Have you ever wondered how to keep a particular hairstyle set into hair for a longer time? The permed hairstyles for men can be a good idea. Also called permanent hairstyles, these styles are all about using chemicals and substances into the hair to set and choose a particular hair texture that can stay for longer periods. These hairstyles, although as the name suggests, may not be truly permanent. However, they can remain in place for months together.

Today, we will treat you with top trending, and latest perm hairstyle and haircut looks in the fashion market. These perms can change and alter one’s hair texture by creating waves or curls in the process. Here we go!

10 Modern Perm Hairstyle for Guys:

If you are looking to get perms done, we have some ideas and styles for you. These perm include tight curl, fade, and waves for men.

1. Curly Top Perm:

Can you ever imagine having curls with straight or smooth silky hair? Or do you fancy long term curls on your haircut? You can today make it possible, thanks to the technology and processes associated with perm hairstyles and processes. This curly top hairstyle with a textured look and faded style is one such iconic look which many men fancy, and you can get it too, no matter what hair texture you have.

  • Men with oval and elongated face shapes can look stylish and handsome in this perm taper fade look.
  • Try this style for men in the early to mid-30s to look smart and cool.
  • This look can be ideal for those who have any hair texture.

2. Messy Curls Perm:

While messy haircuts and ideas are well received among the folks these days, you can try a similar perm hairstyle too. How about this one? The curly and messy to come with lighter one layered fade to give a sleek and thin look on the sides. Match it with a thick beard and lighter mustache to have the overall smart and trendy style statement. Be it for parties or your casual everyday times; these mens perm hairstyles can be a good deal of modern-day haircut.

  • Men with oval, elongated, and triangular face shapes can try this one out.
  • Wear this for those men in the 20s to look timeless and stylish.
  • If you have wavy or straight hair texture, this haircut can be a good deal.

3. Shorter Perm with Curly Hair:

Don’t get confused about wondering why we have so many types of permed up curls on the list! The reason is obvious – today they are most coveted and looked after mens perm haircut idea. This short curly hair to with skin fade on sides and beneath can give a modern-day and contemporary style statement. For young guys and men who love unique and fancy new-day transformations can try this perm haircuts out.

  • Men with round, square face shape and facial features can try this perm hairstyle for guys.
  • This hair makeover style is best for those with wavy hair texture.
  • Try this out for those guys in the early to mid-20s for that college-going stylish days.

4. Tight Curls Perm:

You can even achieve tight curls hairstyles for men with the perming process. Now you can make it possible if you have smooth straight hair too – and this transformation is quite amazing. With short tight curls on the top and full fade all over, this rugged and trendy perm look for men can be quite bold and unique to try out.

  • Men with any face shape and facial features can try this unique tight curl perm male.
  • This style is good for boys and men in the younger age groups only.
  • If you have straight hair texture, this transformation can be amazing and possible to the thickest tight curls possible.

5. Curl Top with a Skin Fade:

If your natural hair isn’t curly in texture, making the perm out of it can be challenging yet a fun process. This curl top with skin fade is another style you can try out – it can look contemporary, modern, and yet lovely. For men who prefer to look a bit dignified with formal looks and professional commitments, this one can be a good match.

  • Men with any face shape can try this lovely mens perm fade haircut easily.
  • Try this for men across age groups, as it is quite a versatile haircut.
  • This look is ideal for men with straight hair texture to make a perm.

6. Complete Curly Messy Look:

This is another of our absolute favourite formal and semi formal hairstyles to try out. Even a beautiful mess can be lovely for those men who seek smart and modern-day new-gen looks. This amazing perm haircut male can be a good match for office-going men who loves to have different looks on a versatile basis. You can leave such lovely messy loose curls perm for men look or comb to a neat curly hairstyle. Isn’t it cool? This is also trending and most sought after Asian male perm hairstyles.

  • Men with any face shape can try this lovely hairstyle out
  • Wear this for those who have curly and straight hair texture.
  • Men over 30 years of age group can look timeless, cool, and modern in this hairstyle idea.

7. Funky High Top Curls:

For men searching for perming with funky, fun, and unique, bold style statement, this can be it. This wild hairstyle cannot be easy to manage, yet it all deserves the applause for the ultra-modern vibes and appearance. Be it for the parties or if you are in the art and music fields, this perm styles for men can be the best fit too.

  • Wear this style for elongated and rectangular face shapes for the best fit.
  • Men in the 20s to the 40s can try this funky hairstyle out.
  • This look is edgy and can be ideal for those with wavy or straight hair texture

8. The Vintage Classic Perm:

If you love the plush, royal and elegant looks for men, this can be it. This smart and vintage filled classic hues style can be a good option for men for those who are looking for everyday dignified looks. These perm men hairstyle are timeless and can be in trend forever, yet manage to look smart and ideal.

  • Men with round, oval, and elongated face shapes can be an ideal fit in here.
  • Wear this for those men who have wavy and straight hair textures.
  • Try this look for guys and men in the late 20s to the late 30s age group for best looks.

9. The Neat Mild Curls Perm:

Another of those everyday regular office or college hairstyles is here. This dense wavy permed hairstyle can be ideal for men who love charming and plush classic styles. This is quite a versatile perms mens haircut, which can be ideal for both formal as well as informal and casual gatherings.

  • Men with triangular or elongated with sharp facial features can look amazing in this haircut
  • Try this style for those guys and men in the 20s and the 30s age group
  • Straight and wavy hair texture can be good enough to try this perm hairstyle.

10. Curls With Light Fade:

Last but not least, for those teen and young age guys searching for modern and yet easy to maintain curled up looks, we have another one with light fade. With full curls around, light fade on the sides and beneath and overall dense and thick hair styling technique, those who love mild and yet contemporary trends can try this option.

  • Guys with any kind of face shape can try this versatile perm hair curly with a fade for men easily
  • Wear these hairstyles for those guys in the teens and early 20s age groups.
  • This look is ideal for those with wavy and straight hair texture to perm up with curls.

With these lovely and trending permed hairstyles for men options, we hope you have found the look. Given the perms are all about persistent hairstyle ideas for long, many prefer going around with the hair texture which is opposite to the original texture. From straight to curly or wavy to curly or curls to wavy, these perms are classy and yet modern. Try them out and you will love it too!


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