Do you know about Pincha Mayurasana? It is a form of yoga having different types of asana and meditation. Yoga is an ancient form of exercise originated from Indian culture. Nowadays, life becomes very hectic and yoga plays an effective role in providing strength to both body as well as mind. A Pincha mayurasana is a perfect pose to open your upper back as well as balances back ends. Hence, today in this article we are telling you about Pincha Mayura yoga asana and their health benefits.

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This is not an easy pose to pick up arm stability and inversion. In Sanskrit pinch means ‘feather’ and in English means ‘chin’. It is occasionally also named “forearm balance”. It is very difficult pose and if you practiced it regularly then you will become master of this pose. It is highly recommended that only exercise the feathered peacock pose series alongside a wall for additional support, therefore your body does not lose balance and fall in the direction of the back. This asana is very helpful to release the stress.

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Instructions for Pincha Mayurasana Pose:

Now, here we are telling you the easy as well as important steps by which you can accurately perform this pose.


Especially you have to know that this pose should be performed only in the center of the room. As a substitute, you can also practice this pose in an open wall space. Below we mention the steps to learn this pose easily.

1. Begin in Dolphin Pose, through your fingertips a few inches from the wall and your look among your forearms. Keep your hands fixed and shoulder blades sketch together, initiate to walk your feet in the direction of your elbows.

2. Step your feet as near as your hamstrings will securely allow. Preferably you want your hips to be in a straight line over your shoulders.

3. Stable your abdominal muscles and support your back body by drawing your shoulders firmly composed and enfolding your elbows near your midline.

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4. Now increase your right leg up in the air. Keep your legs revolving out to the side, but is strong and straight. Take 3 breaths here.

5. You can stop here, or takings a few steps. Keeping your right leg straight forward and solid, curve your left knee to get some power.

6. Jump away from the ground, lengthening your right leg powerfully in the direction of the sky. Your right leg may come to the wall behind you.

7. Take your left leg up to come across your right leg. Embrace your legs near one another and spread out the balls of your feet skywards. Drive down muscularly through your arms, pull your bellybutton inside and elongate your tailbone in the direction of your heels.

8. Take breaths now for as long as you can, gently constructing up to land this pose for 1 minute or more. Lower your feet and takings child’s pose, then recap on the altering the side.

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Health Benefits of Pincha Mayurasana Pose:

There are many health benefits of Pincha mayurasana pose and some of them are given below;

  • Stretches and supports the arms, shoulders, neck, chest and legs.
  • Releases mild depression.
  • Helps the mind and body to relax and unwind.
  • Improves the body’s sense of organization and balance.
  • Decompresses the spine
  • Takes extra blood flow to the brain.

So, these are the all information about Pincha mayurasana and their health benefits. I hope you find this article very helpful as well as informative. Stay fit and enjoys this pose!

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