If you want one such hairstyle, which is pretty, cute, and lovely, and gives a charming, sweet look, they are pigtail braids. The pigtails imply the braiding method, which appears as the tweaked and twisted version of a pig’s tail. The braids are already quite a phenomenon. The pigtail braids are more about the sassy and yet cute contemporary look with a sleek and chic appearance.

From celebrities and fashionistas to common everyday looks, the braids into pigtails look can be quite lovely and stylish. Let us go through some chic variant braids with pigtails for women across preferences.

15 Trending and Easy Pigtail Braids Hairstyles for Ladies:

While the last couple of years has been a good transformation and evolution in the trends of the fashion world, we are excited to show you our latest favourites in versions of braids and pigtails. Here we go!

1. Pigtail Braid Hairstyles with Bangs:

How about checking out this pigtail braid hairstyle with bangs for women with long hair? The pigtails are always a perfect choice for those on the go and searching for a quick look that can be done in no time. They are fun yet quirky and youthful. Women with oval and long face shapes can try this choice.

2. Pigtail Braid Hairstyles for Short Hair:

Women with short hair can check out this lovely and pretty pigtail braids hairstyle. The look is all about creating a feminine yet fun and beautiful style statement for your everyday casual outings and gatherings. Women with short curly, and highly textured hair can also try this look for easy maintenance. What do you think of it?

3. Pigtail Braid for School Kids:

We have these lovely pigtail braids that are school ready. Kids and pretty young girls can try this beautiful and mesmerizing hairstyle that is easy yet mesmerizing and stunning. Girls can also add hair accessories and fun beads to enhance their appearance. How cool is that?!

4. Classic Dutch Braid Pigtails:

While all of us know the beauty of Dutch braids and hairstyles around the corner, we love how this simple yet elegant pigtail comes up to. With twisted braids on both sides and wrapping the pigtails with hair around underneath, we love this simple yet quick look. Be it for casual outings or special gatherings; these dutch french braid pigtails can be an amazing modern hair and easy makeover to try out.

  • Women with round, square, and heart face shapes can try this lookout.
  • Wear this for women in their 20s to look youthful effortlessly.
  • This style is ideal for women with wavy and curly hair textures.

5. Bubble Puffy Pigtail Braids:

If you prefer a fashionista kind of cute look with a unique and feminine style statement, why not try this lookout? With the lovely appearance, intricate braids near the crown, and puffy bubble look at the edges, we quite love how stylish and contemporary these bubble braid pigtails appear. For those parties and special events, this can be a chic look.

  • Women with heart and diamond face shapes can try this style out.
  • This look is ideal for women in the late 20s to mid-30s age groups.
  • Try this look for those with straight and wavy hair texture for those beautiful results.

6. Curly Pigtail Braids:

If you have dense wavy or curly hair texture too, you can try out these stylish little pigtail braids. Here is one such idea. Work on the tight pigtails on both sides right from the crown and get to the edges much before your hair ends. Add a cute ribbon elastic to enhance the style. Alternatively, you can even try out some nice hair accessories. What do you think?

  • Try this look for curly and wavy hair texture for this beautiful result.
  • Women with round, diamond, and oval face shapes can try this style out.
  • Wear this look for those women in their 20s to look youthful and classic.

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7. Box Braids Pigtails:

These inspired afro braided pigtails are all about unique looks and sassy outcomes. With the greyish white hair highlights and box braids all over, the bun pigtails on both sides give a bold and wild modern-day appearance and makeover looks. These styles are classic and timeless and can look intricate on anyone who prefers to try them out.

  • Women with round, oval, and rectangular face shapes can try this look.
  • Wear this style for women in any hair texture, as this can suit all of them.
  • This look can be edgy and chic for those women above 35 years old.

8. Double Braided Long Pigtails:

If you have long hair length and prefer an easy to maintain yet classy and cute hairstyle for girls, these pigtails can be ideal and perfect. Bring on the pigtails neatly right from above to beneath. You can add a sleek tail of braid on the side of the crown, too for a further elevating style statement, as shown in the picture above. Try this one out for any events or simple social gatherings, and you can stand out from the crowd effortlessly.

  • Women with long and wavy or straight hair length can try this look
  • Wear this style for women in their late 20s to look youthful and edgy.
  • This look is for women with oval, heart, and square face shapes.

9. Loose Pigtail Plaits:

We are gushing over these charming pigtail plaits. With the blonde shiny hair colour, loose plaits, and beautiful hairband accessory around the forehead, this look is all about royalty, style, class and plush trendy vibes. For those who prefer vintage and timeless looks, these loose pigtail braids should not be missed out at any cost.

  • Women with oval and diamond face shapes must try this look for the best appearance.
  • This look is edgy and can be ideal for women in their 30s age to look youthful. Women in their 20s can also try it out.
  • Wear this style for a straight and smooth hair texture for the best of results.

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10. Platinum Ombre Pigtail Braid:

For those who love platinum or ombre hair highlights, this must not be missed. This lovely braid with wavy texture and the lovely look is one of the most coveted and sought-after trends in recent years. Be it for fashion events or celebrity spotting, this double pigtail braid in ombre highlights look is sassy, stylish and contemporary too.

  • Women with any face shape can try out this elegant look effortlessly.
  • This style is for those women with wavy and curly hair textures to look youthful
  • This long braided hairstyle is ideal for women in the age groups of the mid-20s to the mid-30s.

11. Disney Inspired Dutch Braid Full Pigtails:

Who doesn’t love to look like a diva and no less than a princess? If you think such a beautiful shiny hair look can only be possible in Disney movies, you are wrong! These beautiful Dutch full pigtail braids are all beautiful and can be done by you too. The intricate and stylish look is way looking plush and appears seamless too.

  • Women with long, straight and smooth hair textures can try this Dutch braids into pigtails look.
  • Wear this prom braid hairstyle for women in the 20s age group for stylish and contemporary vibes.
  • This style can be perfect for women with heart and diamond face shapes.

12. The Casual Everyday Double Pigtails:

For those regular everyday looks, these casual two pigtail braids are something which we all know. Right from our childhood, these casual braided pigtails are popular yet to the day, it remains one of the most coveted and simple yet classy looks to try out. This instantly adds the style and class element with beautiful looks for anyone wearing it. Not just kids, even young women, prefer this style today!

  • This style is ideal for all face shapes and facial features easily.
  • Wavy or straight or curly hair, this pigtail braids look can be ideal for everyone.
  • Try this style for young girls and teens, all below the age of mid 20s group.

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13. Messy Pigtail Braids:

Messy hairstyles are a new revolution in the fashion town right now. In these several kinds of variants, we quite are in awe of these messy and cute pigtail braids. This above style has our heart, and those who prefer such a blonde and messy look must try out these pull through braids pigtails. Women who love to look feminine, girly, and graceful must try it out.

  • This style is ideal for women with round, heart, and oval face shapes.
  • Women with wavy and straight hair textures can try this out effortlessly.
  • This is a good style for those in the younger age group brackets in the early 20s.

14. The Double-Toned Pigtails:

Here is one such unique look you may not want to miss. In this pigtail braid, we see how the normal Dutch braid comes in the first half from the crown, and later proceeds to an intricate and lovely fishtail braid. While this pigtail may take some time and patience to achieve, we quite love the end result. If you love unique and mesmerizing modern-day looks, this can be ideal for you.

  • Women with any hair texture can try this hairstyle effortlessly.
  • This timeless look can be ideal for women with round, diamond, and heart face shapes.
  • Try this style for those girls and women in the 20s and 30s age groups.

15. Faux Hawk Pigtails:

Last but not least, let us not miss out on this fun and lovely faux hawk unique pigtails. With sleek trimmed hair and an overall chic appearance, the pigtail appears right from the crown and head area to the beneath. For those with long or medium length hair, these braided pigtails can be quite suitable. Be it for parties, dinners, dates, or vacations, this hair makeover can be an edgy and contemporary versatile look.

  • Women with round, oval and diamond face shapes can be an ideal fit.
  • Try this style for women with straight and wavy hair texture for the best of looks.
  • This look is for women in age groups of the late 20s to the late 30s.

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We hope you enjoyed our compilation of easy and trendy pigtail braids hairstyles. These braids and pigtails trends are quite a phenomenon right now, and women across age groups seeking versatile, fun and easy looks must not miss them. Which is your favourite one? Let us know your thoughts too!!


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