The eyes are a beautiful part of a woman’s body. She can express a great deal of thought through them without even speaking. To highlight and bring out its charm all the more, she uses some delicate makeup. This has also helped her gain confidence. Out of all the different kinds, pink makeup has become quite a trend, and its best designs have been shared in this article.

Attractive and Cute Pink Eye Makeup Look in Styles.

Baby Pink Eye:

The Baby Pink Eye is gorgeous. You need to use a light shade of pink and blend it with some white. Apply some base so that your makeup stays firm. Paint your lashes with some mascara and create bold and sexy whisks of black eyeliner on each eye. You will look like a diva.

The Shiny Pink Eye:

First, you need to apply pink eye shadow on each eyelid to get this look. Then use a little bit of black to make it look darker. Now take some white eyeshadow towards the end of the lids but make sure you don’t blend this too much. Border with eyeliner, and you will be ready.

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Four Strokes of Black:

For the four strokes of black, you have to use bright pink eye shadow and some black. After you have painted your eyes pink, apply black and smudge only on the top. Now take your eyeliner and create a very thick and dark line. Make long four lines in such a way so that they stick out towards the end.

The Blended Pink:

You will need both pink and purple eye shadow to get this design. You will need to blend both colours so that even though it looks a little blended, the separation can be obvious. And you can also apply some glittery white eye shadow on the corner of the eye. Use smudge-free kajal to highlight.

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Barbie Doll Pink:

To get Barbie doll eyes, this makeup will benefit you immensely. You can use some good pink liquid foundation to give your eyes that pretty and feminine look. Use your liner to make thick lines and a kajal border on the lower end.

Perfect Pink and Black:

You will have to paint the upper part of your eyelid pink and the lower half black. Smudge and blend, but don’t make it spread far. Use mascara to make your lashes look big and beautiful.

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The Pink and White:

The Pink and White makeup is quite a unique design. You must paint the corner region of your eyes white and the rest of it pink. You can style it with some glitter and fancy designs. False eyelashes and good eyeliner will increase the charm.

Pretty Pink and Yellow:

For this, you will have to paint your eyelids pink and create a border with yellow. Paint the corner of your eyes yellow as well. Make sure your makeup doesn’t exceed the eye region too much, or it will be spoilt.

Baby Brown and Pink:

For this, you need to apply light brown eye shadow first. Leave out the end of the lids and apply some black. Now blend a bit, but not too much. Create a thick wave with the liner and create a strong background with light pink. Your makeup is now ready.


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