Are you planning to make a permanent tattoo? But confused about the designs? Then don’t worry! Read this article carefully! This article is for you. A tattoo is a stunning form of body art that people worldwide have worked on for ages. It offers a diverse meaning to your whole look and adds a touch of style to your character that stays forever.

There are diverse tattoos, plus each carries a different plus particular meaning. These tattoos have fine details plus patterns that make them exclusive. There is a wide variety of permanent tattoo designs, plus each has an exact meaning close to it.

Beautiful Permanent Tattoo Designs:

Here we list 15 top-notch permanent tattoo designs with images and their meanings for you that will wonder you.

1. Permanent Miscellaneous Tattoos:

There are different options obtainable for tattoos, plus it panders to different objects of nature like the moon, sun, butterflies etc. They represent different meanings plus often relate to a tale. Tattoos on the cosmos mainly indicate hope, optimism, plus happiness. Such tattoos on hands and legs look splendid by their unique strokes and shades, mostly permanent tattoos. It is one of the permanent tattoo designs for girls.

2. Permanent Eye Tattoo Design:

The idea for the back eye tattoos came from the antique tribal culture. The tribal people used to paint their eyes, shoulders or forehead to notify their prey that there was no chance of escaping. This tattoo is also measured as a symbol of protection. When going for an eye tattoo, select the brows cautiously. V between the eyes offers an angry expression while C about the eye says you are curious.

3. Permanent Shark Tattoo Designs:

Women typically choose dolphin tattoos to illustrate their demure side. Shark tattoos are fairly uncommon plus are an ideal choice to symbolize their fearlessness plus bravery in the face of danger. A shark tattoo signifies tenacity plus a brave spirit. There are special types of shark tattoos – tribal shark designs, sensible, otherwise cartoonish in a style that looks astonishing on a curvaceous woman’s body. These tattoos are completed mostly in black and grey shades plus look fairly intimidating.

4. Permanent Pin Up Girl Tattoo:

The word pin-up was made up in the era of the 40s throughout World War 2, while posters of female stars were erect to show sensuality. Pin-up tattoos are big designs for women to illustrate female empowerment and sensuality. Nearly all pin-up tattoos are pictures of a real or fictional character with sensualized features clothed in skimpy clothes.

5. Permanent Tribal Tattoos:

Hands create an incredible canvas, and therefore many tattoo artists adore working a complete tribal setting on it. It focuses on the large segment of tribes, plus it covers each edge of hands, counting the fingertips. Scorpion traditional tattoos are extremely trendy forms of tattoos that make a great show of the design. Most of the men tattooed this type of tattoo on their bodies permanently.

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6. Permanent Candy Tattoo Designs:

Candy tattoos appear sweet plus fun. These girls’ tattoo designs are pretty uncommon. They expose the fun plus the sassy cute side of your personality. Choosing the right tattoo will certainly grab each looker’s eyeballs. Bright plus vibrant colours are utilized for making this tattoo. Cupcakes are the hot favourite amongst all candy tattoo designs that disclose your sweeter side. Who don,t like this beautiful tattoo and flaunt it on the back permanently.

7.  Permanent Horror Tattoos For Men:

These tattoos are also attractive and popular by their intimidating designs plus textures. These tattoos are inked on hands to grab the notice of people and frequently thrill them. The skeleton plus skull design also figures as an admired horror tattoo; moreover, it places a powerful image on the fists. The skulls also mark a danger and boys and girls who mostly prefer solitude pick this option. The dark and mysterious themes mesmerize everyone with a fabulous image.

8. Permanent Celebrity Tattoos:

These kinds of tattoos are also favoured by a few fans who love to stamp the picture of their ideal character on their hands. Only talented tattoo artists can image the person correctly. It looks pretty gripping by the apt strokes. This is one of the popular permanent tattoo designs for men.

9. Permanent Flower Tattoo Design:

People moreover favour showcasing floral designs as it offers a big choice of designs plus colours. Flowers look charming with their amazing petals moreover swirls. It covers the entire hands plus can be flaunted loudly in gatherings.

10. Permanent Religious Symbols Tattoo Design:

The real meanings of tattoos are those designs that can stay with us till we are dead, and these are also the only things that can carry with us wherever we go. How about having the presence of the almighty along with us all the time? We can get religious symbols and signs inked on our bodies in the form of permanent tattoo designs. These are depictions enough that a person has a very religious mindset and does believe in the supreme power which is blessing us all the time. A cross or an ‘Om’ with a trident or maybe a ‘Swastik’ are perfect ideas for this type.

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11. Permanent Mermaid Tattoos For Girls:

Do you feel that getting animated and very colourful tattoos will not look mature enough? There is nothing to worry about then because talented tattoo artists can customize your favourite ideas the way you want them to be. Here we are talking about permanent tattoos with all types of characters you have grown up with. In this image, we see a mermaid, but it is not the very common Disney princess though it is inspired by it and is a little more mature version of the same. This is perfectly suitable for college girls.

12. Permanent Necklace Tattoo Design:

Necklace tattoos are prevalent among men and women, and they try all kinds of big and small designs for neck tattoos. This one is an incredible work of the hands where you can get a permanent tattoo design all around your neck, which looks absolutely like a necklace and is a beautiful one. This particular design is a typical women type design. Still, you can get bolder ones with a touch of tribal warrior patterns, and men can easily find them very attractive. This is now one of the trendy tattoo designs in the latest charts.

13. Permanent Family Portrait Tattoos:

It is amazing to see such permanent tattoos where the whole family is inked on the body. As you can see in the picture, the man has a tattoo of his wife and two children on his lower waist back, which looks awesome. It is a fact that this is not possible with just any other tattoo design, and you will have to approach an expert professional for this. This is would one of the most thoughtful ways to show your family how much you love them, and there can be no better surprise than this in an expression of your feelings towards them.

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14. Permanent Musical Notes Tattoo On Wrist:

Small tattoos look cute and charming on men and women alike, and it is even better if it is a permanent tattoo design. You can also get a lot of options for these tattoos, and they are very convenient too. This is because you can get anything you want to be inked on any part of the body and then flaunt them and hide them according to the need. Coming to this one particular is that of a musical note for the ardent music lovers who want the rhythm to be with them all the time wherever they go. This is one of the popular permanent tattoos for kids.

15. Permanent Beautiful Quotes Tattoo Design:

We need motivation all the time in our lives, and we always like being around people who can encourage us and lift our spirits whenever we are feeling low. How about getting tattoo designs that can instantly lift our spirit because they are already part of us? We talk about nice and encouraging quotes that you can get as tattoos and flaunt in style. You can get them done in beautiful fonts and then elaborate them with other nice patterns and designs such as ribbons or hearts or stars or whatever you want. This is one of the permanent tattoo designs for women.

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