausea and Headache:

Whether in a moving car or in during a flight take off, if you are experiencing nausea or headache, mint leaves can instantly come to your rescue. The refreshing aroma of these leaves can leave you feeling better by just smelling them for a few minutes. Chewing them for a while and taking in their juice can improve digestion and cure stomach problems.

15. Reduce Dandruff:

If you are suffering from the itchy, flaky symptoms of Dandruff, try using mint leaves. Make a paste out of mint leaves and rose water and apply on the affected scalp. Regular usage can give you much-needed relief from the itching and burning sensation. The antifungal properties of these leaves can also curb yeast growth.

16. Prevents Lice:

Lice are a common problem faced by many schools going children. The overpowering smell of mint leaves can choke these bugs to death and control their population. Mint leaves can also dry out the nits and get them rid of your head forever. However, it takes about 3-4 applications of mint hair masks for a permanent cure.

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Side Effects Of Mint Leaves:

Mint leaves are usually safe unless taken in excess. Some of the side effects experienced due to overindulgence can be:

  • Heartburn
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Stomach problems
  • Headache
  • Oral Sores
  • Ulcers

We hope that these impressive peppermint leaves benefits have amazed you! These humble leaves offer a plethora of medical and cosmetic advantages. This is why mint leaves are used as a key ingredient in many kinds of toothpaste, soaps, face washes, antiacne creams, antidandruff shampoos, breath fresheners and even nasal inhalers. You can even grow them fresh in your garden to enjoy its goodness every single day!


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