In many mythological stories, piercing was considered as punishment. But from many centuries piercing is considered as fashion statement. Women of all caste pierce their ears and nose. Many of the punk lovers pierce their eye-brows, naval and many other places. Ears are the most common place of piercing. Earrings are often worn in the ear piercing. They have different lengths, designs and colours. Since all girls like pink, it is been choose to make jewellery a lot. There are lots of patterns. You can wear it with any colour outfit. A simple mix and match does wonders to your look.

Trendy and Stylish Pink Earrings for Wedding:

Here are few styles of pink earrings you can try it now.

1. Stone Pink Earrings:

Normal jewellery gets the colour by what stone you choose to make it. Diamond gives white shine. Gemstones give you many beautiful shades of pink. They are perfect for occasional wear. Sometimes you can wear it with plain t-shirt and denims. It is all about how you carry it.

2. Tear Drop Pink Earring:

Tear drop earrings are long earring. The part that hangs below the ear lobe is like tear drop. It is beautiful pattern of jewellery. It looks more beautiful when made in pink. Pink tear drop earring is perfect match with evening gowns or lehengas.

3. Studs Pink Earring:

All college going girls love their studs. They are cool and stylish. Stud pink earrings are single pink gemstone earring. They are amazingly simple. It looks good on anything you wear. It is mostly the choice of young girls. It enhances their innocent face.

4. Round Cut Pink Earring:

Each earring has different cut. This earring has pink gemstone in beautiful round shape cut. Because of its cut, they are incredible shiny but not very bling. You can wear for daily use too.

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5. Pink Earrings in Gold:

Gold pink earrings has pink diamonds and gemstones in a gold mould. It is true gold brings a soft shine out of the stone. It looks very elegant and royal. It is worn for mostly wedding or high end party functions.

6. Silver Shade Pink Earring:

Silver pink earring has pink gemstone in silver mould. It is seen in Catholic weddings. The bride wears white gown and silver pink earring. It is mostly when the theme involves lots of pink. It is good style to try if the earring is short.

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7. Jhumka Type Pink Earring:

There is no Hindi movie actress that has not worn a Jhumka. It is stud with a round umbrella type piece hanging below it. It is very classy and elegant. It is mostly worn with Indian clothes. But now a day’s many girls team it with western outfits too.

8. Floral Pink Earring:

All girls have something or the other floral. It is there in the dress or jewellery. Pink floral earring has floral design with pink petals. It incredibly stylish and chic, you can wear on a dress or with a kurta. It is perfect for semi-formal party.

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9. Handmade Pink Earring:

Normal handmade things are considered as authentic and rare. Handmade pink earring is special earring made with clay or stone. This style of earring is mostly very traditional. You can wear it with kurta.

Pink earrings are beautiful choice in collection of earrings. It can wear for any occasion. This type of earring is a common style. It is no longer a teenager’s choice. Many women of all ages can wear them. It can be worn with both Indian and Western clothing. It is the most feminine style of earring.

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