Personalised towels are becoming a more popular these days and are a perfect gift solution to those looking for customized gifts. They can be designed by own and can be added personal touch to make it more attractive. They come in different shapes, sizes, colours and designs for everyone to choose from.

Latest & Luxury Personalised Towels:

Read on to know the Top 9 personalised towels you can buy to suit your usage.

1. Personalised Baby Towels:

This beautiful pink personalized baby towel is a perfect gift for the new born babies and also for the toddlers. It is soft in fabric and is very gentle on their skin. It can be used on daily basis and can be easily hand washed.

2. Couple Personalised Hand Towels:

These white personalized hand towels with engraved letters are a must buy for the newlyweds or the couple who are looking for a romantic gift for each other. It is white in colour and comes with black engraved letters embroidered with thread.

3. Personalised Towels Set For Boys:

This white towel set for boys is a unique idea. It can be ideally gifted as a personalised gym towel for guys who are into fitness and gym. You can get any letter and design engraved as per your needs. The material is soft and gentle on skin.

4. Embroidered Custom Beach Towels:

This maroon embroidered towel is one of the best custom embroidered towels. It comes with white embroidery of name the name and you can get any other name or message engraved on it. It is a good bath towel as well as can be used as a beach towel too.

5. Embroidered Hand Towel Set:

This owl and name embroidered towel set is a beautiful piece under hand towel set and can be a great personalized gift. The towel’s base colour is white and that’s why different colours can be used for embroidery. It can be custom designed as per requirements. The towel can be used for regular use.

6. Printed Personalised Beach Towels:

This flamingo print beach towel with customized name is a must have for all the beach lovers and lovers of bright vibrant colours. Along with the flamingo print, the towel can be customized by adding names or designs as per requirement. The towel can also be used as a bath towel and the colours or embroidery will not fade away with regular use.

7. Monogram Personalised Bath Towels:

This monogram personalized bath towels are a beautiful set of customised towels and can be used on daily basis. The towel is white in colour and has a customized monogram design in yellow and green. The colours can be changed and the design can also be altered as per requirement.

8. Swimming Personalised Towels For Kids:

This swimming personalised towels for kids is a perfect gift for kids who love swimming. It is pink in colour and has the kid’s name on the towel with a cartoon character of their choice. It can be used on daily basis but needs to be dry washed for the colour to not fade away.

9. Black Hand Towels:

This personalized Black Hand towel is one of the most beautiful hand towels under the custom towels. It is designed in the chess pattern and has the first letter of the person’s name to which it is gifted. The design can be changed as per requirements.

Personalized towels are becoming a fad these days and are a perfect gift solution to those looking for customized gifts. They can be designed by own and can be added personal touch to make it more attractive. Check out the above 9 personalized towels to gift your loved ones.

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